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It is the story about that as I was nearly raped in cafe. This case was occurred when I waited for the girl. On the street it was windy and I decided to turn in cafe. At me exposed to the wind a face and I looked not all that well. The girl had to run for a minute for about a minute. Between couples at her there was a window and she was promised to meet me. I died and decided to be rinsed by hot water in a toilet. For now I was engaged in water procedures to me already in all made coffee. I washed in the washstand and decided to sit down on a seat mat kraychik. In the head turned a heap of thoughts from street noise. It is advisable to put in order the head a little. So far I sat and led everything to a uniform denominator, found on a wall near a hole an inscription: Oleg. Sosa. And phone number. I just in case kept it. For the sake of a trick. I am not a gay person. Just sometimes I like to porazygryvat such simpletons. I in this case rummage. But I am engaged in it not often but only when melancholy mortal. I returned for the table and found out that my order was already executed. I was faced by a mug of fragrant cocoa. From above there was the whole handful of cream and is rubbed with generously pineapple shaving. I like sometimes myself to indulge with quality drink, but not some nonsense from bags. I took a sip from a cup and marked on myself a foreign look. Elderly couple sat at the next table. Gray-haired man with the gray-haired woman. They with interest looked in my party. Their eyes burned somehow not on kind. I such as they I split as nut. Nothing will disappear from me. At once it was clear that they a couple of perverts aged. I understood that they already noticed me. And so just I won't be released. What to do? Where my girl? Why she is late? And what if my girl already connected lies in the cellar, and this couple wants to blackmail me and that I at them served in sexual slavery? The man already from me didn't look away, and the woman whispered something to him on an ear and giggled. Well isn't present! So easily you won't take me! And not such broke! Races-пиздык it is also ready! Do you think, Artem Grigoriev is so ordinary? Kind of not so. I already wound to myself on most I don't want as suddenly this gray-haired mister stood up from the place. Now or never! I jerked from the place towards an exit. Following I heard furious shouts of the waiter. To me was to shit that I didn't pay the bill! Now it was important to save the ass and the girl. I decided to reach the house and to call the squad. When ran in an entrance, fast I turned in the elevator and only here I paid attention that I have 10 calls on the cellphone. And all from my girl. To me flowed to the person and gave in the head. Probably, they already understood that it is time to begin to apply tortures and decided to announce the repayment price. Bitches! I recovered the breath in the apartment and drank juice and calmed down a little. Phone rang out and I nearly choked on orange nectar. — Алё, Artyom! Where do devils carry you? You promised to wait for me in cafeteria. Where did sdristnut? — Алё, Sun. With you all... as it should be? I choked, didn't gasp. — No, with me not all in a poryada. At me mercury pressure rose again. In eyes floated. — What? What did they with you make?! — It you answer me? Why say to me that some guy ran away and didn't pay the bill, and under the description you are ideal? — If I tell, then you okheret! — No, Artyom! You okheret it when I come home. Such shame isn't necessary to me! You at me boiled water to ssat today awake! I silk will make you! At me went away from heart. I understood what everything be all right. It was possible to relax. And if before at me the point contracted to impossibility, then now played occasionally a little. I slightly picked up nogtiky and began to scratch him tickling an anus aura. I finished speaking with the girl, kissed her at parting and included on the mafena weakening music. The rousing tune of a mamba played and I began to dance on pleasures. After all I left perverts also my girl out of danger. What I am not an ordinary guy. And horse-radish at me not small. With this thought I slipped under an elastic band of trousers and squeezed a penis at the basis. And why I am not able to afford to relax? Everything ended well. I will jerk off, all the same in the evening from Karina I will snatch out and hardly she will give me. I included figure skating on the TV and under a mamba a little on amusing the beginnings самоудовлетворяться. I don't see in it anything of that kind. blind date tv show questions date queen elizabeth became queen site mapMain Page