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I want to tell you a juicy story which occurred this morning., It seems, there is also nothing unusual in ours with the wife of sexual life, but for some reason the event madly made horney me. Namely that as it was made simply and somehow routinely. Last night we met three together in club again. We are I, my most beloved beauty wives and our sexual partner Sergey with whom we spend regularly delightful nights. Someone isn't aware read my several previous stories. This time everything was as usual: club, dances, wine, the taxi to us home and cool sex three together. I won't describe him now, I will tell only that everything was as always great, the speech not about it. This time there was one feature. Today Sergey didn't leave after sex home, and remained to spend the night with us. And not just at us, and we laid down all together on our bed, the benefit it it allows. We just couldn't creep away on holes after a mad and furious fucking of each other! And so, I continue, the wife slept between us naturally absolutely naked, and we with Sergey embraced her. It turned out so that I woke up the first and I wanted little. I got out of a bed, looked at gently sleeping pigeons and left the bedroom, having covered for myself a door. After a toilet I went to kitchen to drink to tea. I turned on the electric kettle and I began to wait when water is boiled. You know that teapots it is noisy work. When he was disconnected became silent, but hearing all the same gets used not at once to silence. I made to myself to tea and began to wait when it prepares. And at this moment my hearing caught some sounds very similar to groans of my wife. At first I didn't believe the ears and listened. Precisely! It groans my wife in the bedroom. I of course understood at once from what she so sighs, of course now in her norochka the cheerful dick of Sergey zanyrivat. But, gee, I was absent minutes five, it is no more. And they during this time managed to wake up and begin fun, and without me! This last thought also made horney me. And not just I made horney, and WILDLY MADE HORNEY! At me intercepted breath, and heart without restraint began to knock. I was struck by a thought that here and so just someone another, but not I, having woken up can have my wife and it is pleasant to her, judging by groans! My dick began to accept a fighting position. As it is possible more quietly I approached to the door to the bedroom and began to listen to the sounds reaching because of her. On characteristic slaps I understood that Sergey ебёт my spouse behind and my imagination began to draw this picture at once. Involuntarily I began a hand to nadrachivat the dick. Almost quietly I opened a door and glanced there. Even more I made horney what was seen. My beauty the wife lay on the left side facing a window, and Sergey lay also behind her and sharply the dick drove in a norochka. The lover held the left hand it by a neck, and right for a wasp waist and rhythmical movements moved her daddy to himself. The delightful elastic white buttocks of my wife shuddered from a meeting with Sergey's body and from it fascinating sounds of slaps turned out. Them it was heard even through loud groans of the wife. She slightly bent knees and Sergey held them clamped between the. About as cool they еблись. I stood and looked at this picture, and my hand jerked off a dick. Honestly, I couldn't sustain long it and terminated directly on a floor. And lovers meanwhile changed a position. My wife laid down on a back, lifted and parted the long slender legs. Remember old home television antennas. Present them divorced in the parties and you will understand what the wife's legs resembled. Sergey on a lap efficiently settled down between them, brought up the wife to himself on hips and sharply entered her. () He held the extended wife's legs by ankles and fucked as soon as could. The wife held the most beautiful boobies in the world and two fingers slightly turned pink nipples. She looked at that as Sergey immerses in her a dick and groaned at the top of the voice. They didn't pay any attention to me as буд I am absent at all. I approached a bed, lay down near the wife on the right and accurately enclosed the left hand under her head, right began to caress her tummy and a pubis. At this moment Sergey pressed the wife's legs knees to boobies and her bottom rose even more. To Zhenya and me it was perfectly visible as his dick shining from moisture enters the inflamed bosom. I began to help to hold with the hands pressed to a body of a leg of the wife, and Sergey held it on a bend of legs at hips as it was convenient to him. On its shortened amplitude of movements I understood that he will terminate soon. Probably the wife understood it too and through groans asked him to terminate in her. She directly and told: "Oh,-a-a-a! Don't take out it! Concha in me, please! I want that you terminated in me!". Naturally after these words Sergey began to cum. He made several sharp movements, then stood streaming in the wife, then again several movements and again stood. My wife terminated together with him. She squeezed the knees and with a force clamped the sticking-out nipples. When the orgasm passed she with a deep sigh straightened legs, continuing to move slightly a basin on Sergey's dick. She didn't want to release him from herself until he all expires. Falling down, Sergey's dick himself slipped out a hot mink of my wife, but he continued to be kneeling. I saw the hanging-down cum drop on his head but only that the fucked wife was developed and I clung lips to her. She sliznut her a uvula, and then very gently took a trailing dick in a mouth and began to exhaust everything that remained. I stroked her on a bottom and slightly moved apart it. From the red bulked-up pussy whitish liquid of Sergey flowed a stream. On gentle skin of a hip of the wife it flew down on a sheet. I delighted looked and felt in the seventh heaven from pleasure to contemplate it. Today I learned one more party of sexual happiness. When your wife here and so easily can be given to the man, wishing to satisfy herself. This morning I will never forget and therefore decided to share the impressions with you. You don't judge strictly. I wish all various pleasure. I wait for responses: best free dating apps html date only month and year site mapMain Page