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Mikhail arrived at the beginning of the eleventh next day. I gave him a free hand, and he searched all cases and lockers of my wife, her clothes, rummaged in her panties, then in dirty linen, then in her cosmetics bag, reconsidered an album with her nurseries and family photos, took from me a disk with record of our wedding... Then I got the tablet, I seated me opposite and I began to ask questions, practically about everything (some as it seemed to me, had no relation to business, but I answered extremely frankly). One of Mikhail's questions in general surprised me: - What size of your dick in the eregirovanny and weakened state? - And to you it what for? - the size of my dick didn't give to me a reason for pride therefore at once protective reaction worked. - Believe, it is the necessary information. - Well... In weakened, probably, centimeters six... In eregirovanny - twelve-thirteen... - It is good. - What good? - Well for a successful solution with your wife. And you are sure that you got her the virgin? - Certainly, it is sure... At least, to me she definitely had no vaginal sex. And in general, she is such innocent... Her men, in respect of sex, somehow don't interest at all... - It is good too... There were a lot more strange questions, but I didn't ask again any more, and just answered. At some point it seemed to me that our action will be failure - Mikhail to me didn't give any magic advice but only he asked and asked. So we stayed with him till the evening when he, at last, asked a question about a subject: - Now about your desire... How does your wife as a sex vayf strongly have to degrade? What cuckold level for you do we accept? I was already tired of all this talk, and ceased to believe in success of the invention more and more: - Maximum. - Maximum? You are sure that you want it? - And what what I have options? - Options weight. Maximum means full and irrevocable transformation of your wife into a sex vayf. The system of her life priorities and values will change, it any more will never be former. You as the husband will stop being for it the authority, it completely will be in the power of the lover and the sexual desires. Formally it will remain your wife, but you won't be able to control her. She will like to humiliate you with the unfaithfulness. And, eventually, she completely will reject you as the active lover, the part of the contemplator of her unfaithfulness will be assigned to you, you will be able to count only on a cunnilingus... - She and so rejects me as the lover how many times I asked her about anal sex... - I not about it. - Yes I understand, just you don't know Dasha... What there unfaithfulness, what куколд... - Now a conversation not about her, and about you. Set the task, and according to this task I will make the plan. I thought, having remembered the websites on cuckold, that concerning, forbidden world to which I so wanted to get: - You know, make the plan for the discretion, but I would like the maximum results: business not in me, matter in Dasha... She even never removes a wedding ring that all knew that she is married and didn't stick to her. And I am ready to come far, most far... - All this that I wanted to hear. When the plan is made, I will call you. In four days Mikhail called back and we met. He stated me the detailed plan which struck me with the scales. The question price was too rather big therefore I doubted: - And you are sure that you need SUCH sum "representative" on your card? - Yes. During operation I will treat you and your wife. - And why I can't pay for myself? - Because to fascinate your wife, I will have to surpass you at all points. I revealed one moment on which I concede to you: you are richer than me, but your wife shouldn't know it... Now I understood why he asked me about the size of my dick... Really he thinks that he will be able to wake in my wife the whore the bigger parameters of the penis? If so, then he is very naive person, I tried to start talking to Dasha about a difference between big and small penises more than once, but she even didn't want to listen, and burst out laughing, type, "I didn't hear bigger nonsense", and added that this question can interest only schoolboys who are measured by the pussies in a toilet... But Mikhail with the same confidence continued: -... Therefore I will pay for you and for her. It is important for successful succession of events at the first stage of operation. So, we take off in ten days on the ocean coast for Orgazmus hotel - it perfectly is suitable for carrying out operation. In this hotel entrance by the minor is forbidden and to persons 45 years are more senior. There are, practically, no Russians there, most of tourists of the USA and Latin America, speak, generally the English, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Your wife was fond of studying of Portuguese and complained that she has nobody to practise? - Yes, it is valid... I many times said to her why to you Portuguese... - Here, and there will be my acquaintances from Brazil, I in brief explained them a situation, they are the people who are fond told that they with pleasure will accompany me. - Do you know Portuguese? - Generally, my friends speak also English which I not bad know, but also I speak Portuguese rather fluently - on work some time was necessary to live in Brazil. - And in what your Orgazmus differs from other hotels? - It is paradise for nudists and loving couples - sex in the territory of hotel isn't forbidden therefore it isn't obligatory to hide in numbers. The atmosphere for our project - the most suitable. - You, of course, great thought up it, but my wife didn't plan a holiday, - I and thought that our operation will glitch, - I speak, she at me the business lady, career does... - Already plans. - How it? - She had no holiday more than a year. Yesterday I organized a call from labor inspectorate to her boss. Promised him large penalties and different sanctions, but in exchange for closing of eyes for his violations (and I understand what he has them much) suggested him to send your wife on leave urgently. Today he called her and itself forced Dasha to write the application. So she from tomorrow is on vacation. - Abruptly... - I absolutely differently looked at Mikhail, he indeed acted professionally, - you can really trust... - Certainly, - he shortly answered, - And remember, a lot of things depend on you, on that, how accurately you will carry out my instructions. Do you remember that you have to make in five days prior to a departure? - I remember, not to have sex with Dasha... - It is correct. Even if she about it will ask you, you have to find an occasion to evade from matrimonial duties. Dasha has to get hungry strongly. And it is useful for you to begin to get used to absence from access to her bosom. - Of course, everything is seductive, but I not really trust in it, - I grinned. - The main thing that I trust in it, - without any irony Mikhail answered, - Now we have to sign the our contract that then there were no misunderstanding. We signed, and I addressed Mikhail: - All right, if we kind of partners in this case, maybe, will pass on "you"? - It is premature. Everything has to develop logically. On a legend we will become in the resort, closely acquainted there and we will pass on "you". About Kay? - About Kay... black dating conversation starters dated and related gross site mapMain Page