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We returned to our city. Everything went under the own steam. In a month, offered me a position of the vice-president in one very large holding, with salary to which everyone could envy. I worked as a wolf, often I made a business trip to Moscow, the city where my first experience of a group sex where I could make happy the girl who thought that private life, is penal servitude and learned sex in 28 years took place. And here, on one Sunday, we had dinner with Fatya at one of restaurants of the city. There was a beginning of April. On the street it is still cold. — Rather summer. Cold bothered. Will you be let go on leave, Zaur? — I think that yes. I will finish many affairs prior to the beginning of July, and we with you will be able to go somewhere. More better of course to Europe. We never were there. And there is no place, together we weren't, except for Turkey. When I pronounced the word of Turkey, it maliciously smiled, and her cheeks turned pink. From the moment of arrival, we never remembered that wonderful day though I suspected that Fatya dreams to be influenced by three males once again. She was given by our sex. No, it didn't change, by no means, in it there was a spark, it is even more passion and relaxedness in a bed. She could sit down on me in a pose of the equestrian and thrust to itself into an ass an artificial dick with the vibrator. And after I will terminate, forced to lick a cum from her pussy. And then on the contrary, I fucked her back, and she already other vibra-member, fucked to herself to a pizd. From it I was even more made horney, even exhausted with quantity of orgasms, we couldn't calm down, we wanted more and more. And here I decided to switch our conversation to the Turkish adventures. — You were made horney as heard about Turkey — From what did you take? — Yes you all turned pink from it — It was cool then — Would like to repeat? — Yes, now at us we will repeat. Or you decided to leave affairs and to go to Turkey where now not a soul? — I think everything much more simply, having thought I answered. — I often make a business trip to Moscow. And there a lot of things can be found — And often you to yourself find something there? — Huts, I never with anybody was there. You see, I go at most for three days, I don't love condoms. With someone to me to be there? Only you are interesting to me. And still, on you at me leaves energy so much that even if I would like to go to the party, then such passion would hardly test. — Well, I take a word. And what there into the account of Moscow? — We can find the good, suitable us machoes, for example in not that, to pay their services, analyses of doctors. To have the fishinebilny hotel accommodation, or to rent the enormous apartment, with trakhodromy. And everything, we have a really good time. — Do you suggest to remove prostitut? with astonishment she asked — Be not surprised, at us of them it is full too. They humour wives of the high-ranking officials. — Yes stop. They all aged. What the hell for him sex? — Just aged, sex is most of all necessary to the woman. Well as, accept you my option? If yes, that I begin to look for suitable candidacies and the place. — We will go home, I all flow already. It meant yes. Houses I fucked her on full, first of all otimet her mouth, and filled it with a cum which she swallowed, and further in all other holes. Exhausted and tired, we went to bed. Next day, I began to look for suitable candidacies. On it left at me days ten, and even it is more, 90 percent were sent away. I considered everything that could cum often and pour out violently a cum, without body hair, a sports figure, but not hummocks, t. е thin and sinewy, gentle a face (she loves it very much) and, above all a penis size what would be no more than mine. You never know. Having collected the questionnaire from ten candidates, I decided them to present to the wife. In the evening, in the bedroom, having put children to bed, sitting at me on a lap in some thongs, it began to choose to itself two ebary. Four it eliminated, there were six. — Pancake, all such super. Even I don't know what to do — Nuu... if you sustain seven, then give all — You went crazy, from me there will be no wet place left — Just wet will be much. And we can take one more girl? And my eyes pensively rose up —, that you say yes. Did you also want the girl? — Huts, be not an egoist. And where justice? So it isn't honest. And I think what will be pleasant to you, me in all this, makes horney not only group sex, and and jealousy. — I don't know, but I think... that you are right. It is necessary and to try it My joy wasn't a limit. — Zaur, and six people, won't expensively sit down on finance — Why women think of money at once? A my joy, money a hogwash, the main thing a high, pleasure, passion which we will feel. Debauchery which we aren't able to afford here. And time in 8 — 9 months, it is possible and to fork up on it. You present yourself, filled in with a cum of seven, you roll in a bed fucked, having stretched legs in the parties. At these words, she went down and began to suck my dick furiously. I didn't last long and terminated her in a mouth. What was farther, I won't tell as the most interesting ahead. And so, having found a little already candidates on a post of the second poblyadushka, and it were two thin blondes-biseksualochki, with small boobs and fine buttocks. I didn't tell that they were a bi to the wife. Let it will be a pleasant surprise, especially, in Turkey, it apprehended my hint is multiple-valued, and I wanted to check it in practice. Yes, I forgot to tell that two guys, were bi too. It was necessary for me for the pranks. We chose one of girls, that which has nipples more. She seemed to us, more passionate, and we didn't make the wrong choice as it became clear later. To find the apartment there was not a problem, but the price me shocked, even being a person, rather provided, even very much, the sum was transcendental. But there was no wish to recede and as it was almost the center, plus a prestigious new building, with smart repair, with fine furniture and the main thing, with an enormous trakhodrom where four persons could go in. The only thing that I asked that to our arrival the sofa was moved to the bedroom. And here, traveling day came. I specially bought tickets on Tuesday to be in time all the affairs, testing and their answers, and on Saturday to arrange a great fucking, and on Sunday to return back. Having got a job in hotel, I rang round all candidates and the candidate, made them an appointment in small restaurant, near our hotel. I thought that someone should be eliminated, after all. But on my surprise, all were such, as in photos. Andrey, Igor, Dima, Serge (t. е Sergey), the Mulatto (too Igor, just he was a mulatto), and Tim (Timur). The girl was called Vika. She wasn't a prostitute, just she couldn't refuse my offer, namely the sum. She was 19 years old. Student of one of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. And despite the early age, she had experience of group sex. All of us greeted and began to talk peacefully. Having ordered food, we passed to the main subject. All were pleasant to Fatima, without exception. It the macho were short. — And so, children. All of us know why all of us gathered. We do so, tomorrow since morning, we go to clinic to make tests on all mucks. I hope, all will be healthy. — There are no problems, Zaur. I told one of them. It was called Andrey. All others supported him. The next morning, we met near private clinic. And all children and Vika including made tests. It was necessary to wait for several days. Namely Friday. The only thing that was on trust, is them honestly, that till Saturday none of them will fuck. On Friday evening, we met again. To our delight, all were healthy, and we agreed to meet near the house where I removed a penthouse, on Saturday at four o'clock. All remained evening, I ate seafood and next day for morning of yogurts more, and for lunch squids, shrimps, a lobster, 20 oysters, etc. again. There was a wish to cum more than usually. No, I don't complain of quantity of orgasms, just we, people, always we want bigger if the question concerns sex. We with the wife arrived on earlier. I felt her nervousness, still, this men and two women. The apartment was faultless, three large rooms, were just suitable for our orgy. As well as it was promised, the sofa was transferred to the bedroom. As I was delighted when I learned that the sofa reveals, and from it the quite good bed turns out. Fatya quickly spread also it. I went down to meet children, and the wife meanwhile, went to put herself and the buttocks in order. On the way, we bought 2 butt plugs, her and Vika not to potter long with bums. Near the house, there was a good supermarket where I bought a little binge, for a warming up. Children approached in time, and here Vika had to be waited. In about 20 minutes Vika approached. We came into a front door. I explained to children the floor and a door, they rose in the first elevator. And we with Vika waited for the second. — I have Vick to you a request. Tempt Fatyu to yourself, make so that you potrakhatsya together, fuck it well. She smiled — There are no problems, Zaurchik. And she nestled on me and we began to kiss in a hickey. — And so I ask to the house. The door of the elevator was boiled also we having come off a kiss passed to the apartment. All okherevshy considered a penthouse. — Well children, I think that I can hope for your abilities therefore I suggest to take the fees right now. And I got envelopes, with a name of each of them, and handed to everyone. And of course Vikin an envelope, which on thickness. — All in a shower. Fatya, show Vikule bathing. Children, to you here. And all in turn went to wash. Girls were locked in the bedroom. We went to bathe on two to reduce time. In about forty minutes, all were ready. Six smooth males and one horsehair worm, t. е I, wrapped up in towels, having poured drinks in glasses, we began to wait for our ladies. In five minutes, there are Vika and Fatya, in short dressing gowns, with a fine make-up on a face. Vika took wine, Fatya to whisky, for bigger courage. — For a great fucking! I said. Fatya drank up to the end. Her cheeks turned pink at once. I approached her, thrust a hand into a perineum. It all flows, then checked to Vick, most too — Children, they have falls here already. It is time to fuck at full scale. We passed into the bedroom. Process went. We got up in a row, cast away towels and girls serially began to suck away at us. Fatya sucked as if she had no sex the whole year. Bothered me, and I laid down under her and began to lick her the pussy. On me her lubricant, as from the crane flew. The stopper stuck out of a bum, I removed her and thrust language there, then into a vagina. She moaned and... here the first orgasm in a day. I got up, and passed to lick Vika. At this moment she sucked at Tim, Andrey and Igor stood podrachivy the trunks. Licking Vikina a perineum, to me Fati's groans were heard, already transferred her to a bed. Serge fucked her in a pizda, at the Mulatto she sucked, and Dima, biting nipples, fingers played with her clitoris. The mulatto terminated her in a mouth, having filled in all face with a cum. On his place there was Dima. Tim, having seen it, I took Vika on hands and I put on the laid sofa. I gave her in a mouth at once, Tim fucked her to a pizd. All room was filled with sounds of champing and groans. Without having sustained, I terminated to Vika in a mouth. My place was taken by Igor. Soon Serge terminated, having fucked the wife's pizdenka. Through couple, minutes, at the same time, all began to cum fucking at this moment, and replacement went at once. Fatya sat down on Andrey's dick, the Mulatto entered her into an ass, Tim gave in a mouth. The same was with Vika. I fucked her in an ass, she jumped on Igor, and in a mouth Dima and Serge fucked her. Then we traded places. I pulled out the dick from an ass Wicky, and inserted into the wife's mouth, Igor who fucked to Wicky's pizd joined me. Also went on new. The first the Mulatto terminated, I inserted into the wife's ass. A couple of minutes, I pull out a dick, I bring to Fati's face, it pulled out Igor's dick at once and having opened a mouth began to accept my cum. The face and so her was sticky, from a cum of the Mulatto, plus my cum. Konchil and Andrey, having filled in the wife's pizda. Orgasms were on all room. I cumed Vick and the trio fucking her. Unruly was Tim, he raised the wife's legs, and from everything to scope inserted to the wife into a pizda, on the balls. I don't know from what he was made horney, but he fucked her became enraged. The wife closed eyes, he pulled out and began to fill in her stomach and breasts. The wife lay not movably. I turned the head towards Wicky, blinked it, the pier is time. It as a cat, crept up to the Veil, and began to pinch the cum following from a pizda, caressing at the same time a clitoris and small lips. The wife again moaned. Having opened eyes, she was stunned, she was licked by the woman, a second more, and she closed eyes, and began to enjoy the events. — Huts, get up to me on the person, I want to drink everything. My beauty obediently gets up the of Wicky, pizdy on the person, and that pinches everything, all cum which left a vagina and an ass. And there is a lot of cum. Then they traded places, by the way, it was already the idea of the wife. Having drunk cums from a pizda and Wicky's ass, they merged in a passionate kiss. While girls plaid about, we left to the dining room to smoke and relax. I looked at Tim, he understood everything — Children, I in a shower, someone with me? — Give I, Tim answered Having come into the bathroom, I closed a door on the lock Tim nestled on me, we began to kiss. I went down, and became, to do blowjob. His dick smelled of a cum and pizdy. It made horney even more. I sucked as the last skank, even itself was surprised to it. Such feeling as though the whole kilometer sucked away before. I swallowed him up to the end, kissed balls, language played with one, with another, licked a head and again immersed him up to the throat. Tim terminated, having filled in my mouth with the cum, a part poured out outside, to a chin. He gently began to lick her, we merged in a kiss again. Having turned to me a back, he let know that he wishes that I otimet his back. But I decided not to do it and to keep a cum for somebody from girls. Having bathed, we left to all. Girls weren't yet, they lapped in the bathroom. It became interesting to me to look at them. I without having knocked I came there. Oh, it was the amazing picture. They lay both in the bathroom and kissed passionately, isn't even present, they were passionately sucked, it will be so more correct. — What charm. I didn't even know on how many in you lesbian bents are hidden. — Go to us — Here it will be rather small for three. More better you finish and join us With these words I left the bathroom. With children we poured whisky, and just began to have a rest. They in turn went to bathe. And through half of hour, all already were fresh and ready to enter new fight. In twenty minutes, our beauties appeared. They joined us. Fatya sat down near me — It was pleasant to you, my sun? — Do you still ask? Of course yes. — And with Vika too? — Oh, it was wonderful. After all, all women in soul of the lesbian. Never I thought that I will be able to lick, someone's pussy. — There are still any imaginations? — I want two dicks at once, in the pussy — Won't you stretch it? And that is necessary to me somehow it feel ill at ease — There is no darling, Vika taught me to do exercises that my hole, always remained for you desired. I began to caress her thighs, reached a clitoris, to steam of movements, and she is already wet. I led her to the bedroom. — Children, don't leave alone. I put it a back on a bed, and began to lick the pussy. It flowed, and I swallowed of everything, she groaned, wanted the dick, but I didn't hurry, I waited for her an orgasm. And here he came, groans, shouts, it is bent, but my language neugamony, he doesn't stop, her liquid a stream flows down to me in a mouth. As she is beautiful and as the aroma of the fucked pizda is great. — Fuck me, all. Fatya cried. I can't any more. I inserted her into a pizda, having raised highly legs, the Mulatto was attached on her and began to fuck between boobies in a mouth. After a while we changed a pose. She sat down on the Mulatto, I inserted the dick into her magnificent bum, Igor's dick plunged her into a mouth. The fucking began. The orgasm followed an orgasm, I lost count how many times she cumed. I took out a dick from her bum and put to a pizda. The mulatto understood everything at once and raised her so that inside there was only a head. I began to enter the unit gradually. Our dicks merged in a single whole and began to plunge into the wife's pizda gradually. This unique feeling. In a pizda, you feel a dick. Not through a partition, and in a pizda of own wife. We began to fuck slowly her two dicks at the same time. At the beginning the discomfort on her face was felt, but then, she zaskakat. Each 2 minutes she cumed, and cumed loudly, with shouts, scratching a breast of the Mulatto. I was brought to a limit. The picture was amazing, I looked at her sweated back as Igor fucks her mouth and suddenly, looking in a bottom, I see the razdolblenny back, and at once vstavlit two fingers there and bent them. Her ass, roughly speaking, was on a hook. In a step to movements, I began to pull a little her back one hand up, the second squeezing her nipples. And here culmination point. Dicks, our with the Mulatto, practically shoot at the same time, she pulls out Igor's dick from a mouth, shouts, fights in the strongest orgasm. Igor, jerking off cums her on the person, in the mouth opened from shouts. Our dicks jump out of a razdolblenny pizda. Her all chin in a cum, from a pizda, in a large number, follows a cum on a dick of the Mulatto. — I too so want. Says Vick — Then clean the member Mulata She as a cat gets to us on a bed, and begins to pinch everything that poured out on a dick of the Mulatto, and the fact that she remained in a pizda of my wife. Though, before, four remained children, fucked her on full, and having pulled out dicks, all on one, began to cum her in a mouth. Vika was fucked as she wanted, but her orgasm wasn't compared to an orgasm of my wife. All of us were cut down as the babies, tired, happy, with a smile upon the face. The next evening, we already were in our hometown. We began to love each other even more as in our relationship there is no barrier left. To all someone my stories, and someone wants to share the impressions are interesting, the request to write on my mail. Author's E-mail: best free trial dating apps date in english excel site mapMain Page