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Ella is a girl strange, such still call eccentric women. She is beautiful, sexual, clever... But I am lonely. She has no friends, there is no favourite guy. To her well one. She entertains herself and is happy with it. She is a fetishist, an eksgibitsionistka, a gerontofilka and the masturbator. Full range of sexual perversions... Really to her doesn't deliver discomfort this heavy freight? No. Ella likes to go outside at the summer nights naked, in shoes alone on heels hairpins, with the lips which are made up by bright red lipstick and to walk alone, feeling the excited body cool air. At these moments in the unusual eighteen-year-old girl enormous erotic imaginations wake up, her eyes light up green fires... When parents fell asleep, Ella stripped to the skin, put on the favourite shoes high-heeled, made up lips and, having slipped on only a light raincoat, slipped out the apartment. Soon she was on street. Having thrown off a raincoat on asphalt, she began to walk near the house, came on parking, having terribly frightened of the look the watchman who cried: "Izydi, evil spirits!" and somewhere I hid. Ella laughed and went towards the entrance. The door creaked and before Ella her neighbor appeared: Ivan Petrovich, the elderly man who left to park the car on the parking. And here it... — Hello, Ivan Petrovich! — vigorously Ella told, being made horney more and more, and in her head there were some thoughts concerning use inopportunely of the appeared neighbor. — Hello — that didn't recognize her at first, but then I got accustomed to the nice naked girl. — Ale?! — Yes, it I — made a purring sound Ella. — did you recognize me? At last... seldom you recognize me... — What do you do in such look here? — Yes nothing, I walk — she giggled. — And you? You hang around here, you frighten young ladies... Ella approached him closer. Having looked in the burning, crazy eyes of the girl, Ivan Petrovich outright was frightened. What does she do also what in general happens to her? — Do you remember me in nine years? — floutingly she spoke by a deep, hoarse voice, approaching it is closer and closer. He caught a sweet smell of her spirits. — I remember — the victim of harassments squeezed out from itself. — such thin I was, still I made up lips with red lipstick... — Here since early years I also want you — Ella reported, carnivorously smiling. She put hands on Ivan Petrovich's shoulders and began to stroke him. — So it is pleasant to me when you call me a diminutive, call once again... — Ale... — he whispered and completely I was stunned by the events. Ella suddenly strong kissed him взасос. The neighbor obeyed and too embraced her. And what with her to do to him? And she already took off from him a shirt which she threw on a roof of his car, and passionately nestled on him, rubbed the breast about him. They frenziedly kissed, licking and biting each other lips. Ivan Petrovich with might and main squeezed the crazy little girl for a bum as he noticed that he at him, appears, the dick got up! "Receive that asked!" — the old man thought and tumbled down Ella on a car cowl. That didn't resist and was with great pleasure stretched on a cowl, having thrown one leg to it on a shoulder, and just drew in another to a breast. She managed somehow to touch his lips and a neck by the greedy mouth, seizing sharp nails to it a breast and hands. The pervert also didn't manage to sigh as Ivan Petrovich got a dick and at one stroke thrust her. Ella felt as something firm, thick gets into her juicy flesh more hotly, it gave her some improbable pleasure... She began to groan and cry out on all street, coiling on a cowl: — Still! Still! More deeply! Fuck me, I am your bitch! Vyeb the dirty whore! Oh, shit, my roof goes, shit, as well! I am a domestic bitch! Oh!. Horney Ivan Petrovich even reddened from such words moreover izrygayemy on all street. But nevertheless to him had no time for it and he selflessly had it, squeezing in hands of her breast, pinching for nipples, clapping on thighs and buttocks... It only inflamed lewd Ella and caused a bigger pleasure which she expressed in gestures and abusive shouts, in passing scratching everything that came across under her long nails. The feeling of a big and firm dick in her red and wet pizda brought it into fury. — Fuck me! Thrust to me more deeply! I — damn! Break off me the dick!... And - and - ah!. The curious heads which with pleasure looked at mad sex of the old man and very young little girl who used foul language as the drunk loader leaned out of windows of the neighboring house. Some gapers got with hands to themselves into trousers... But nobody published words, being afraid to disturb a strange couple and to interrupt a show. Action obviously approached the final. Ivan Petrovich tried to thrust more deeply and more deeply the dick into the swelled pizda, and Ella twitched especially strongly, scratched and shouted. — And - and - and - and - and-and!!! — lingeringly and somehow the girl hoarsely cried, all over moving to the man. — Still!... As to me it is good!... Shit!!! Fuck the bitch... — also I left on a hand and Ivan Petrovich's breast deep scratches from which blood began to flow. It didn't confuse him. He inserted her against the stop and moaned, an outflow in her probably cum liter. Cries abated, the silence set in. — Bravo! — one of the put-out heads shouted. — Encore! — and many applauded. Exhausted Ivan Petrovich leaned against a roof of the car, and Ella still lay on a cowl with the spread legs. On a face she had an expression of unearthly pleasure. — Creatures — she quietly summarized, looking at the audience who leaned out of windows. Then she got up, sat down and began to pinch the remains of a cum and own juice from his dick and eggs, she took a dick deeply in a mouth and loudly sucked until pinched everything. Ivan Petrovich put already on and clasped, having delayed a shirt sleeve so that scratches weren't visible. Ella smeared the flowing-down cum on legs, licking fingers. She put on the raincoat and embraced Ivan Petrovich. — To me it was really deafeningly good! — she told — Thanks! You — the real stallion! — and tastefully I kissed him взасос. — I will go home, and that parents will wake up and will bethink! — Long ago I so didn't fuck — he admitted. — I didn't expect in any way that we with you... The girl laughed. — Good-bye, Ivan Petrovich! — Good-bye, Ale... He got into the car and went to the parking, and she went home, cunning grinning christian dating apps for young adults date with destiny 2022 site mapMain Page