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I remember, there are I after the training. Heat, summer. About an hour ran off at stadium, I was terribly tired. The undershirt, shorts — everything got wet. I felt excellently. Of course, fatigue responded in a body, but it was pleasant fatigue — those someone play sports, me will understand. There were I through the private sector — dogs barked here and there, jumped on a fence. Dogs were, of course – horse. They always irritated me a little. I knew this street well, I always go and I come back from stadium this road. At home there are all acquaintances. There lived here in one house, on the edge, near turn to the road of the leader to my house, one little man. He often saw me since morning as I come back or I go only for jog. So we also got acquainted. He to me constantly shouted through a fence: "Hi!". I too in reply welcomed him. We especially didn't talk, just welcomed each other. Then he somehow stopped me and asked where I go as my name is. I answered, but went further as didn't attach it great value. Well the man and the man, I thought, sees me often, here and it is interesting to it. But then he somehow invited me to himself "to a bath" as he said. I laughed, thanked him, but refused. It seemed to me a little strange. But then he constantly began to call to himself "on a bath" as he spoke. I laughed, I said that I should be washed after the training. To be honest, I ban loved. I liked to take a steam bath and sit on bed curtains in a heat. But I didn't know this man, and long didn't agree, didn't consider somehow his invitation yet and agreed. Eventually, he was practically my neighbor, and we were already a little familiar. — Well, how about a bath? – he when I once again came back from a training asked. — And you know that, I agree — I answered. – And what, she at you is already heated since morning? — Since yesterday evening — he told. – Well, come. I came on his site. The house was two-storeyed, from a brick. The path dispersed in different directions. One conducted to the house, another to an arbor and the shed, the third conducted to a bath. It closed behind me a gate and indicated by gesture a bath: — I ask. Don't hesitate. Feel at home. Beautifully at me here, the truth? You, probably, were tired after the bustle? — It is a little. — Now you will have a rest. I will steam you properly. How old are you? — Twenty two — I answered. – And to you? — Forty six. Do you though like to take a steam bath? — I love. And you with me will take a steam bath? You probably in a ban were yesterday. — I was, but I will steam you. I will make to you massage a broom birch. — Thanks — I smiled. Mentally I already guessed everything. We came into the waiting room and undressed. Volodya — so he was called — I suggested me to drink to kvass. I didn't refuse and with pleasure drank from a wooden mug. It is necessary to tell that it had a big waiting room, here stood also a big wooden table with two benches, and a huge mirror near a table. — Here it is spacious — I told, considering him and myself in a mirror. He was more me time in three, but not fat, brought down, strong. I, on the contrary, was quite thin and without vegetation on a body. At Volodya there were small breast hair and a little on a stomach. The pubis was accurately cut, but not up to the end. His dick was fat, fat, with the slightly opened head. — Yes, at me it is good — he answered. – I did everything. Thank you that estimated. We passed to the bathing room. He began to throw a log in a copper stronger to warm stones and water. — And you one live? – I asked. — No, with the wife. But she to relatives went for two days. Only today I left. — It is clear — I was a little disturbed. — Yes you don't worry, she will definitely not return today. And I don't wait for guests. I have in the program only your person today. He finished with a copper and became straight. I sat on a bench near bed curtains and looked at it. — And what program at us ahead? – I asked. He slowly approached me. The bed curtains were above a bench on which I sat. There were basins and a broom. Volodya stopped so that his fat dick, with a huge red head, appeared in couple of centimeters from my person. Of course he made it specially, but I didn't protest. He began to move on bed curtains to himself basins and a broom, to make them closer to himself. — Now stones will be warmed — he told — and I you will soar. We will bring toxins out of your body. The birch broom well helps with it. He continued to speak and potter about there when I moved the head and his dick took in a mouth. Hands I didn't help myself, I wanted to work as sponges and a uvula. His juicy slightly opened head very much was pleasant to me. It was big and fleshy. It was pleasant to hold it in a mouth. Volodya ceased to make basins and put one hand to me on the head. He didn't direct me, and just caressed on the head. — You know, you were pleasant to me long ago — he told. – I as soon as saw you in your shorts in an oblipka, at once wanted you. I thought, kind of to me to fuck this boy. — And I long broke — with a smile I said, licking his dick. — Yes, you as the decent virgin broke. — It I for decency. — I already understood. You at us a decent davalka. — That's it, to the right and on the left I don't distribute. — And why decided to give me? — Well, first, you practically my neighbor, and we are a little familiar already, and secondly, I like men is more senior. I inclined the head and stuck lips into his balls. They were big, wrinkled balls which I separately soaked up to myself in a mouth and I fingered a uvula. — You always in a passive role? — Yes — I answered. – I love when direct me. — It is clear — he answered. – Successfully I invited you. — You can use me — I told. – And it will be possible to call I you — the uncle Volodya? — It is possible — he told, the dick took from the basis and moved him on my lips. – Probably it is pleasant to you when use you. — To be honest, that yes. — Represented itself the girl? — Always I represent — I told, licking a dick. — Well. You even more are pleasant now to me. Give I to you I will terminate in a mouth, and then I will steam, and that here hot will be for a mouth? Then I potrakhat you in the waiting room more better. — As you will tell — I answered. I began to suck strenuously. Really, it became hotter. The uncle Volodya's dick already stood a stake. It was not really long, but quite thick. It had an excellent taste, it strongly made horney me. He sometimes interrupted process, the dick took a hand and lifted him, let's lick his balls thus. Then the dick to my mouth lowered and drove a head on lips. I put out tongue and rubbed about it. Then it sent me the dick deeply to a mouth. Sometimes I rested him against a cheek. When business already approached the culmination, he pulled out a dick from a mouth and forced to lick me balls. Itself began to jerk off. — I cum — he moaned and the dick sent me to a mouth. I felt a dense warm cum. I swallowed of it while he let out in me. There was a lot of seed, but I liked to swallow. When everything came to an end, I properly wiped his dick the lips. — Thanks — I told. — Please — the uncle Volodya answered. – And now jump on bed curtains and then already very much hot, I will steam you. I obediently laid down before him on a stomach. He got the steamed-out broom from a basin and began by him to rub off me. Was very pleasant. Then he began me to soar. It is necessary to tell that he did it quite rigidly, but it is pleasant. It was visible that he is able to do it. Once, when he me rubbed off a broom, he stopped and oiled the left hand some cosmetic. Then he rumpled my rolls and implanted to me a middle finger into the daddy. The finger slipped there easily and easy, but I felt it, felt how he was clasped by a ring of my anus. I moaned a little. — A good zhopochka — he with satisfaction told. – Just ideal in order that to fuck her. You and really should have been born the girl. — Oh — I when he put out average moaned and put to me a forefinger. — However so is even more sexual when the boy likes to behave as the girl. You are all such dissolute as the real whore. — No — I moaned — I am a decent girl. — Well isn't present, you are a whore, the most free boy whom I only saw. It also didn't dream girls. It is pleasant to you that I with you do? — Yes … He still some time potrakhat me fingers, then continued to soar, but not long. Soon we finished. I and he were washed, rubbed off and in the buff left to the waiting room. I at once got drunk kvass. I was wildly tormented by thirst. Volodya sat down on a bench and took rest several minutes. — Uff — he exhaled — the bath is good. You are good too, you very much were pleasant to me. — You to me too, the uncle Volodya — smiled I in reply. Then I poured to him some kvass and gave to hands. – Drink, you still promised to make something with me here. He winked at me and began to devastate a mug. I in curiosity began to examine lockers. There were bathing caps, basts, towels … There were beer mugs and empty bottles. It was visible that here sometimes drank. Then I opened one locker and pleasantly was surprised. There were cosmetic accessories, probably, of his wife. — It your wife? – I asked. — Yes — he nodded. – This her junk. — And it is possible I will smear to myself lips her with lipstick? — What for? – a little Volodya was surprised. – Do you want to be as the girl? — Well … That is, to be honest, I like to leave marks of the lips when I suck on the dick. And it is possible only when they are smeared with lipstick. — Well smear — he resolved. I smeared lips and was looked in a mirror. Lipstick was bright red color, it very much was pleasant to me. — Well as? — Anything — he told. – Go here — and he, sitting on a shop, I spread wide the legs and I pointed to me to a dick. I obediently approached and kneeled before him. The taste of his dick was great. He made horney me and forced to drive language on this juicy body. I podrachivat the dick a little though he already stood a stake. Sometimes I threw back the head and looked at his dick, at lipstick traces on it, and was made horney even more. As it was fine to feel this damp, big head in language, the sky, cheeks. I felt how from it lubricant as my mouth slowly flows becomes sticky. I swallowed, then again sucked, enjoying process … — Give now I will fuck you — he told. – Turn to me a back and sit down on my dick. I obediently and made. He helped me, holding me by a waist. Slowly, leaning hands against his knees, I was stuck on a dick. Was больновато. The daddy I felt his groin and balls. — Very well — he with satisfaction told. – We will a little wait? — Yes — I told. I felt his dick and as my anus pulses a little. He wasn't big, but quite thick that in the first seconds to bring me discomfort. But then everything quickly enough passed, and I was accepted slowly, gradually to move on him. — Very well — he told again. – At you as though virgin buttocks. Don't you develop it? — I develop, but it is rare. Just I support her in a tone. I am so ready more pleasantly. You feel everything … — To you it is already good? — Hey yeah … — I stretched. – Very pleasant. — Be stuck up to the end, just the fairy tale is deeper there. I began to do as he speaks. I fell the ass on the balls. Sometimes he asked to sit and move so a bottom in the parties. It was so pleasant not only to him, but also me. I felt how his head rests against me deeply inside, and from it waves of pleasure dispersed on all body. As it was pleasant to sit on the dick at this uncle and to feel at itself in an ass his dick. Just fantastic feelings. At that moment I wanted that this pleasure never came to an end. I deeply breathed and one stroke-oared myself on a stomach, feeling inflow of pleasure there. So, probably, girls when they are fucked feel. This thought made horney me even more. Then Volodya told: — Let me fuck you on a table. — Well — I agreed. I laid down on a back on the table edge. Volodya approached me, closed my legs together and put them to himself on the right shoulder. Then I felt his dick at myself deeply inside again. When he put the hand to me on a stomach, I nearly went crazy. I felt how waves of pleasure run up from a stomach on all body. It was tremendous. From pleasure I even blinked and turned the head on one side. And here I saw our reflections in a mirror. It was something. Volodya standing I fucked me, and I lay as a helpless doll and enjoyed it. Then I slightly turned buttocks aside that in reflection it was visible more better how Volodya's dick enters me. The show was unforgettable. By the way, Volodya understood too where I look, and too began to consider us in a mirror. — Concha in me — I asked. He accelerated and suddenly zapykhtet, his face strained, he all began to shake. At this moment I touched the dick and too began to cum. A stomach, I wash the daddy and held apart a dick from pleasure waves. I have a snack a lip and moaned as the real girl. And it was worth it. I felt how, probably, girls when cum feel. Unforgettable pleasure. … When everything came to an end, it was necessary to return to a bath again to be washed away. Then we put on and Volodya saw me to a gate. I very much liked his bath what I also told him about. He, in turn, told that he will wait for me once again. I told that I surely to him still will come to see not only his bath, but also his house, his bedroom … That day I came back home in great mood. black latino dating apps date spots soho nyc site mapMain Page