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This Factory as I learned from a talk of security guards, works more than 7 years, but from us from prisoners, there was nobody someone would live more than 4 years here. Interestingly where then we disappeared. The pilferer wanted to come every day, but at him it not always turned out, there came the fall and he went to school, also he had some important issues after school, and the Factory was in the country and as a result he came to me two-three times a week. Each appointment with him, despite the predictability, was hard test for me. He two-three times cumed, sometimes told some news, but I was afraid to ask him about life out of Factory. I as could, left from gloomy thoughts of myself and the future, but it became more difficult. But there was an event which inhaled in me hope though everything began awfully. I having as usual smartened up at a mirror, I put on the bathing suit which is hardly hiding a breast, I waited for the Pilferer. The door opened, I got up and stood as driven. The pilferer was not one. With him I was the Lanky fellow, my best friend (as well as Marquis). The lanky fellow also eyes of his steel even more mine stopped. The pilferer, looking at our the shocked persons, I started giggling. - Your division!! - I came round the Lanky fellow: - the Pilferer didn't lie, Sully you look as the girl of my dream! - also I laughed the infectious laughter, such pleasant, familiar from the childhood. And I remembered the normal life, our nurseries taking the breath away an adventure which we passed with Marquis and the Lanky fellow. The lanky fellow I was as a breath of fresh air, it as if returned me my life! - Lanky fellow!! My friend! - it is pleased I cried and having flown up to him, knocked it can do - And! how many years how many winters! How are you? And here I noticed that the Lanky fellow can't tear off a look from my breast. - The lanky fellow, what you do here? - I uttered indistinctly, blushing, "Oh my God I as the girl, and here still the breast is stuck out from a bathing suit, by autosuntan, cosmetics at full scale, the Pilferer loves it". - ээээ. эээ... The pilferer, that is Saveli told. ddd... You understand Sully... - by some others hoarse voice I started talking hesitated the Lanky fellow. - Da Dylda! Sallochka at your full order. Do you hear Sallochk? Dylda for today the Owner as I, serve him in the best possible way, and it is time for me, I am late as it is, pancake! Understood? - the Pilferer asked. - Yes. - I answered having looked down. "Really the Lanky fellow wants me?? There can't be it! Same I?!" The pilferer left. And I passionately and confusedly addressed the Lanky fellow: - the Lanky fellow, you understand me stole and violently. here... I don't want!! Pilferer such freak! He has a brother of a chtola. and lot of money... and I am held here and forced... The lanky fellow, take away me home, I ask you!! - Sully, your house now here. - I told the Lanky fellow, for me it was as a butt on the head, "more better it would kill me", meanwhile it continued: - I know everything and I regret of course that it happened to you, but you understand, here you will change nothing any more, just I didn't think that you will be so stunning. Listen, you were my friend and I will tear any for you! But not you understand it any more. My friend is absent any more. And there is here such chick, sex joy. You remember how we dreamed of cow calves. If so it developed, give! From you that won't decrease. And here I didn't sustain and rebelled! "Yes come what may!! I won't be!!" - I won't do anything here! Leave! - I kicked up and sat down on a couch, having ruffled up and having clasped itself with hands! "The lanky fellow won't be able to make anything and he should leave, after all not he is an Owner and doesn't know our orders and will definitely not complain! And will be ashamed to tell the Pilferer what to him didn't break off!" The lanky fellow of villages is near. - Sully. - he began and I touched my shoulder. - Take away hands, the traitor! - I filtered. He took away a hand, but didn't leave. - Listen to Sully... - once again he began. - Don't talk to me, the traitor! Leave! - I interrupted him. He became silent. We stayed in such silence a couple of minutes, the Lanky fellow looked askance at me, then jumped waved a hand and didn't leave as I was sure, approached me and sharply began to break from me a bathing suit. - Lanky fellow, what are you doing, traitor! - I beat off as could, and to me it became terrible. The lanky fellow painfully I zalomat to me a hand and I bent me, I put a stomach on a table and I began to roar: - Lie, the bitch! I was frightened of this roar and stood, then heard a sound of the undone fly and felt as his dick enters me. I gave up and began to suffer. The lanky fellow silently and purposefully I began to fuck me. It was sick and the rage began to boil in me "as he could, the traitor, with the friend a trouble, and he also is glad to use if only to receive the, see as bashes out" - The lanky fellow you are a reptile! Swine! Traitor! We were on friendly terms from the first class!! Stop to drag! Put out him from me!! - Ooh what high! Excellent buttocks! - The lanky fellow I continued to fuck me, without paying attention to my squeezed curses. - Well you are a goat! Yes you are worse Pilferers, the traitor! - I continued to swear quietly on an exhalation from his pushes in my back. - Sully, there is to a campaign only one way to stop up you. With these words he developed me, lowered on knees and stuck with the reared dick into lips. - Well suck, give! I looked at the Lanky fellow, and saw that he on the maximum platoon and that it is safer not to contradict him now also accepted a dick in a mouth. And for fear became actively, very deeply to suck, swallowing Dyldin a dick almost completely. Moreover, hands I began to stroke gently balls and to slightly mass buttocks. - There now Sully, so at once... - I relaxed and rolled up eyes from pleasure the Lanky fellow. - wait a moment, right now... The lanky fellow I lowered trousers, I was arranged in a chair more conveniently, and I continued to serve qualitatively his dick. So he also terminated to me in a mouth with a blissful smile. I as usual reached for a napkin, but the Lanky fellow stopped me: - Where? swallow give! Even the Pilferer me didn't force to swallow though he probably because he after will terminate in general for a couple of minutes was lost, recovered. I swallowed and what to do, and put out tongue, showing that I swallowed everything. - Sully, thanks! Always I threw that the chick swallowed of my cum! - I estimated the Lanky fellow and I began to undress. The lanky fellow it was the fan that he was served, and itself preferred to lie. I licked to him balls and rubbed a breast about his dick until he got up, then saddled him the anus and began to jump on him. It was extremely tiresome, I thought that he will never terminate, but here when I already was in full exhaustion, was out of breath and lost all forces, the Lanky fellow strong seized me by a breast and deigned to terminate. Having hardly waited when he releases my boobs I failed nearby. - Cool you move, - I praised the Lanky fellow. - So everything, is time for me. Keep well! I will be glad to come on couple of sticks. Also I left. "Here so what with me was made even if the best friend when I saw me, perfectly knowing that I, it I, all the same couldn't resist from temptation" - I bitterly thought: "in their understanding I am just a laying." Therefore when next time the Pilferer brought Marquis I wasn't surprised, I met them in a short dress, but with a deep cut where boobies, with ribbons in hair invitingly puffed up. I looked on five with plus, very lovely, naive sexually. I diligently didn't look at Marquis, having reddened and being burned with shame though he didn't lower from me an attentive look. The pilferer again very much hurried, but couldn't keep, and directly at Marquis, otymet me in a mouth. Here so, having forced to the knees at a wall, he quickly undid a fly and even without having touched me the dick to me promptly thrust into a mouth, and ordered: - Sully quicker, quicker, I am late! I began to suck actively, without hands as learned, as much as possible stimulating with language his dickhead. Whether my equipment affected roofing felts Marquis's presence in addition made horney the Pilferer, but he seized me almost at once by hair and began to stick deeply on the dick and I understood that he just about will terminate. And it happened. - Excuse Marquis, all your Sallochka now, very so far, enjoy! - with these words Pilferer in a rush I left. Continuation if was pleasant, according to applications? can dating a narcissist make you a narcissist date today typescript site mapMain Page