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My name is Lidkoy years with 12. It began with that summer when I was found by the neighbor - the guy of 19 years, behind a game in Lidku-shlyukhu and according to it disguised. Whereas time so left that it was forwarded by the little girl, I teased and I didn't give. Igor, so called the neighbor, I ran to me just on a habit (earlier my parents, often going to business trips, asked him to look after me) and: there was what happened. He told that if I am a whore, then has to serve him. I, continuing to play, I agreed. When the real adult who is sticking out a stake the dick saw before the person, I was frightened and became stubborn. Then he raped me. At first I shouted, I nadavat slaps in the face and I induced to do to him a blowjob, and then I fucked to the back dog-fashion. Since then I became for him Lidkaya - the whore, a nipple, a pidarastka and the bitch. Otherwise he more also didn't call me. In public, instead of the address to me now he used words: the whore, the bitch, a pizda to fuck you in a sraka and so on. If not to know that this address, then it looked as usual abusive interjections. But at me at each such case of a shower I went to heels. He didn't make to me promises to be silent about the one someone I became and as with me it is possible to have a good time. I became his slave and could only hope for his silence and execute everything that he will want. Otherwise: I tried not to think of what waits for me in case he after all tells somebody I. Igor inconsiderately used the power received over me. I was afraid of publicity therefore resignedly I carried out all his whims. He treated me as with a thing, as with a doll. It gave pleasure to it to humiliate me. He fucked me always roughly as forced. I called all possible abusive words and I slapped in cheeks and a bum. Strongly, however, I didn't beat. Generally, I treated as the slave. Approximately in a year, his parents went to a long business trip abroad, and it began to live. All work on his house laid down on me. I removed, cooked food, washed and iron. At the same time it was necessary to look as the vulgar whore all the time. Black stockings in a large grid on elastic bands, the red short skirt which is hardly covering the back, black panties laces with a narrow triangle of fabric in front, red sandals on a high heel, brightly and widely painted lips are led round on a contour by a dark brown or black pencil, the drawn eyes and eyelashes which are densely smeared with ink. And one more detail - a topic. Igor brought a vest from an elastic. This vest was put on through the head, from below was short - came to an end slightly below than a breast, and from above densely clasped a throat. Without fasteners - in covering, corporal color, in front from it hanged down two huge, very natural look, the heavy boobs filled with some gel with the sticking-out nipples. It was ordered to me to wear this vest constantly. Over it, I also put on a topic - the T-shirt which more is sticking out, than hiding my boobs. Some time to me was very unusual and inconvenient with a new part of a body, boobs dangled at each movement and disturbed. But gradually I got used to them. Igor constantly squeezed me for my big boobs, it was pleasant to him how they twitch at each blow when he fucked me dog-fashion in an ass or in a mouth. It brought me too. At Igor his friends often gathered, usually he warned me when I have to get out from the apartment. Once, I in a usual look was engaged in kitchen in cooking. The entrance door slapped, I couldn't depart from a plate to meet Igor. I only cried out from kitchen - Igorek, I now in a trice, everything is already ready. - also I continued to prepare. In the room the TV set played. In five minutes I with a tray came up to the room wagging the back and sticking out already huge boobs. The tray nearly took off at me from hands - the unfamiliar guy sat at a coffee table and with interest I watched my fashion show. I froze. To move a little, I could tell a word. - Igor will approach now, he dropped in behind binge, and gave me keys, - the guy on the bunch of keys of Igor lying on a table nodded. - How to call you? - he continued. - Lidka, - I exhaled the got stuck air lump from a throat, and began to unload a tray. - Shreds, - the guy was shortly presented. - Coffee, tea:? Yet Igor is absent: - I offered, hands at me shivered. - Coffee, please. I quickly left to cook coffee, long pottered in hope that Igor will return and will order to leave. He didn't appear in any way, and it was necessary to bear to the guest of coffee. I just, having bent, I put a cup on a low table when the room was entered by Igor. I and stiffened in this pose with the back bulged up and the boobs which are torn from a topic section outside. - Well, - Igor significantly told - I see, you became already closely acquainted. - There is a trifle, - at all without having been confused, began to smile Shreds. He began to be pleasant to me. I noticed that in front trousers at him great puff up - I make horney him, and a dick at him, it seems, rather big. Two of these things left me into paint. The heart often began to knock, I didn't know where to put eyes. For me it were absolutely new feelings. Hardly coping with duties, I served Igor and Tolik while they without hurrying saw, ate, communicated, watched a porno on the video player, generally, had a rest. I was in kitchen all the time, prepared something or just hid, and left, only when called. The door was slightly opened. I, having inclined over a table, I cut the next salad and I felt strong hands on hips. Behind to me between buttocks the firm thick staff laid down. I stood, it was not Igor. Shreds of the beginnings measured movements to rub the dick about my back. He was in trousers. But the short skirt in which I was after several lingering gestures was lifted up and opened my rolls divided by a lace of panties. I floated, I couldn't resist. My body itself began to coil in his hands, to move at its speed and towards to his movements. Suddenly everything ended. Shreds it was discharged, slightly I slapped me a palm in a naked buttock and quietly I laughed. - Come to me home, a crumb, we will relax, here the address. Tomorrow at 8 in the evening I houses, wait, - he said half-whisper, pushed a piece of paper with the address to me deeply between boobs and left to the room. I remained to stand near the left unfinished salad. Blood in temples roared. Went hot me, hands shivered. I found a cigarette, lit and sat down the naked back on a low stool, legs were turned in. Igor left in a toilet at this time and didn't know what occurred. But he from the very beginning for himself decided that between us something is. When they were already enough taken, Igor became hollow on kitchen, the door remained to a floor covered. - On knees, a nipple! - quietly he ordered and the dick threw out of a fly. Shreds I heard everything. I kneeled before Igor and wanted to help myself hands. - Hands - on a floor to hold! Roth opened! To look at me! Bitch! I made as he told. Igor took me a hand from below for a chin and cheeks. Other hand the dick to me inserted into a mouth. Then I transferred this hand to me to a nape. - Went, a pizda! Ooh-x-x-x! - he from scope drove the dick to me in a throat and the stomach and balls continued to press some more seconds in my lips powerfully. And then the dick began to drive widely in me. I only rattled between pushes, and obediently took a broad view of him the opened eyes, trying not to blink. - Suck! Swallow! Groan! You love it, the whore! Damn! Bitch! To look, not to close an eye! - Igor alternated mats to slaps in the face. It seemed to me that, humiliating me at presence the Shred, he has a bigger satisfaction or maybe he wanted to punish me for what wasn't publicly? When he terminated to me on the person, I, without daring to rise from a floor, crawled away in a corner and began to wipe an apron the burning lips and the screwed tears mixed with a cum and cosmetics. - It was pleasant to you, the bitch? - Yes, very much it was pleasant to me, - I spoke by the silent, shivering voice. - More loudly, I don't hear! I loudly told - very much it was pleasant to Me, what you made, very much is pleasant to do me a blowjob, I adore sucking взаглот, and it is pleasant to me when I am raped. Shred it wasn't visible, but I am sure, he well heard all this. Later, same evening, when Shreds already I left, I washed the dishes in kitchen. Igor approached behind, filled up me with the person on a kitchen table and fucked to the back. - What, the whore, to the first comer on a dick do you jump? Damn! - Igor kept saying, but fucked already not so roughly and angrily. - Foreign men are pleasant? I to you will organize turn, we will look how it will be pleasant to you. Or it will be pleasant, the bitch? It will be pleasant! I know! chunav date in up 2022 dateline internal affairs podcast site mapMain Page