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Every other day I appeared before a door of the apartment of Madam. On me there was very short black dress with a white lacy apron, white openwork gloves and black stockings. Mother made to me a skillful make-up. I looked as the most real whore. On my call the door opened. Natashenka, my favourite girl was on the threshold. She was absolutely naked, except for almost imperceptible pink panties from under which her intense chlenik looked out. We exchanged gentle kisses, Natashenka reminded me that I put on a collar, and here I already in the living room, at legs of my Madam! Lena, in a white terry dressing gown, sat in a big chair, and Nadia, in the same dress, as well as that which was on me was kneeling to the hostess and held a tray with drinks. Madam Lena, without hurrying, I filtered cocktail through a tubule from a crystal glass. - Well, the whore, was? - carelessly she threw to me. - Well, turn. Lift up a dress: it is necessary, you didn't even forget to insert to yourself a plow into a bum! The good fellow, quickly you study: And now - on knees! I rushed on a carpet in front of Lena. Madam opened floors of the dressing gown, and I saw her intense dick. He rocked before me, shining from lubricant. - I want that you remembered rules to which you are obliged to follow in my house, - Madam solemnly told. - First, you are my slave, and my order for you - the law. Secondly. You can touch my body with hands or language, but it will be never allowed to you to snoshat me. In few weeks I will take off from you "a chastity belt" so you have to remember: a body of Madam - not for your dick. Thirdly, punishments. If you disobey me, then I will punish you. One of the main punishments - the ban on sex. I, for example, see, you with the slave Natasha are in love each other - I don't mind. My whores have the right to copulate among themselves together or three together if I am happy with them. But if you somehow upset me, I will put on you cuffs and "a chastity belt", I will cage you and I will force to watch how your darling is given me, and you won't even be able to terminate. Do you know what is sweet torture - when your chlenik costs, and balls are ready to blow up from surplus of a cum? Ask Natasha, she will tell you. Did you understand everything? - Yes, Madam, I understood. - Hands for a back, the prostitute! - the girl ordered. - And now - suck at me. I was obediently inclined to her dick and took a head in a mouth. Lena impatiently moved forward so the dick appeared at me in a mouth at all length. The head was somewhere in a throat. I was stuck with a nose into accurately shaved pubis of Madam. - Suck, damn! - Lena repeated. I was carefully discharged so the head of a chlenik appeared at me between lips. The saltish taste of lubricant filled my mouth. I began to lick a head and to drive language on a bridle of the dick up to an exhaust outlet and back. - And you, - addressed Madam Natasha, - you can use her back vagina. I see how you want it! - I thank you, Madam! - Natashenka answered and right there I pulled together from me thongs and was attached to me behind. I felt as her fingers took from me an anal plow, and here her chlenik already in me. I was strung on two phalli. Two girls began to snoshat me in unison, pushing the dicks towards each other. The dickhead of Madam got to me into a throat, almost without allowing to breathe. My anus stuck on Natashenka's body was stretched to a limit. Natasha pierced me so strongly that it seemed to me as if her head meets at me in a throat with a dickhead of Madam. - Well as, it is pleasant to you when have you from two parties? - Lena asked, slapping me in a back. - Prostitute, damn! Prepare, now your Madam will feed you with the cum! Don't take in head to spill on a floor a uniform drop, the slave! This liquid has to be sacred for you! - I cum, Madam! - Natashenka screamed. - Yes, рябыня, terminate in this damn! - Lena answered. - Begin to rock the cum in her vagina! Natashenka seized my hips, having pulled hard to me on a back and with a force the dick drove in me. And I felt that my "vagina" is filled with hot liquid. At this time Lena once again spread my mouth on the phallus, and to me in a throat streams of her cum rushed. I diligently swallowed, and I was lucky not to utter a uniform drop. Lena released my hair only after I exhausted and swallowed all cum from her dick. Natasha left me, and I, weakened, fell to a floor. My dick which wasn't discharged continued to stand. I put a hand to myself between buttocks - from an anus Natashina a cum followed. I found the plow lying on a floor and inserted it into myself. Madam approvingly nodded: - Correctly. In an anus the whore slave always has to have either a dick, or a plow. Well, what sprawled? To get up! Go prepare for me a bathtub! I want to be refreshed and have a rest. And you, two whores, go to the bedroom and make to me a bed. I got up, and here Lena noticed that my dick costs still as stone. - Look, this whore didn't terminate! - Madam exclaimed. - Answer, the slave, to you what, wasn't pleasant when I had you in a mouth?! - It was pleasant to me, Madam, - I answered, again falling before her on knees. - Just I didn't learn to cum yet as the girl, without touching the dick. - She will learn, - Natashenka stood up. - She should be fucked more often, and she will learn. - Well, - Lena took pity. - Go to a bathtub, do that is told. When Madam entered the bathroom, she was already waited by a full bathtub of hot soap water. Lena took off a dressing gown and took seat in water. Повинуясь to her order, I took off from myself all clothes and too got into a bathtub. Lena ordered to take me soap and to soap it breasts and a stomach. I kneelt to the right of Madam and began to soap her fine body. Then Lena kneelt near me and bent a little forward. Her fine round buttocks so attracted me that I didn't keep and kissed them - at first left, then right. Lena ordered to soap to me to it a bottom. As I wanted her, just went crazy from desire! But on me there was still "a chastity belt", and the charming hole of Madam was inaccessible for my dick. - You can wash out me a finger, - I prompted Len. She played with me, showing me the fine body, perfectly knowing as I want her. I gathered a little shower gel on a forefinger and carefully inserted it into an anus of Madam. - Yes, move a finger there, the whore! - the interrupted girl's voice was distributed. I obeyed. The sphincter ringlet fitted my finger tightly. I began to move a finger to develop a little an anus of Lena. Madam twisted a bottom, sighed and caressed the fine boobies. Her dick who quite recently was inertly hanging between legs was poured by force. - I want you, the slave, - Lena told. - Now I will sit down, and you will be stuck on my dick. Facing me. Madam leaned back on a back, and I admired her huge dick. Madam jerked off him a little, and he became, in my opinion, even more. I took out from myself a plow, sat down over the pulsing head and fell by it. As it is fine - to feel it how powerful flesh of Madam fills my back! Lena pressed to me on shoulders, and I was stuck on her dick. Her hands twisted my waist, and here her lips seized my mouth. Language of Madam met mine. We kissed, along with kisses I moved on her dick. From strong pushes soapsuds and splashes of water flew extensively. I grew bolder and began to caress full boobies of Lena. - Yes, their smooth surface, slave! Caress my nipples the gentle hands! - Madam screamed. - Ooooooo, I feel how to me your chlenik rests against a stomach! Do you want me? Answer, the whore! Do you want that I allowed me to fuck me between boobies? - Yes, Madam! You are so beautiful! I want you, your fine body! Your so strong dick, he dements me! - Nothing, suffer a little, now I will terminate in you! Natasha well you stretched! Our lips met again. And here in my rectum the strong stream, then one more, and still struck! It seemed, to this stream there will be no end. The member Gospozhi splashed out so much cum in my anus that that portion which was lowered in me by Natasha seemed to me microscopic now. - Get up, the slave, - the tired voice ordered Lena. I carefully rose, and her dick slipped out on freedom. I stopped up a bunghole with a forefinger that the cum of Madam didn't pour out from me: And here I terminated. My cum was splashed out through "a chastity belt" directly on a breast of Madam. Lena right there hit me on a face: - How did you dare to splash me with the whorish cum?! I allowed it to do to you?! And well, pinch everything, the prostitute! Quickly! I hasty kneeled and began to pinch the cum from gentle skin of the girl. After that it was ordered to me to get up and stop up the back with a plow. - On the first time I forgive you, - Madam told after I rinsed her under a shower and dry I wiped a towel. - Remove here everything that on a floor there was no uniform drop of water. When you finish here - come to the bedroom. - Yes, Madam. Without having worked to put on, Lena left the bathroom, and I did the cleaning. blind dating game shows dateline bryant park site mapMain Page