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Heels gradually tapped on asphalt – I went to the remote quarter in the south of the city. Today there will be my first experience with the man, and I am dressed in a women's clothing. I quite often so put on and constantly I dream on this subject. About this place I read in the newspaper – there wrote that men come for sex with other men here. All shook me for nervousness and I constantly looked back, but nevertheless went forward. This evening I decided to put on not really provocatively: short gray skirt, jacket of the same color and white blouse. Under it there was silk linen: a brassiere and panties with tights. Today I put on a light wig, put peach shadows and pink lipstick. I also decorated lips with special gloss. I felt the growing excitement – with each step silk of panties was grated by my rising dick. I turned to some lush and badly lit place, and stopped, expecting until eyes get used to lighting. In the distant end of the lane I noticed a big men's figure – he smoked a cigarette and stood, having leaned on a wall. In a throat at me dried up, but I tried to begin a conversation: – Hi, I am Zhannet. – Well, hi, Zhannet! What here brought you? – I definitely don't know … – Then allow me to you to help. Do you give or you take? – Э, I … хм, I give … – whether there Was in this dirty mouth someone's dick, Zhannet? – No. – Oho, the virgin, – he laughed. His questions enraged me and I wasn't sure any more that I want all this. – You know, I probably made a mistake … I, perhaps, will go. – I think, поздняк to rush about, Zhannet. And here I noticed that behind there was one more man who interfered with my leaving. – You see Mark costs Zhannet, there, and there are I. And both of us want that we were given pleasure. And I think that today such wonderful girl as you will be engaged in it. My body was captured by a shiver – I understood that there is no road back. I heard that in this area robberies and raids so if I try to escape, they can seriously cripple me are frequent. It was necessary to try to intercept an initiative. – Please … I will make everything that you want, only don't beat me. – Oh, Zhannet, I am glad that you told it. We very much wouldn't like to beat you. Approach closer and show how you can make to me pleasantly. I went to him as the robot. Here I was already kneeling a cement floor, undid a fly on his trousers. I dipped a hand there and his dick took. From my touches he right there began to increase in sizes. – Here so, Zhannet, everything is correct. Very pleasant. And now give a uvula. I opened a mouth and slowly carried out by language on a head. It was saltish on taste, his sweat was also felt. I in every way constrained an emetic reflex when tried to carry out by language on the dick from top to down and back. It was heard as he moaned when I began to drive language on all trunk. Then his hands fell to me by the head and now it became the main thing. – Yes you are a good fellow, the babe! Take him in a mouth. Take him in the whorish mouth, the dirty whore! I noticed that he becomes more aggressive. If I don't make to him more pleasant, he will hurt me. – Mark, and this bitch knows how to suck. Do you trade in it long ago, and, Zhannet? It was my first time and not to tell that it very much was pleasant to me. I hoped to find somebody more better and more decently than these bumpkins. Suddenly he squeezed my head and the dick directly sent me to a mouth. I felt as he rested to me against a throat and hardly restrained not to blevanut. He began to stick my head on the tool. I began to whine with each blow. Soon it already beat with the balls to me a chin so it was really deep. He everything increased the pace, breaking off my open mouth. I felt like the dirty and cheap whore and now understood that women when they are declined to blowjob feel. His dick began to shake and I understood that he will terminate soon. – I will terminate directly to you in a mouth soon, the bitch. And you everything is more best to swallow to a last straw! If you utter at least one – it is necessary to otmetelit you properly! I arranged language so that his cum passed in a gullet at once. Now I for the first time will try a cum, I will swallow of it for the first time. I hope, me won't pull out. The last blow, his dick was inflated and blew up at me in a mouth. I squeezed him lips and tried to swallow all this stream. Never I saw that somebody cumed so plentifully. He held my head, without allowing to release a dick from a mouth. I released only when the last straw left a head. I right there failed weakened on a floor. So I continued to lie, without moving at all, and he removed a dick in pants and clasped a fly. Time went and I hoped that they will leave me. Though there was still the second man who, for certain, too wanted the share. I thought that he will want to use my mouth too, but he had ideas in this respect. He seized me by wrists and dragged in a toilet cabin. There he put me over a toilet bowl and attached a hand adhesive tape to the pipe going behind a push. I heard as he tore off still a piece from a tape – he right there stuck with him to me a mouth. – Here so you will also stand, aha? Otherwise you will snatch out not childly. Drove, a creature? I shook the head in agreement. He lifted up my skirt and broke panties. Now my bum was open and it became clear that he is going to fuck me. It wasn't in my plans therefore I tried to move and cry out that he didn't do it. – Yes, the bitch, I now will also make it. I you in your very narrow buttocks and you it will be pleasant to a vyeb. I began to snuffle when I heard a sound of the revealing fly. Then it was heard as he spat in a palm and the dick greased. And here I already felt the head put to an anus. It slowly began to push it inside. Pain was intolerable. The sphincter tried to constrain this impact, but for a long time it couldn't last. Here the head already inside also continued to move slowly there where the owner wanted it. The inch behind inch the dick plunged into my bum and I thought that I will faint from pain. He literally broke off me on a part. I knew that he will really break off to me a bum and these injuries will remain forever. His dick was already almost completely inside and pain slowly began to abate. He squeezed my hips and attracted to himself. Here I felt as his basin hit against my buttocks – now it was all in me. I began usual fuck, it raped me as the bitch. I slid on his dick and was in his full power. – Oh, Zhannet, you have such very narrow buttocks! I am so glad that the first I climbed there! Pain became more silent. He continued to drill my flaring bum, and got with a hand to my dick. He broke off my tights and the dick released – right there I began to podrachivat him in a step to the movements. – Give, the babe, bring the friend. I want that you terminated while I fuck you! My dick was poured by blood from his movements. Now and I was brought – I was made horney by this position of the dirty whore whom have against her will. I began to make upward movement to it and all my body became a toy for his desires. I wanted that he fucked me and terminated inside. And I wanted to terminate too – I began to groan from pleasure in the sticky gag. Speed increased and it was close to an orgasm. I was on a platoon too and waited when it blows up. And here it burst, having accompanied the explosion with wild shout. This second and I released the charge on the toilet bowl facing me. He continued to move in me – that each drop to the last remained in me. Soon it ran low and the dick took out. I felt how the cum follows from the broken-off anus. It released my hands and at the same moment both disappeared somewhere in night. I tried to make toilet and started wandering from this area. Somehow I limped to the main road where could catch the taxi. It was heavy to sit as the buttocks literally flared after such anal rape. Houses I took a shower, washed away from myself all nasty thing of these men and was tumbled down in a bed, enduring the first experience. Beyond all doubt, very soon I will return to this quarter again to feel the Woman. best korean dating shows on netflix date today est site mapMain Page