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And this photo lying in the secluded place under blockages of listings and outdated documentation isn't similar to others three. In it – not the individual photograph of the woman ready to the fact that now the photographer will press the button and "will take off a birdie", and the snatched-out instant of almost official action. Is at the head of a table with a glass in hands, saying a long toast with transfer of achievements of the organization and the charitable affairs created by her, the chief-foreigner, the elderly woman, very similar to Angela Merkel. Up to her right hand sits, attentively listening spellbound to the chief, the translator: the young girl of 22-23 years, it is burning - the southern exterior, with a doll and beautiful face. On left – having modestly lowered eyes to a dale, but attentively listening to the translation, and ready to correct at any time the colleague's mistake, her administrative assistant: girl not of so early age (27-28 years), not so provocatively basten and beautiful, but attractive by tranquility and tranquility. On both sides of a table the staff of the organization sits: someone with ostentatious attention the listening list of achievements, someone with affected indifference looks for a look what snack to pick up on a fork after the glass is drunk, and only at the very end of a table, having got into the shot partially, shines a bald head and the nose of the only invited participant sticks out: me who leaned a chin on a hand, and staring at a Trinity of women at the head of a table. Seasons. Countdown. Sometimes during a summer time, after 3-4 hours p.m., in my office the calm sets in. Phone doesn't ring, clients don't drop in, employees don't require my attention to the computers. Only exactly servers and falteringly – the conditioner hoot. Then I take cigarettes with the lighter and an envelope with photos, and I overlook the courtyard. It isn't heard singing of birds, noise from the passing cars isn't heard. Hot, quietly, quietly, comfortably … I sit down in a small arbor, between a small bed of flowers on the one hand, and the tiny fountainlet with another. I light and consider the photo with Yulya, I remember how in unison sang our souls and bodies as it was necessary for us words a little to understand each other as it was quiet and comfortable to us the friend near the friend as it was pleasant to feel heat proceeding from her and tranquility. Similar feelings when I lay, having closed eyes, and she caressed to me fingers the person, at me happened only when I lay on the beach, and my person the beams caressed the sun. Spring till summer. My questionnaire of that time was the shortest. Even about sex (and other purposes of acquaintance especially) – words. A nickname (well let there will be DD), a male, age under 40, the residence — the regional center of Ensk of the Emsky region. Everything, is more than any information. Well also I get some in a random way on it, so extremely laconic, the questionnaire. Some conditional nickname (absolutely not similar addressed to Yuli), a female, age is about 10 years younger than me, the residence – the administrative center of the subject the city of Emsk. I came – I left. I didn't find to what it is possible to become attached that though to write something. And she came on my questionnaire, probably, in the same way didn't find the bases for correspondence, left. And then for rather short period – two more times thus. I looked, left; she otvetno looked, left. And at last, the first remark – her: - We will be long played in glyadelka? Generally, got acquainted, began to communicate. Eventually I find about her some initial information, but only office and household without any intimate details. I graduated from faculty of foreign languages, knows perfectly English (reads freely works by modern English-speaking writers) and it is slightly worse French languages, works in local representative office of some European fund as the administrative assistant to the head, lives with mother. The father died many years ago, there is still elder sister, lives with the husband and children in other city, but isn't really far therefore sometimes comes to visit, or Yulya to her goes at an opportunity. On my question: "and why then you aren't a translator, and the secretary?", Yulya told that there is no special difference in payment and the status, so it is even more interesting because the chief sometimes on its own behalf sends her to some structures to conduct preliminary or technical negotiations, and the translator has to be permanently at her even if it is obviously known that she will have no visitors who aren't knowing English today. I told also an amusing story about this translator who obviously graduated not from the budgetary office of faculty of foreign languages, but paid, and not really I shone with the knowledge of language. During some negotiations where local authorities undertook to provide the place on the bank of the lake, and the fund undertook to construct at own expense sanatorium for children, the official, trying to entice her beauty of that place, pictured as there it is beautiful, grow directly on the bank of a willow, and frogs in environmentally friendly water croak, the translator forgot how there will be in English "frog" and translated "qwa-qwa". - What is "kVA-kVA"? – I was surprised to Merkel. Then having thought what can at local natives such names — someone such Kvakva? – and having drawn a conclusion that it is a surname of that person who so violently told about a reservoir, I specified — mister Kvakva, consider that coordination of building with your ministry of ecology and your "green" is your care too. About private life Yulya is silent as the guerrilla. The only phrase on the basis of which I can assume that at the moment it has nobody it – "well as you think if I have a guy, I unless would create the questionnaire on a dating site?". The semantic section of our virtual conversations was from two parts. First, life and work that is that someone today-yesterday-the other day, had interesting and instructive. Secondly, both of us were inveterate fans of literature, watched novelties, only I as regards Russian-speaking, published in thick magazines, and Yulya – as regards English-speaking, published on the foreign websites. Discussed some books which read both, expressed the opinions on style of the author and images of heroes. Also I want to emphasize that on the views Yulya was, unlike me, the conservative adherent of classics, the liberal innovator, I welcomed almost all vanguard currents and the directions, and I saw in them both beauty, and art, and weeds thoughts, thus trying to be not unfounded, and stating the arguments with which I too, happened, as I agreed, especially if she said what is here, in original language it sounds not so clumsily or the vyspreena, as in chitanny translation by me. And the flirting-tempting section of our conversations is quite small. The only thing, I began to dare to her to say that the most pleasant for me time is morning 40-50 minutes at the computer after I bring the wife to work and prior to my work when I open the mail, I read correspondence, I respond to letters, I smoke a cigarette and I have coffee, and mentally I imagine that Yulya not in a distance, and nearby, and moreover – sits at me on a lap. She didn't take offense, drew smilies in reply, but as I understood at that time, considered even just our meeting an event improbable, especially a sazhaniye on knees or other intim. And there is at me a certain need for Emsk from one state office, but personal character, that is I don't want to resolve this issue, swinging the red crust not to give then in due time to this structure something to demand from mine as reciprocal courtesy. I agree to pay reasonably this service, I agree to resolve an issue through acquaintances, but without naryvaniye on the conflict or fogging officially. Having remembered that Yulya couple of days ago mentioned the name of structure necessary to me where it was quite officially on behalf of the organization, and successfully I executed an order of the chief, I am interested whether she has there acquaintances who will agree to undertake my business, will receive for it the money, and then will safely forget. Yulya kindly answers that at the level of the administration she has no acquaintances unless can ask the chief to intercede for me, but at the level of secretaries and clerks can quite catch the necessary information. As a first approximation it suits me, and further, for specification of details, I ask from her the phone number more quickly to discuss our actions. What at her was a beautiful voice! Ringing and young, gentle and kind … I from confusion two times greeted, several times gave a compliment to her favor and a timbre of a voice, she in reply too was embarrassed, began to speak also about me in a similar key, and even found it necessary to warn that in application to her a sound and visual row disperse usually, and only then started business matters. Business was trifling as it became clear for Yulya, she for the administration carries out similar instructions nearly every month, and literally in several days she calls back to me and says that everything is ready, it is possible to take away documents. - Oh, Yulenka, huge thanks to you, you very much helped me! And papers at you, means? — No, someone will give them to me? It is necessary to undersign for receiving. But there wait for you in such office, practically in any working hours. I to Katya described you such bald and fat uncle supposedly will come from your words, but even if you joked, and you aren't identified, you will tell her what it you DD, and about you Yulya told her. - It is clear. Yul, how many her to give me? - What how many to give? - Money how many to give? Thousand, one and a half, two? - Yes you went crazy! - Really it is more? - Don't bring me, I beg! This service in general in the law is free, and I when brought chocolate to it when and in general lovely I smiled the shameless eyes. If you give money to her now, then I won't be able to close then her appetite. - Well, clear, she offended won't remain. But look, I to myself laid off two thousand for these purposes. It will be fair if we with you somewhere waste this saved money? - I don't know, frankly speaking. - What here to know? Do you have in the city a favourite cafe? I invite you there. - I heard, recently new good cafe opened on such street. - Here and perfectly, means there and we will go. - But I work till 18 o'clock every day, only on Friday on an hour release earlier. - And what? - And you should arrive and go in working hours to Ensk back. - I will arrive to working hours, I will take away documents. But I won't leave, and I will remain. And I told time about Friday, on Friday and I will arrive next day back not to hurry to leave. - Well, DD. Means, on Friday, after 17? - Yes, Yulya! On Friday, after 17. And on the next Friday, in the wonderful May afternoon, with complacent mood and vague expectation that after cafe I will invite Yulya to the apartment and it is possible, she will agree and if she doesn't agree, then the foundation will be laid for a relationship, and I will be able to invite her another time, I go to Emsk. For very short time I resolve an issue and with the daily apartment, and with state office, I give to Katya not chocolate, but big box of chocolates, and I have whole hour to the scheduled meeting with Yulya. I come into bookstore and I buy by her as a gift two books: one my favourite author ("Luzhin's Protection" of Nabokov) and one any modern Englishman or the American, from Long or Booker's short-list, already I don't remember a surname. We didn't see each other personally yet, in photos. She knows about me only my verbal description (bald thick with a big nose), and I, from her words that the voice at her is much more attractive than appearance. The meeting place is appointed on one of central squares of Emsk where there are a lot of people and the passing transport, but two calls at last possible to understand which of us in what direction moves, and we meet. Yulya was quite high, probably, couple centimeters higher me growth, and with massive features. Big eyes with not pulled out eyebrows, rather big nose, a broad face, a large mouth, long hands and legs, it is dressed in a blouse of loose fit and denim, through a shoulder the handbag is thrown. Light brown short hair, and dark brown eyes. Not the beauty? But what she had a charming smile … And ringing, clear, bewitching voice … We meet as old acquaintances, we exclaim almost at the same time: "Hi! How you, how are you doing?", shortly we embrace, I give smacking kiss to her in a cheek, I feel a smell of attractive perfume, we approach my car and we sit down. In brief I say that with documents everything is all right, once again I thank, I hand her a package of books and I ask to be a navigator, to show the way to that new cafe. The cafe is on the city outskirts, is constructed with the new Russian scope, and is crowded. On the street of any free table, and in the stuffy hall there is only one free, and that becomes clear soon why nobody sat down at him. In a half a meter from it – huge loudspeakers and as soon as musicians begin to play the next song, decibels introduce very great discomfort. I see how the iridescent mood of Yulya at sounds of so big loudness disappears, and she screws up the face, as from a toothache. The waiter runs up, brings the menu and runs away. I move the volume to her, and it is forced to shout that she heard: - That you want, choose. - What? – I see on lips and an articulation that she shouts too, but sounds of her voice are muffled by a roar from loudspeakers. - I say what we will order? – I am bent through a table and I shout nearly in an ear. She sufferingly opens the first page, but I see that no lines and any delicacies are necessary to her now, and she won't derive any pleasure from my invitation. Chooses nothing, and again raises on me eyes waiting. - Yulya, let's go to other place, and? Here it is too noisy. - Yes, yes, I wanted to tell the same too. Only don't take offense, well? I didn't know what here so will be. We get into the car, and, having slammed doors, some time we don't lower side glasses that the silence forced out a roar in ears. We look at each other and we laugh: - Yes, I invited the girl in cafe, is called … - It is some horror! DD, well sorry, I honestly didn't know, at work said to me what here and the place good, and is cooked well. - Yes I have no grievance that here you will do. - Well went then to your loved, time with my "darling" so left. - Yul, and give to any cafe we won't go, and we will buy what it is necessary in shop, and at me we will sit? Without the slightest doubt in a voice, quietly and serenely, Yulya answers: - Give. I will miss the description of an early dinner (or a late lunch). I will notice only that Yulya doesn't hesitate at all, having appeared alone with the man unfamiliar until then, sets the table, displays on plates, tries that registration of a table so gracefully and beautifully as far as it is possible in others apartment looked. Eats with appetite and drinks (soft drinks, I for myself didn't take too anything hot as for certain I knew that it will be necessary to carry still home her), actively we conduct a conversation on household and intellectual subjects. Then clears the table, brings two cups of coffee. I begin to smoke a cigarette, I do the first drink of coffee and I say: — All as in morning, best hours of our communication. Coffee, cigarette, and Yulya nearby. She kindly smiles: - I am glad too that we got acquainted and met. - But something is missing, isn't it? - For scalded coffee there are no necessary attributes here. So drink soluble. - Well, I not about coffee. - And about what? - Yulya is near, but not on a lap at me. Disorder! The first time Yulya reddens and is confused. Because the first time in our conversation though indirectly, but intim subject sounded. - Oh, well you that, same for fun we told. - Many a true word is spoken in jest. Sit down to me closer. Yulya sits down closer. I clap a palm to myself on a knee: - Sit down here. - No, I won't be! But it doesn't otsazhivatsya again far away. Continuing to smoke, I stroke-oar one her it can do, then I put on a knee. She confusedly smiles, and shifts my hand to my knee. I clap a palm on a knee again: - Well sit down, I wanted to take you on a lap so long ago, to caress my lovely girl! - No, no, I can't. - Look, I will finish smoking now, and by force I will put you. - You won't be able, I am heavy! Two more inhalings, the last drink of coffee from a chipped cup. Carefully I extinguish a cigarette, latently expecting every second that Yulya suddenly will tell "Well everything, were indulged and will be enough, I went home". No, sits quietly as a mouse, palms on a lap, the person is lowered, but as it seems to me, on lips the second smile sometimes flashes. Sharply I push away a leg a folding coffee table on which there was our dinner and then coffee that there was a scope for the forthcoming maneuver. A half-turn to the right, the left hand I pick up under knees, right I undertake a waist, and Yulya doesn't manage to come round as it is sitting on my knees. To appear it appears. And I pound? I thought, I will put on knees, at once I will begin to kiss on the lips, she will give in and will relax. But she is high. To kiss on the lips there is no opportunity, my person at the level of her neck. I caress on hair, on shoulders, I kiss a small triangle of an open body above the second buttoned blouse. Yulya is pretty strained though obviously doesn't push away me and doesn't seek to leave my knees, but … something not that, itself behaves passively, and it forces down me worse than if shouts and resisted, but I would see that it is such game, and actually she wants caress and love. Accurately I remove her from myself, I put closer to the side roller of a sofa, and itself I sit down closely to her. Yulya victoriously grins: - Aha, I was tired! I said that heavy. - No, not in heavy put, I am anyway much heavier. And here you high, it precisely. - And here growth? I from two parties dip the hands to her into hair, slowly I caress, I move the person closer, I look continuously in the face. — Because on knees it was inconvenient, and now just right — and I nestle lips on her lips. The exciting smell of the new woman. Without restraint fragile heart. Whether mine, whether it, at this moment already also I don't understand. I feel bends of her body, her delay with the answer to a kiss, and then – in the beginning the shy, but gradually growing bolder reciprocal movements of lips and language. We are kissed on the lips, I kiss on cheeks and a neck, bluntly and on a chin. With a huge high I feel that she embraces me, caresses on the head, a nape, a back. Those rare seconds when she opens eyes, I try to glance in them more deeply, to let know a look as it is desired and expensive to me as I want her, my gentle and tender girl. And when my mouth isn't busy with a kiss, I whisper to her: "Yulya, Yulenka, sweet washing, good washing, tasty mine". I undo several buttons on a blouse. I kiss breast top, I squeeze brassiere cups hands. Yulya tries to resist poorly, but I, apparently, caught that nuance which makes her pliable. It is kiss on the lips. As soon as I nestle the lips to her again, next hands I can do almost anything. For check of the hypothesis, not дорасстегнув a blouse and without having bared still a breast, I begin to caress over jeans between legs. For certain feels, but so far I don't undo a metal top button of jeans, and I don't touch with finger-tips her tummy, it doesn't interfere with it in any way, and only after that takes away my hand from the stomach. - Yulenka, we will go to other room, to a bed? – having come off for a second her lips, I whisper on an ear. - No, it isn't necessary. - Sweet washing, you see how it are pleasant to me as I want you. Let's go, and that I on hands will incur you now. - I am heavy — smiles. Everything is clear. I get up, I pick up under knees and for a back, Yulya embraces me for a neck, and having nestled we will kiss to each other, I stride with her on hands to other room, I put on a king size bed. I take off from myself a shirt and trousers, I remain in pants with the bulged hillock in front, I catch as Yulya throws a fleeting glimpse there and again looks away. Without resistance and even helping me a little, rising at the necessary moments, allows to take off from itself both a blouse, and a brassiere. I drop delighted to milky-white breasts approximately of the one-and-a-half and second size with gentle-blue streaks of veins, I squeeze, I kiss, I suck. Yulya caresses me on the head, sometimes some pressing lets know up that she wants to be kissed on the lips, and then I move the person slightly up, and I kiss such lovely face, I imitate biting of her lips, capture of her language in captivity and a rhythmical prosovyvaniye of the in her mouth. Objectively as I understand, kisses are pleasant to her and get even more, than caress of a breast. But jeans remain an unapproachable bastion, Yulya even manages to clasp a metal top button, and resists my attempts to pull together from her trousers not for fun, and seriously. It's all right, I won't insist so far, farther it will be visible. It is a lot of нацеловавшись and натискавшись, поелозив the dick through tissue of cowards on her naked stomach and the pubis closed by trousers, I come off her tasty lips and sweet tits, and pleading gently I say: - Yulenka, lie down a little, anywhere don't leave, please! I quickly in a shower and back! Of course, she doesn't assure me that isn't going to apply dynamo option, and just tenderly smiles and the first time caresses not on the head, and runs a hand it can do, to a shaggy breast, a side, having reached an elastic band of pants. Through noise of water in soul and the closed bathroom door tensely I listen attentively to sounds from the rest of the apartment – whether got up whether puts on, whether my new friend, my solar girl Yulya will leave suddenly because of any inexplicable rush. But everything is wonderful when I come back already without pants, but with the towel which is reeled up on hips, she also lies in a bed on a back with naked top and the buttoned jeans, only the bed is already normally made, and pillows lie densely pressed to each other, but the blanket is thrown entirely on "my" party. I reject a towel, I lay down nearby. Kiss you, I caress, I rub the dick about a stomach. Once again I try to undo and pull together from her jeans, once again persistently doesn't give it to make. Well, Georges Danden, you wanted it. Standing on knees, I move closer to a bed headboard, and my dick which now strained in long expectation of caress rocks in millimeters from her face, and I in the background continue to caress a hand nipples of her breast, color gentle-pink, and an area enough big if especially to compare to the extent of female delights. Without smiling languidly, without refusing falsely, without giggling confusedly, and it is quiet and silent, without urgings on and arrangements, Yulya brings closer the mouth to my dick and a hard ringlet of lips passes in herself on the maximum depth. Waits second and begins to do blowjob, quickly enough and rhythmically, without changing practically throughout neither maximum the immersion depth, nor a hard grasp lips, nor the frequency and amplitude of movements. She leans on an elbow of one hand, being in a pose semi-lying, almost touching by a cheek of the shaken-up pillow at the movements of the head back, another holds a palm on we wash a hip. Sometimes takes a second break, probably swallowing saliva and giving rest to lips. Looks to me at this time in the face as if expecting confirmation whether all well turns out, whether I am happy with everything? In it there can be no doubts, I at pleasure top, I smile penetrating, I whisper confused words, I finger her nipples between bones of fingers, and they not gentle-pink color, and are closer to scarlet red, and pliable highlights of nipples kind of the return transformation became firm grapes. The spinning top likes to suck, and it most likely intends to suck away up to the end. It is clear even not only on the extending pupils of eyes during our rare meetings views and to the nostrils which are inflated from passion, but also in unrelenting control over serf gate – the top button of jeans. As soon as I once again try to undo it, she takes away the hand from my hip, and firmly moves the spy with level above. In the last seconds of blowjob I intercept management. There is no wish to me now tiresomely and in detail to explain what she should do in the first second of a bryzg that means a word "stand" and as she will have to continue later "give". Yulya even with some gratitude puts the head a cheek on a pillow, probably got a bit tired to suck in such not to absolutely standard pose, and I several movements, having passed a hand in density of her light brown hair, I dotrakhivat her in a mouth, trying on the stopping movement of her hand on a hip to guess not to push more deeply than acceptable. … Having closed eyes, Yulya several times does glotatelny movements, and then, probably for the first time after the beginning of oral sex, I feel on a head gentle movements of her language what I didn't feel during fast style of her blowjob extracting the last droplets of a cum from the channel. Great blowjob, wonderful girl, excellent mood! I keep within itself sideways, face to face with Yulya, I look with admiration of her in the face, I kiss lips, I whisper the words of gratitude and I praise her to skies. Somewhere, probably, I go too far because on some compliment she sniffs and, having slightly slapped me it can do, says: — Well stop, don't make laugh me, I don't trust! Again stops attempt of storm of serf gate, pulls out from under me a blanket, covers both of us, densely and strong we embrace: the nose in a nose, lips in lips, a body in a body, is a pity only that below a belt I feel not live female heat, but fabric of trousers, but she without socks also becomes isolated our embrace by carnal contact with a foot too. And further, minute either five or eternity we so lie, but it doesn't close an eye any more, and attentively and gently answers my devoted and tender look … It is possible that I fail from this all-consuming luxury in a fleeting dream because my following impression when unexpectedly I open eyes - it is her tender look what look well if at darling not at once, then on very loved and dear one when that sleeps. - You sweetie pie — I poluvoprositelno-poluutverditelno speak. - I didn't expect from myself — she answers somehow inattentively, apparently, it is even not the answer, but the thought escaping outside. Also smiles to me: sunny, warmly, gently — but it is good as, huh? To lie very pleasant so in an embrace, but it is necessary to get up. There is a wish in a toilet, there is a wish to smoke, getting thirsty. Having stroked Yulya on a cheek and having once more given smacking kiss in lips, I throw back a blanket, I sit down on a bed. While I grope for slippers, side sight I notice that Yulya put on a blouse without brassiere. It will be excellent, so this evening and continuation, time she doesn't hurry to put on and doesn't hurry home. As though not the first intim was carried out, but the hundred first. So comfortably and in a familiar way at once there was everything. Any pressures and confusions, any thoughts concerning that and whether it is possible to tell or do that, or still early, can take offense and understand not so. I sit on a sofa and I smoke while Yulya perenakryvat on a table. I will slap her by the way on the daddy, she to me will give easy click on a nose, for a second will sit down to me on knees, will grasp by ears, will quickly kiss on a mouth and will escape, I don't manage to hold. Generally, we play about, we stir and we enjoy life. The easy second dinner comes to the end with coffee again, but now Yulya without objections sits down to me on knees. Of course, doesn't kiss on the lips because I smoke, but caresses me on the head, kisses on cheeks and a bald head, pushes a hand in a slit of my shirt, fingers my nipples and a fur covering around. But when is distributed suddenly the call on my mobile, sharply calms down that any movement and rustle not to give that I am not one. Because it calls the wife, she tells about the day and the next mischief of kids, is interested whether everything is safe at me, than I have supper when I intend to come back and what girls brighten up my loneliness. At me everything is safe, I dictate the list of products directly from a table, I will come back home tomorrow, and about girls in our typical comic tone I say: — You know, today Masha with Natasha couldn't come therefore I have Yulya with Yana. — The dreamer you mine, is a pity that not Kremlin — the wife sighs. – Well, have a rest, good night! — Kiss you, so long! — Taak … — playful threateningly pulls Yulya — means a little to you wives, it isn't enough to you Masha with Natasha, give you still Janka? I hope though on my sister you have no types? She is married, in other city, and I am not sure that I will quietly look at your flirtation with her. Not knowingly I look second at it, then reaches me, and I laugh. Her sister is called Yana, and probably as at me now automatically names on penultimate and last letters of the alphabet took off, and parents called the girls, intending to go from I to And, but stopped already on Yu. I explain that specifically on her sister I have no types, but I try to take an interest in roundabout methods as Yulya will look if I have other partners. I bring as justification what in the summer I plan a long trip to far-away countries, more than a month and how then to do without women? — I don't know — Yulin tone becomes not such cheerful and weakened. – I wouldn't want that you had someone, except me. The wife, by itself, isn't considered, I see what cool relationship at you and you talk, not as on the second decade of a matrimonial experience, and a couple in love on the second month of marriage. And I like it very much, I don't love the men complaining of wives, I wouldn't want to become for anything razluchnitsy family. If you suddenly have a conflict with the spouse, I obviously will always be on her party, you can be sure of that! But let you will have no other women. Or let I know nothing about them. Well, DD? — Let! – I agree with Yulya, only with what phrase beginning this word?. And further not to go deep into a jungle of female logic, I intercept it more conveniently, I rise from a sofa and I bring on hands Yulya to other room. It seems to me that now there will be an expansion of the horizons, but in comparison with the first intim the difference is minimum. Caress, kisses, removal of a blouse, her tiskanye-obsasyvany breasts, my exposure, it parallel to my caress touches and the dick frigs to me, but the lower bastion keeps, indifferently. And even, when I show too big persistence in attempt to undo and pull together from her jeans, I hear her offended voice: - Stop, well please! I don't want. Or I will put on now and I will leave. - But why? At you monthly? - No. - You are a devstvenna? Do you want with the husband only? The offended intonation is replaced by derisive: - Here still nonsenses! Already several years as isn't present. - But why then? - Just I don't want! Please, don't insist. I so want. - And what, I every time will be at war with you that you took off trousers? - Not every time. But today let so will be, I ask you. - It is good. If the woman asks … I lie on a back and I relish. Having settled down between my legs, Yulya actively sucks. Runs sometimes fingers to me over hips, caresses a stomach, fingers balls. But it – sometimes, as collateral and minor business. And, above all for her now – taking most deeply, moving the head quickly, not changing the rate of a nasazhivaniye lips at the minimum role of language – to achieve my konchaniye. Closer to the final nevertheless I explain Yul my preferences; having attentively listened, she nods meaning that understood me, and accurately observes the necessary sequence: "cost" a second break at exclamation, but without releasing from a mouth, and then later "give" strong compression of a trunk with active work as a mouth and expression from the channel of all cum. It turns out almost ideally, as at partners with many years of an experience of oral sex. … Wonderful evening slowly passes at night. The spinning top is called by her mother, and after the short conversation it becomes clear that it is necessary to her home. As it appears, she lives not really far from that building in which I rented apartment, minutes 10 by car. I bring to an entrance, I ask whether it is possible to kiss at parting, Yulya answers, it isn't necessary more better, suddenly mother from a window looks down, and the car with not tinted glasses therefore we say goodbye handshake. And having returned back on the apartment, the forgotten package of the presented books, directly on a locker in the hall is evident. Right there I call Yul: - You forgot books. - Oh, and truth. Here I am a bungler! — You should take away them tomorrow. — And you unless leave not early in the morning? — Well, Saturday tomorrow, in the forenoon I can quietly remain. When near your building to wait for you? - It isn't necessary near our building, I will arrive. Hours in 10 you will already not sleep? - No, of course, I will be standing and I will wait for you very much! - Then prior to a meeting tomorrow! - Prior to a meeting, Yulenk! … She arrived even in several minutes till ten in the morning. On the street there was a rain, and it was in a jacket with a hood, but also when embraced her in the doorway, blew softly not only a smell of perfume, and freshness of a bathtub and purity of shampoo from even a little moist hair. - The rain goes, would tell, I for you would arrive, Yulya! - Oh, DD, don't bother formalities. Near our house in the village minibus, near it descended why to send you to and fro? - Will you eat-drink? - No. - And to kiss-embrace? - Surely! The jacket is hung up on a hanger in the hall, and Yulya is picked up on hands and had to the bedroom. - Also I will undress you all today. - Isn't present, please, not all, I so don't want. - Then compromise: to panties. Well? - Well. Here you harmful, appear … And it is valid how yesterday I didn't allow to take off from myself jeans, and now doesn't allow to remove panties though under them I get, somehow I caress a pubis, sponges and between them. On tactile feelings – everything is clean-shaven (or epilirovano, I don't understand it), a clitoris not at once, but on caress responds, moisture in a hole though isn't plentiful, but is present, inside Yulya doesn't interfere with a finger prosovyvaniye that wouldn't allow to make if she contrary to the yesterday's words is a virgin and would protect the virgin for the husband, but when I try to enter already two fingers, Yulya screws up the face and tries to dodge so to remove a basin far away from my hands. Approximately I understand that she has very narrow vagina and standard sex brings pain, but not pleasure. Well and, as it seems to me, yesterday she didn't allow to take off at all jeans because she considered: it is impossible to be shown to the man in not well-groomed look. However in pants or in trousers, but blowjob in Yuliny execution drives. Brightly, passionately, with huge desire to give pleasure (and probably to receive too), Yulya at speed sucks my dick, slightly helping collateral manual caress of hips and eggs, but concentrating generally only on the dick and the movement by lips on him up-down. "Stand" and "give" are executed perfectly, and she remembers my request for stronger compression of the dick too, not to think up any cavils even if there was a wish. We sit after that on a sofa in the living room, Yulya drinks juice, I smoke. She didn't begin to put on jeans, sits in panties, but having thrown a blouse over shoulders. And the first time we started with her very short sexual and gynecologic conversation (and the second and last similar happened 7-8 months later and that as necessary), which became an intimate basis of our subsequent relationship. Unlike my many other women, Yulya didn't love a talk on sexual and confidential subjects, didn't tell in detail about other partners, didn't bear any dreams and imaginations connected with carnal love of the man and woman. I could do quietly for months without sex, but having appeared with the partner in a privacy, I understood that the more often there is a proximity, the more pleasantly. At the same time, unacceptable there was too enough. For example, her attraction to anal, to either Lesbian, or group sex in any format wasn't even subject to discussion. I was her fourth man. With the first two, in student's years (and she studied not in Emsk, and in other city where now there lived her elder sister), I practiced only unilateral oral sex (blowjob without kuna), understanding a thought that (or to the real favourite, but not temporary lover) it will be pleasant to husband to seize the virgin (in spite of the fact that she was Russian, but multinational regions of residence and training, girlfriends of other mentalities and in general strict family education didn't push to hellbenders). The third man deflowered her, already here in Emsk, about three years ago (at the time of our meeting 28 years were it). It was sick and unpleasant, at her the zasovyvaniye of the dick in her narrow hole wasn't associated with any pleasure in any way. As for the first time, and in several others. She was a girl of this guy more than two years, the proximity was generally by means of blowjob, and is very rare when she already felt his boiling due to the lack of vaginal sex, gave him in the main hole. Still unwillingly, with pain, with discomfort. This guy too few times made Kuni by it, but as a prelude, that is I made horney a little, and the dick thrust then and began to fuck, thereby forcing down increase of pleasure and turning a high into flour. However, not sex (because it always gave him pleasure, let seldom vaginal, but is much more often in the oral way), but his hobby for other girl was the parting reason as it told me. And having a little departed in soul from the status of "the dumped girlfriend", feeling already rather "free", Yulya created the questionnaire on a dating site and began to correspond, and sometimes to meet men, but to that time any of meetings, except as with me, didn't reach intim, and moreover, usually there was no second meeting also. Without setting as itself the purposes to find surely single man to marry in the long term and furthermore rich that took on contents without marriage, Yulya was very captious to erudition, intelligence, good breeding, the general development of the person and I considered that no brutality and machistost will force her to go to bed with the semiliterate boor, and as the best pheromones for her serve the erudition, level of culture, the man's svedushchnost in the most different fields of science, art, policy. To write how the gallant man and the skilled lover of DD fucked her on the same day vaginalno and as she received multiple orgasms, and in admiration I shouted: "Ja, ja, das ist fantastisch"? And then in gratitude gave itself to persuade on an anal, the lesbian and group? It is possible to write. But it isn't necessary. Because there was no it. In ten months of our meetings she had no vaginal orgasm. And here from kuna she after all experienced the first that Saturday morning. Because, having picked up already traditionally her on hands and having transferred to a bed, I after all managed to persuade to be exempted her from the last detail of the toilet, is oath having promised that I won't deliver to her the slightest pain, and at the first manifestation of discomfort I will stop. And frankly speaking, I not really understood why that guy so never also brought Yulya to an orgasm, if applied to kuna. After kisses and caress of a breast Yulya was very got and horney, and not enough time that caressing lips and language her sexual sponges and a clitoris was required, to bring her to pleasure peak which was characterized by one strong groan against the background of several weak, and then attempt to bend legs in knees and to turn over sideways. Ah yes, and still such nuance was important, but at the first we wash to kuna because further I considered it. The point is that so far my hands were in the neighborhood of it междуножья too, getting one phalanx into a vagina a little, caressing the daddy and a hole of an anus, Yulya was strained. Probably, it seemed to her that I now with all the dope will thrust in her several fingers. And then I moved both hands on her breast, and without accenting, but slightly parallel to licking a clitoris, fingered her nipples. And having already got rid of fear of invasion into her of a foreign matter, Yulya relaxed, and could receive a long-awaited orgasm. Having curled up, Yulya lies on one side, and I behind as a spoon a spoon, I embrace her. Having a little recovered after an orgasm, she caresses my hand lying at her on a breast and slightly inclining the head, kisses her. For incomplete day she to me sucked off three times, we kissed and squeezed uncountablly, we became so close from absolutely strangers that at least several phrases, but she entrusted me the most intimate that she had in life that wasn't known by any girlfriend and even the sister, but for some reason this stroking of my hand I apprehended as her maximum gratitude, a love and acceptance me as the friend. The only thing and for long-long term. Further there was also the second blowjob to me that Saturday morning. Any surprises deserving the separate description. Just cool high from feeling of skillful lips, gentle handles and aura of warm-heartedness supported by a radiant look and a tender smile of my solar girl, girl summer Yulenka. Then we bathe in turn, we put on, Yulya brings some order to the apartment though I also say: "Leave, the hostess herself will remove. And that if too is an ideal order, still will think that for the odd person this DD, money paid, but brought nobody, and it seems itself didn't even spend the night". I watch that she didn't forget the package of books, I leave a key in the agreed place, we get into the car and we leave. I bring her home, but I land not from the yard, and the street and therefore I can kiss bravely. Yulya nevertheless reasonably holds up not lips, but a cheek. And on my developed phrase that we will continue to correspond on the Internet, in the presence of an opportunity I will arrive shortly, I will call her and then again we will meet, quietly answers: — Write! Call! We will meet! Ahead – our hot summer … Summer till summer On Monday when I hours in 10, having resolved the most important current working issues, come on a mamba, I am waited by the certain surprise which at that time seemed to very unpleasant. Yulina the questionnaire is marked as remote. I start ICQ, exactly there we communicated before a meeting more often in recent days, thinking that there will be some remark explanation why the questionnaire of a dating site is erased. But there is nothing, and her contact which is usually round the clock burning in green color now gray. According to netiquette, it means "me not to disturb any more", but I can't find any reasons because of which Yulya could be disappointed in me so sharply. In such cases it isn't accepted even to call with specifications and dismantling, but I put on all customs when on a game proximity with such girl as Yulya with whom so quickly there was a mutual understanding in communication and in intim. I go outside and call. - Hallo — such gentle and tender voice, I can't believe that if she really is offended by me, would answer with such intonation, especially having seen in number that I call. - Yulya, hi! - Hi, DD! – I feel only hospitality and sincere gratitude for the fact of a call. — At you everything is normal? Can you speak? — Just perfectly! Yes, I can. Something happened? — I came into ICQ now, and you are absent, I also became agitated, you always green were. — Aha, it is your colleagues to us computers change, me in ICQ today and don't wait, or tomorrow I will be or even the day after tomorrow — obviously slip notes of pleasure that she in the center of my attention. - And the questionnaire on a mamba yours is removed. - Of course. Since yesterday still. Why she is necessary to me? – sincere bewilderment and confidence in correctness of the act is heard. And then, it is already a little watchfully — and you unless leave the? It is a pity for that two дивчин in development, but I won't pursue titmouses in the sky if in hands a crane. — I will remove the other day. Just it wanted to be convinced that we have though some electronic communication channel, besides mobile phones. - Is, is! In ICQ I both was, and I will remain, you know, we with the central office so hold communication. - Well then it is good. I have one thought about the next Friday, but will be able to tell only on Wednesday more precisely. - On Wednesday already absolutely I will be with ICQ. You want, there write, you want call. As it is more convenient to you, and arrive. — Here and perfectly. Well then everything, Yul. Kiss you, so long! — I wait. So far-so long! And I was very much touched by her such fidelity, and not ostentatious devotion. It for itself considered that the purpose planned by the questionnaire on a dating site is reached, and removed the questionnaire behind further uselessness. Without demanding from me either an official relationship, or material investments, nor even frequentations. Having just apprehended me as the man. And if to understand, then and she in fact – my woman. In communication and in life, in a bed and in public – for a second I won't challenge a thesis that I found to myself the girlfriend and that to me with her was, is and it will be pleasant, stay in a role of her friend gives pleasure to me. Means, so to that and to happen! Also our roast "summer till summer" began. I found the reasons and reasons for trips to Emsk nearly an every week. Our meetings were at different times day. Most often happened after her work, in the evening and if for the next day I was output, then even in the morning of tomorrow. Sometimes Yulya thought out some legend for mother, and we saw off together all night long. Sometimes I came in the morning to day off, we spent together day, and in the evening I left. Yulya welcomed any my arrival, any off-duty hours of a meeting extremely kindly, moving all other affairs so to manage to meet me and to spend the longest time. And it very much was pleasant to me, I was grateful to her for such relation, for that place which I unconditionally took in her life. Intimate part didn't shine with a variety. In the first several meetings there was only an oral sex. Then I nevertheless persuaded to try vaginal, having promised that I at pain and discomfort won't continue. Really, the vagina was narrow, and she was often strained, vaginal sex lasted no more couple of minutes, and even in general was limited to several frictions, and she asked to be interrupted. With her for an orgasm the kuna had enough mine, especially if just she sucked off to me, and not for fun was brought by it, and occasionally when she wanted to diversify somehow the feelings, she got itself on my dick in a pose of "amazon", regulating depth and rate of penetration. With that summer time I forever had in memory two romantic episodes. If we met right after her work, then had supper or in cafe, or I bought products and then in more private situation on the apartment. Yulya didn't take alcoholic beverages, I usually was driving, and too didn't drink. But that evening for some reason there was a wish to drink. It didn't affect my adequacy and standard intim, 250-300 grams of vodka in any way not that dose from which it is possible to go cross-eyed, but I take the wheel I didn't want, knowing that at night cops conduct hunting behind drunk more actively. And I took Yulya home on foot. There was nearly midnight, passersby weren't in general, cars on the road occasionally rushed. Brightly lamps on streets burned, the way to us was lit by the moon in lanes, but I had very lyrical mood. Boomingly our steps were distributed, the word in a low voice told could thunder an echo in the next vicinities, and I felt like the young student who takes home the girlfriend and whether she will allow him to kiss herself, was the most vital issue, but also the imagination not worse, than memories of absolutely recent blowjob from her excited. And all? – readers will ask. Where lyric poet and romantic, only in a provozhaniye at night even not through the half-cities, and for about thirty minutes foot walk? Yes, and all. Probably, I somewhere embraced her and kissed on the way, but embraces and there were enough kisses both with her, and with other girls to, in time, and after her. And here a provozhaniye home at night, booming steps on desert streets, the moon and lamps, the warm summer night and walking nearby, under the handle, in an embrace the darling and the faithful companion are a rarity, it is remembered forever! And the second episode, can seem naive and ridiculous, after the description of all fucking and orgasms too. As usual, I met her at a stop where she descended from their corporate bus. Asked, as usual, at cafe we will stop by or at shop? But Yulya answered that someone from colleagues had birthday today, but sat down at a table late, almost at the end of the working day therefore she is full and wants to take a walk. - Let's go to the forest, we will take a walk there in the fresh air and in a cool? - Give — I agreed. – Show the way. The wood within the city is rather the park or something like that, but he quite big, and having come more deeply, an impression of the wild nature quite could be made. Rustle of foliage, singing of birds, chirring of insects, clean air overflowed us with iridescent mood. We often embraced and kissed, I even raised her t-shirt, pulled out over a brassiere of a breast and with appetite sucked, having leaned her against a big tree, but didn't risk to go to bigger. Not we only walked in that forest, figures as the walking couples, and families with children in the distance flashed. And I saw that such attention for my part very pleasant to Yulka, she directly shines brightly warmth and sympathy for me, tries sometimes for fun, and sometimes and seriously to answer my tender and gentle words. I won't lie that she forced out all other girlfriends from my life. In Ensk a stable and uniform relationship with Sveta proceeded though the place of the second constant mistress after Leyla's escape was still vacant. After crash of a relationship with Tanka I began to entice and tempt more actively new girlfriends, they were all from Emsk, and with several of them a meeting were regular too. But – on the first place among an emchanok at that time certainly there was Yulya. Probably, not only owing to my personal egoism (because the style of our intim was pleasant to me as much as possible, plus reminded Leyla as in intim, and her selfless fidelity and devotion to me, the only man for that period of life), but also owing to justice (because two of three girlfriends of that time were I am married, and the third led a free life, I had two permanent partners (apart from me), that is couldn't complain of a lack of sex). And therefore if I had an option of a meeting with someone else, besides Yulya, I, of course, didn't refuse this second meeting. But if time and circumstances of a trip allowed intim only with one girl – Yulya was this girl. bubu dating app reviews reddit date ideas houston during the day site mapMain Page