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This story began with the fact that on kitchen the small TV was necessary for us. In shops it appeared expensively, and we with the wife decided to look in newspapers of free announcements. Approximately in a week I found suitable option, phoned to the hostess and went to buy. I found her house, but on a door there was a coded lock, it forgot about it to tell. There is nothing to do, I wait when someone be comes into an entrance and to pass away time bought a gin and tonic jar. In about twenty minutes when gin already reached a limit, and I even managed to smoke, the old woman came into an entrance — the way was open. The fifth floor, armored door without number, I call, opens the lovely creature, years of twenty five, slender, in a mild dressing gown, claps on me eyes: — You according to the announcement? — Yes, about the TV — on her I mentally lick lips. — You pass, he in kitchen. I follow her, I consider fine-molded legs and the buttocks fitted by a short dressing gown. Well, there is a business while, try to drive away guilty thoughts from myself. In other room two small as I learned then rustle. The hostess rumbles unceasingly: describes what good this TV and that they with the husband wouldn't sell it yes here move and get rid of an excess junk. I silently twist settings, it seems everything is all right, it is possible to take, I give money. At this moment in other room the daughter burst into tears and the hostess ran to check what there happened. I thrust the TV set into a package and went to the hall, put shoes on and sat down to tie laces. Right there instinctively I raised eyes to look what there at them happened, and before me fantastic, for those someone understands, of course, a picture: the back to me costs having bent the hostess, changes clothes of the baby, and her dressing gown was lifted up so that all literally are visible to charm, and it in two meters from my nose! It was the longest setting of laces in my life! And when I after all coped with them in blind, understood that to get up from cards in such look … Trousers stood on a fly an army tent! There were I as the weightlifter, directly from a floor lifted before myself a package of the TV set. Said goodbye, I to her put the business card just in case, you never know what, and retired. Home I pripylit, I install the TV set, and before eyes, that show moreover and the imagination was played outright, different pictures one another float becoming banal, just death! Frets, I think, now behind a beer I drive, I will fill in a heat and heat of the inflamed imagination, I drove, I took at once a poltorashka of strong — to fill in so to fill in, I sit, I drink. I feel, doesn't help, and even it becomes somehow even worse, and pictures went more dissolutely, and determination increased. Well, there is no harm in trying, we will try to pikapit it! I began to look for the newspaper with her phone, lots rummaged, but found. Now right tactics, an animal probably wild are necessary, married moreover with two tails it is small it is small less, not to frighten off! I took a sip of a beer, I gather, I took a pipe from the sixth beep, I thought was that there is no house it any more. — Hello — I say to as much as possible velvet, and friendly tone. — Hello — answers, much more a little scaredly. — I bought the TV from you today — type it was presented. — Oh! Yes? And what, with him something not as it should be? — even more scaredly. — Well, with him that just everything is all right — I calm before approach — not as it should be it is a little with me. —??? — the silence, only breath, probably strenuously thinks of what I gruzanut it. I maintain a pause, quietly I low, kind of I can't collect the thoughts, and then in the attack: — You know if my call seems you impudence for my part, then you just don't answer, and hang up … The pause — means won't hang up, curiosity whether you know … — I when entered to you the apartment today, can you remember, just was dumbfounded, I even lost a speech power for several seconds and you likely and noticed. All this because of you, so you were pleasant to me that I even about the TV forgot. — Yes - and-and?! — now her turn to petrify, give - give, move with what is! Well, I think if now doesn't break, it will be possible to hope for success of the company! And here I slightly from a sofa didn't fall down! She as will begin to chatter with a speed of a good machine gun: — Oh, you know, you very much were pleasant to me and when left, I am direct to tears regretted that I didn't start talking to you, all this Olka, it was necessary to be blown by her at that moment! I just thought of you, and here is ringing, I thought that I something with the TV, was frightened, and you, so great! I sit I am silent, time such deal, tactics should be changed: — Let's meet? — I ask — and that I at work now, I can't speak. — Of course give, tomorrow? — Why isn't present! — I answer, and itself I think where to take the apartment if it further such nimble is … — Well then till tomorrow! — So long! Next day I rang round all acquaintances, it is empty! Nobody gives the apartment even for a couple of hours, well, I think, here goes! The matter is that the wife then was in a business trip, and came in two days, but I have a principle: not sr where you live, and don't live where срёшь therefore will decide it was difficult, somebody especially at any time could it will be dragged, the mother-in-law for example. And to show to this lovely girl where I live, somehow creepy. Well, to a naplet that apartment of the acquaintance. I looked on rooms, a compromising evidence, like my business cards which on all apartment roll, or the same passport, I removed, the TV set thrust it into a case, I call: — Hi! — Oh, hi! — And we didn't get acquainted … — I have your business card, you Stas, and I am Ira. — Very pleasant, and now give on first-name terms? — And me, give. — Well, our meeting isn't cancelled? — No, well you, only you tell where, and I will come, in the square we will take a walk, however, at me time no more than two hours … There is a pancake! I maraft here I will bring in as the Cinderella, even washed dishes, and she — "in the square" … Isn't present, I will try to pressurize: — Ир, and it won't be immodest if I ask you, on the street is cold, it is possible to go to sit to my friend — put out a feeler and I specify — him just the house won't be. — Oh, I am not znayu-yu-yu … It likely is inconvenient … Opanki! It was led! Right now I you the darling, will part: — That's OK, everything is convenient, and keys he will have only one set and that at us. — You know, I understand why you call me there, we, of course adults, but … I promise nothing to you … Here those time! She understands! And still you and so by phone would promise! Nothing, get to me only within four walls! But it is necessary to calm nevertheless: — Yes you that! Of course not, it is just cold also wind on the street … — And suddenly you not one will be there, I heard such stories … — For someone you take me! — I exclaim with righteous anger, (so I and to a camp shared with someone for the first time, and then, I think, we will look). — Well, where we will meet? — I at a stop will meet you, well all so far — I tear off it, it's done, and there is nothing to fray. — Till tomorrow — she already a little playfully coos. For tomorrow I packaged beer, shampoo a bottle, washed glasses and glasses, changed a sheet, took a shower, generally, I AM READY! I come to a stop, cold fierce, it is absent. Shoot! Yes a rosette at least one it is necessary! I to the market, glory to the creator, am! I approach back — I look: costs. I am courtesy, a rose to it because of a back, a little demonic squint, to look only in the face, not to wipe a nose, not to pick ears. She is modest, becomes flustered, follows me as a sheep on sacrifice, slightly behind and aside. I got into a bag behind lipstick, I began to rummage, I through a shoulder look, oops, a pack of elastic bands! Means, the question is solved in my advantage!!! Houses I at a table, shampoo spill it at once, then I add, idle talks different on a sexual subject I talk. Then was put beer to use, with him I overdid — I am sober as Saint Pyotr, and she, I look floated, already and me told couple of poshlenky stories about girlfriends, and the fact that she sleeps with the husband once a week at best so, it is time on horses, misters! I made a tender smile, slightly severity in eyebrows, and so romantically and mysteriously I last her to kiss, and she from me as the devil from an incense: — Oh-oh! I am not able absolutely, I won't be … And I hesitate, let's not be yet, and? Here those time! In total not thank God! I sit opposite with the same foolish mine on a face, like fixedly I look it in the face, she looked away, aha, I think, it is a shame to throw boys! The pause drags on, I slowly pull a hand to her blouse and time, the top button is undone, time, and the second! Oh, it is direct everything contracted, it is direct the truth perhaps "it isn't necessary"? Categorically I take by hand, also severely looking in eyes, and slowly I conduct to the bedroom. She moved when saw a bed at the ready, but I slightly shifted eyebrows, she sighed and went with me. She undressed, to panties, and then it took seat, clamped: — I can't by the light of, it is a shame to me … I regain control over situation: a move I remove from myself everything that remained, I approach her sitting on a bed in dense. It was very right course! She raised on me eyes, and still the sluggish dick took mine in a mouth. I didn't expect, honestly I didn't expect, I thought, it is necessary to try to persuade hour two, and here … I was tender. I am able when it is necessary. Gently I caressed a finger each millimeter of skin, I caressed nipples, I reached a clitoris, and here on the present broke through it! It began to whine as a doggie, and all the time tried to raise buttocks above, kind of substituting a hole. But I didn't hurry, suffer the darling!!! And when it already began to flow so, all pubis became wet, I set with it. From everything to a move. I pulled hard all over, I thrust hands under buttocks, I raised it, and I set! About half an hour we fucked in this pose, she squealed as cut, and then I wanted to take rest, got up to a window leaf to smoke, she approached behind and began to rub about me, than it is only possible for all, at me even legs became wet from her pussy. I smoke, and on around me as the cat turns. Sees, I don't react, (and what to me to flicker, it's done, now I will always be able to fuck her, now she shouldn't be untwisted, I prolong pleasure now), she it seems calmed down, a row became, hands leaned against a window sill, and costs a back as the cat curves. In, I think, itself prompted to me what me isn't enough now, has fun so has fun. I threw out a stub, to her turned, and she even purrs, on tiptoe stands up, buttocks puts aside, just charm. You want the darling, now you will receive! I approached behind, one quietly so on a back I stroke-oar, behind between legs I caress another, and a neck so I kiss gently. In about five minutes her purring quietly turned hoarse into growl, I look, eyes roll up, and knees already began to be turned in. The fact that it is necessary! I is careful not to frighten off moistened with saliva a palm, and also gently I carried out on her buttocks, trying to get on a hole, I don't know I got or not. And at once, tenderly, I began to drive the dick between her halves, is stronger and stronger than them moving apart, even itself it was dragged not poorly and when the dick began to get already on a hole, with a force I pushed him there! If before she growled, then after my course she howled literally, the long made-up nails seized a window sill so that I was even frightened, but all the same with the last bit of strength held for buttocks, and she coiled on my dick as a worm on a hook. I could release her, but I wanted to terminate in buttocks, not to refuse to myself favourite such pleasure. But something somehow whether you know, didn't come to an end to me … I the second time to terminate not giant in five minutes at once! I look, I began to obmyakat, likely the point got gradually used, it is necessary, I think to strike a heat, the dick took in a fist, a good old way, and then at the same speed I began to plant, but already only a head, and only on an entrance: I will pull out-will insert, I will pull out-will insert, and so minutes ten. Irka already even ceased to groan, only hisses and writhes. Well here also came! The most terrific seconds before terminating when the head ceases to cook and can be made anything … I seized Irka by shoulders, with a force turned to myself, and at the same time down, she from fright tried to tell something, but at this moment I already thrust her in a mouth and scattered. Then we sat in kitchen, naked bums on stools, it roared, I smoked. I didn't begin to apologize — to anything it. I poured some beer, drank, to see off I didn't go, there was no wish. Next day at noon phone, Irkin a voice rang out: — Stas, hi, as you, I don't distract?. carbon dating definition urban dictionary date night ideas nyc reddit site mapMain Page