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After that case I for myself solved something. I will be Max. It will be so more correct. Children, the wife, the family — all this is important for me and for my family. But if to us it was so good with Egor, then why to put an end to it? And we with Egor decided that we will live in public as the best friends, and at competitions and collecting we will turn into the guy Egor and the girl Lera. I, by the way, after all achieved that Ksyusha, and around Egor maids cars rushed so suspicions in our party weren't absolute. But in this part it will be a question not of competitions. It was a spring break, and I asked for leave at parents in our country house with friends. Of course, only Egor was among these "friends". We were going to spend with him unforgettable day only together. There came long-awaited morning. I so waited for it! In a trice having jumped, I ran to wash. Parents were at work therefore I gathered quietly. Having washed, I threw off from myself the man pants, and got very beautiful pink thongs and a blue brassiere which were presented to me by Egor after that case. Before it, naturally, I made to myself washing, and inserted the anal pro-barrel presented to them. I threw off cosmetics, a wig and the pants in a backpack further that home to go to them. I put on usual clothes and I went to the street where I was already waited by Egor in the car. I sat down on a front seat, we kissed and went to a way. On the way I thrust earphones and thought of the. We went on the country road already half an hour when the settlement began to be seen. I saw at once our house as it on the outskirts. Having approached, we parked the car in a garage, and, without going outside, went to the house. We rose by the second floor, to the room of parents as there was a large, soft, double bed. Egor decided to start business therefore began to work actively at once. He began to kiss me on the lips, in parallel undoing a shirt on me. What his surprise when under a shirt he saw a blue brassiere was. He threw off a shirt, having kissed me is even more passionate, and continued to undress me. Having taken me for a bottom, Egor rumpled it a little, and then pulled together jeans. He was delighted with the fact that I put on such panties simply. Having seated me on a bed, he began to wait from me for reciprocity. And he received it: I began to undo his fly, weakened a belt, lowered a little from it jeans. Slowly I lowered a little his boxes and I saw his handsome. He was quiet, but it only when. Having taken him in a hand, I bared a head, licked him from the beginning to the end as lollipop and took entirely in a mouth. It very was pleasant to Egor and I received from it a high. Egor's dick began to increase, and I had a feeling that I am fucked in a mouth and in a bottom at the same time, I had a stopper in buttocks. Meanwhile Egor already began to fuck me in a mouth, sticking my head on the dick. Nothing just was necessary to do to me, he did everything. And it was pleasant to me. So there were minutes 2 — 3, then Egor released me, having let know that it is time to pass to a bottom. He put me on a tummy, having enclosed under him a pillow, and itself began to lower panties. He took out a stopper, and I felt feeling of emptiness, but for a while. Egor began to enter into me the excited unit. After some cold stopper, his dick was very pleasant. Egor gradually gathered the course, and in a few minutes I already shouted as the real bitch! I was fucked in a bottom! What is a high! From this thought at me just everything floated before eyes. Egor held me for rolls, stroked my back and even sometimes roughly took me for hair, but all this delivered me an improbable high. Here I felt that Egor begins to cum. I got down from the dick, fast took him in a mouth and began to suck violently, in parallel podrachivy to him. He got nervous, spread my head to himself on a dick so that I just rested to him against a pubis and began to cum. Its more hotly and very tasty cum I drank a pressure at once then his dick licked. When Egor released me, he sat down near me and we kissed. He didn't disdain, my mouth all in his cum. To me was very pleasant from it. We decided to have a rest and wait a little with Egor till the evening. At first we were washed after the journey and laid down to have a rest, but left so that we fell asleep. Woke up only at 7 o'clock in the evening, and it was necessary already to begin to prepare for a rough night. Egor of course needed to do nothing therefore he went to be cut to a prefix, and I began to smarten up. Today I decided to become a girl completely. No, not only having fastened a brassiere and panties. I took a backpack and went to the bathroom. Absolutely naked undressed and looked at herself in a mirror. What I am sexy! Long legs, a consequence of trainings — elastic the daddy, a breast of the first size, a lovely face. Well it is direct precisely the girl! I began the full transformation with an enema. Having filled itself with a water, I began to be painted. Certainly that I wasn't able to do it, but it is necessary to study once, truly? Here I also decided that it is time. I began with sponges, this easiest. Bright red lipstick to me very went. Having exempted the bottom from a water burden, I began to tint eyelashes ineptly. I long pottered with them, but somehow it turned out. I think, Egor will estimate. Then I dressed a wig and lace black lingerie. Now I was very sexy brunette with hair to shoulders and bright sponges. Time there were already 8! The whole hour passed quickly. Having thrown with an easy dressing gown I went to the hall where Egor played all this time in GTA 5. As soon as he saw me, he at once switched off a prefix in spite of the fact that there was an abrupt task from Leicester. Egor was simply struck in my way. He was faced by the real girl, the truth with the small dick, but nevertheless. I thought that further everything will go according to the standard scenario — I will suck off to him, he will fuck me in a bottom and all. But isn't present: — You such beautiful now — Egor told me — Thanks. It is pleasant to me that was pleasant to you, I for you try. — We will go to kitchen. As they say, life didn't train me for it. Why on kitchen? He wanted me on a kitchen table? Or can on a sink? Or on a tile? Why did we in general go on kitchen? I was all in guesses, but when we nevertheless came, I was simply shocked. All my guesses seemed imaginations of the pervert. There was a romantic dinner!!! The table laid for two, wine, two glasses, candles. I couldn't utter not a word. We approached a table, Egor removed to me a chair, and seated what I thanked him a shy kiss in a cheek for. He me looked after, just as the girl. Then, he got from an oven my favourite dish — the baked chicken with potato home-style. When did he learn to prepare? He except as pizza was able to order nothing earlier: — When you all this were in time? — with astonishment it is also at the same time dumbfounded I asked. — When we fell asleep. You were very tired — probably, it I so exhausted you. I quietly got down from a bed not to wake you, and went to prepare. I googled the recipe of your favourite dish, I went to shop, I bought products. Well, and here already video lessons on YouTube worked wonders. Having prepared, I settled to you again and an hour took a nap with you — Egor explained to me — To go crazy. Why all this? We could just order pizza! — I exasperated with the questions Egor — Because I want that you remembered this evening forever. What pizza? We in a country house, on the street a strong blizzard, a frost. And what you offer? Is pizza at a fireplace by candlelight? — with these words Egor approached a fireplace, lit a match and threw in him. The fireplace in a trice flashed. Egor opened an extract, and smoke began to rise in a pipe. Then, Egor muffled light. Firewood began to crackle, and from a pipe reached howl winds. In the house it became as cozy as never was. — Bloody hell! I never thought that you can make for the sake of me such magnificent dinner! — I was perplexed — All right to you, usual dinner — Egor told, pouring me wine. We drank. Chicken with potato were very tasty, surprisingly, Egor in principle prepared something for the first time. The crash of firewood and a storm outside the window exhausted me and wine had an effect. I wasn't hungry any more and to drink, I wanted Egor. He understood everything, and having approached me, took me on hands as the bride. I screamed, but in strong hands of Egor I wasn't afraid of anything. He carried me on the second floor, to the same bedroom. I threw off from me a dressing gown, we began to kiss it. I left marks of red lipstick on his body and it seems that it was only pleasant to it. He began to take off from me a brassiere, kissing and sucking in my nipples. I took off from him a t-shirt and already wanted to start blowjob, but Egor stopped me: — Now I will deliver you a pleasure maximum With these words he put me on all fours on a bed and pulled together panties. He had my hole directly in the face of. I was all in an anticipation. Egor asked me to lay down kind of on shoulders, but that I stood on knees. I obeyed him. My bottom appeared before him in all beauty. I felt his breath as the anus as it gently drove on a hole fingers, kissed rolls. Then it began to lick my hole. It was pleasant to me most of all. He gently licked her, kissing and getting into her a uvula. Then fingers were added to language, and now it dragged out her and got language as it is possible more deeply. I received from it an improbable high. Having had a snack on a lower lip, I began to podrachivat the dick. It was already all in lubricant, and I was at excitement peak. I understood that if I jerk off further, then I will terminate very quickly, and I wanted to prolong pleasure. Egor was discharged of my bottom meanwhile, and the dick already got. He jerked off a little him that that came to combat readiness, and, having greased my hole with saliva, entered me on in all depth. I screamed from surprise, but Egor didn't begin to calm me as last time, and on the contrary I began to slap me on buttocks. To me was very pleasant and a little painfully, but once again I will repeat that it was sweet pain. He already specifically fucked me, and itself sweated a little. From it when he once again drove in me the trunk on full our bodies squelched. Then Egor pulled out from me the dick, pulled down me from a bed with took on hands. I clasped him with legs at the level of his bottom, and he began to snoshat me again, at the same time kissing passionately in lips. If I thought earlier that he fucked me, then roughly I was mistaken because really he began to fuck me now. He just as a jackhammer in me in put off. I shouted as abnormal and if we had neighbors, then they would already call an ambulance with police. Egor closed my shouts the mouth, being active a uvula in my mouth. () Egor couldn't hold Such rhythm long, and later a couple of minutes he put me on a back, having thrown my legs to himself on shoulders. Such pose very much was pleasant to me as I knew that Egor in me cums in such pose. And in five minutes of a quiet fucking Egor began to lower in me. Streams of his hot liquid, appear, reached my stomach. At the same moment Egor began to jerk off to me. I as always for a long time didn't last, and I met the most powerful orgasm later couple of movements by a hand again. I was all in a cum. Egor laid down nearby, I we fell asleep. Before falling asleep lying on one side I felt as Egor inserted to me a dick again, but didn't fuck me any more. He just laid down to me closely that we were together all night long. And his cum was in me all night long too. Because of it all night long dreamed me that he without restraint tore my bottom, erotic dreams dreamed me all night long. But me from it it was only more best. I woke up hours at 10 in the morning, Egor's dick was still in me. I accurately pulled out him, trying not to soil a bed of parents with a cum. Such pleasant feeling comprehended me when I got it, he was now become soft as sausage. I went to the bathroom, to be washed, change clothes and remove make-up. So I spent about an hour, and left it already Max, but with a backpack in which there was Lera. Egor already sat in kitchen and had coffee. Having seen me, he smiled to me and went to the bathroom. We with him accurately differentiated our relationship, and now we were just good friends. Egor went to the bathroom while I was tidied up on the house and in the bedroom. Having thrown a bed in a basket with dirty linen, I inspected once again the house that on a case of arrival of parents they saw nothing, and, having convinced that I all on the places, went to the car to Egor. He was already in the car so we went at once. On the road we talked about about what ordinary boys talk: about games, maids and sport. Egor with enthusiasm told me as he passed a task from Leicester yesterday, and I told then him how we kissed with Ksyusha. We arrived quickly as there was a Sunday, roads were empty. Egor gave a ride to me to the entrance, we said goodbye and I went home. I don't know someone we are each other. In at one time us are the best friends, and in another the guy and the girl. And it doesn't prevent us to communicate in any way. But I can precisely tell one: our relationship is the best relationship on the earth! :) best free dating apps that actually work date calculator result site mapMain Page