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The southern airport met by the terrifying closeness. Morning, and temperature already for thirty, and a breeze. Georgy grew dull at once. Two weeks in such situation! Yes it will cook as hard-boiled egg during this time! No sea will help. Having heavy sighed, I turned back to the spouse... — Well, went? Olga looked fantastically. Rather everything showed a light dress, but didn't hide. And very noticeably also appeared through, and the lack of a brassiere and presence — purely nominal — panties thongs was noticeable. The slender long-legged blonde with elastic convex buttocks and a small beautiful breast — it was the most real bomb! And, unlike the husband, the heat didn't oppress her, and it is rather on the contrary. Was to look at her happy look, the shining eyes and a smile to ears enough. A male next individual, passing by them, I obviously risked to get injured on cervical vertebras, having been lost in contemplation of Georgy's wife. And she, having taken the husband by hand and having nestled on him a breast, I told... — We will go! — and, in a second, having extended lips to his ear, I whispered... — I love you! — I you too, my pussy! — Georgy gave smacking kiss to her in a nose. After all correctly she finished him about the resort, he thought. There is enough to look at her happy eyes, and after that no heat and closeness are terrible. Though, to be honest, especially to persuade him and it wasn't necessary. The matter is that at him quite certain plans were connected with this holiday. Having passed to other work, the spouse changed in a big way. It was recoloured in the blonde, I began to wear mini-skirts and in general... On another I began to behave. More freely, perhaps, it is more natural. Regularly goes to shaping, to massage, to the pool, especially earnings in their advertizing agency very quite good. Not to tell that Georgy was against such changes, absolutely opposite. The wife became much more womanly, more attractive for him, than before. Just sometimes as though something scratched in his soul when he saw it in a new appearance gathering for work. On all his hints, say, and what, at you it is a working uniform such — with lacy panties? — the spouse waved away — all so go. Moreover also I laughed — clients, say, peck on such look more better. Yes, clients. Work in the sphere of advertizing assumed communication with not the poorest people, and Georgy often thought, especially when Olga was late whether with the client she is in restaurant now. Or perhaps and not at restaurant even, and on the apartment? Olga, however, always prevented it that will be late that went to bed, without waiting for her, type, they have another hen party here. Well-well. He never called back, didn't check and didn't control her, but the worm of concern constantly moved in him while he didn't hear a sound of the turned key in the lock of an entrance door of their apartment. In the same second there came simplification. Olga never abused alcohol, came tipsy the trifle, and if he didn't sleep yet, immediately began to tell what they had at a party there and someone that stirred and as it was boring also men — no more than one or two, well and so on while Georgy didn't clamp her companies a kiss. Yes, she brought smells with herself new, including tobacco and men's colognes different there. And since some time Georgy began to notice for himself that it strongly brings him. And every time, having met her in the hall in the middle of night and having scented a nose something new, it looked forward then in a bed of her arrival from a bathtub, and the dream wasn't as sober as a judge. Though this arrival sometimes was delayed. Olga (and in such cases — night) had an obligatory evening bathtub, and not just a bathtub. She should have terminated under a water jet from the crane, sometimes and more than once, otherwise, as she spoke, for her the bathtub was defective. Listening to her accruing sighs groans because of a door, Georgy himself began to masturbate, but tried not to finish. Then it appeared, damp and naked, and he literally snatched on it, guessing why she has such softened pussy and swollen sponges today — because of her games in a bathtub or the lover tried recently, developing the dick? From such thoughts he usually lowered much quicker. Sometimes she called him to herself in a bathtub, especially when was going to shave, and asked to help her. Both sexual sponges, and a perineum, and a pubis she always shaved absolutely, to her it is most it was pleasant, and to Georgy especially. How pleasantly both to look and to kiss and to touch and fuck when no hair disturb! Georgy always tried to shave her very accurately, God forbid, not to cut, alternating work with kisses of just shaved places, and it is no wonder that Olga with might and main flowed already to the middle of the procedure. Whether it is necessary to say that as soon as he, having rinsed her sponges, finished a shaving session, they began rough sex. Most often in this case she just pulled out his sticking-out dick from trousers if it wasn't undressed yet, and literally sucked in it, trying to swallow nearly completely. Having rested a nose against his stomach, she sucked round, licked, one may say, an obzhevyval his elastic core from all directions. Then I undertook his buttocks, he clasped her for a nape — and the gallop began! Every time, fucking her in a mouth, Georgy was surprised — and as she manages not to choke, not to choke, not to lose a rhythm! Of course, you won't call the sizes of his dick huge, but and the average sizes still it is necessary to manage completely to swallow! And almost always I waited until it lowers her in a mouth even if it not really quickly at him turned out. Already then, kissing her on the lips, Georgy tested something like fault that he during moments of an orgasm thought not of whether it is convenient to her, and about that, is kind of deeper her to set, and, strong holding by a nape, literally stuck her head on the phallus, forcing to swallow of the cum thus. However, she never refused this drink. Someone, interestingly, did she have such good teacher? It is necessary to pay her tribute — the husband didn't hear from her usual female excuses, type... "Ah, today the head hurts me and is once and I want to sleep" and so on. How many times, waking up in the middle of night from a strong erection, he reached for her, and never received refusal. However, she very quickly and itself was made horney... was to put a hand to her between legs enough and to move there a finger, or especially, having parted with her legs, to touch a clitoris language as she, still plainly without having woken up, already I flowed, sighing and groaning. Sometimes he managed even to insert her, without having woken, and only then, with might and main working with a dick in her vagina, observed her gradual awakening and the accruing excitement. In the morning he too occasionally practiced this way — "revival of a corpse" as he called him, and Olga even sometimes accompanied him, representing sleeping. But for a long time she, of course, didn't last — soon in the bedroom her groans began to sound. Similar he neither with the first wife, nor with other temporary girlfriends had nothing. For the first time in life the woman not only very much was pleasant to him, but also wasn't able to speak "no"! However, some time the jealousy spoiled to it life. Georgy saw that men stick on Olga, like bees to honey. But what he needed to do? To lock her? Or to make row? No, it would never get into conflict — too appreciated their good relations. At first he just tried to drive any seditious thoughts away, but something not really helped. And then I solved — yes burn it all with fire! It is more best to eat cake together, than to gnaw a cracker alone. Well and besides, as it became clear some time ago, these most seditious thoughts which caused jealousy earlier began to make horney him. More than once, after it warned by phone about the delay, it, having clamped the standing dick a hand, went to a bathtub to dream on a subject — with someone there his wife dances and whether dances and someone climbs her hands under panties and whether there are they on her... Such imaginations and guesses worked more feasibly than any porno, quickly drove an orgasm, and after everything, washing the end, Georgy thought... or perhaps with him something not so? The wife, probably, now with another, and he jerks off on them here? Frankly he didn't decide to talk to her. And she preferred to talk on such delicate topic in comic tone. Sometimes since morning during week-end when he has no place to hurry, and it was necessary to her (according to her) to meet the client, she whether for fun, whether seriously, frankly, one may say, scoffed at him. Allegedly being interested in his opinion, I asked, to put on her on this meeting a bra, or not to dress, these panties will approach her skirt, or not. Clapping innocent eyes, facing him in the buff, she scattered around herself lacy parts of an intimate toilet, without knowing what to choose. "And that you represent — suddenly he will snatch on me, I from shame will burn down if with linen I not so have something! Don't you mind if I in the production purposes set to you small horns?". So, from besenyata in eyes, she talked profusely until, be not able to suffer more, he in a throw didn't fill up her on a sofa, planting on the tomatoes. And the need to share with the spouse some thoughts all increased. Here and holiday September drove. Also Georgy thought to himself — but whether not to use joint rest far from the house for such here straight talks? Or perhaps and not only talk? And, having broken for the sake of appearances, I agreed to go on the resort. To full delight of the spouse. And here they here. Number was smart, overlooking the sea. Not from very expensive, certainly, especially they weren't able to afford to swing the arm, but all most necessary — a very broad bed, a bathtub souls, кондиционер-телефон-телевизор-холодильник — was available. Plus to everything a huge balcony which, however, lasted along all hotel and from neighbors they were separated by purely decorative ogradka on a belt. Having fast run by number, Olga with squeal jumped on a bed, and right there, having sprinkled, grabbed a palm a mouth. — Listen and what here sound insulation? — Oh-oh, what we are constraining! — Georgy sat down on a bed, trying it to the touch. — You at me it seems without complexes? — And doesn't confuse you that neighbors will hear groans of your wife? — Olga, having stood at attention, I stretched as a cat, looking askance at him, and I stood in a seductive pose. Moreover what! Well everything, Georgy's look already stuck to charming delights of the spouse and to take away him just there were no forces. — No, doesn't confuse, and even on the contrary — inspires on feats. Including on sexual. — Georgy, without having kept, I ran a hand along all body of the wife, not really hurrying and especially being late in some places. Olga, having thrown back hands for the head and having slightly covered eyes, almost imperceptibly I moved towards to the movements of his palm, being slightly bent and slightly parting legs. — And here and can peep at us. Saw what balcony? — Yes, can. Especially if we forget to draw curtains. — Georgy, naklo- нившись, I touched a kiss her mouth. Yes, such chubby sponges can be kissed indefinitely. And nose. And eyes. And cheeks. And... — And you could fuck, knowing that watch us? — the spouse was obviously brought, even the timbre of a voice was replaced. — Here we will check. I suggest in general all the time to hold both a window and a balcony door open and rasshtorenny. You as, aren't afraid? — he podnachit. — Well everything, I can't any more. I want right now. Go to a bathtub, I for you. — Olga began to get rid of him from a bed. Having hardly come off her body, Georgy rose. — As about curtains? — I am not timid, you know — Olga's eyes laughed, but looked directly and resolutely. — Well-well, I take at word — and he went to a bathtub. Leaving the room, I didn't keep and turned back. It is delightful. The work of art is simple. And the name to him — "Darling on a love bed". "Something I in romanticism too hit" — Georgy about himself thought, and aloud I said by deliberately gloomy voice... — I will return! In the bathroom, being fast washed, and every second poddrachivy with might and main the standing dick, he solved — today. Today he will tempt it on treason or a gruppovushka. Even almost whole day ahead, and, by the way, whole evening, and whole night... And two more weeks! Resort weeks! Yes during this time through her it is possible to pass the whole herd of men! And, by the way, it will be possible to try to photograph it on a photo. Or video... In some second he understood that he went too far in the plans — the dick suddenly, and so to pain intense, strained even stronger — and Georgy felt that he won't be able to keep. And, not to lose also a particle of a high, I earned even more actively by a hand, quickly sliding strong compressed palm along all phallus, literally hollowing itself on balls. In a moment, without having refrained from loud groan, he terminated, having let out the long stream of a cum on a tile, and then some more, with small intervals, and well. "Now that's something like it!" — only I could also think. In several seconds there was an embarrassment, small, the truth. Olga for certain heard everything. Though that-what, but this business they with her practiced without ceremony. Jerked off and cumed, without hiding, both alone, and before each other. Not diffident, so to speak, persons. — So-so, and all of us heard here! — Olya met him, grinning when he wound around hips by a towel left a bathtub. — And well approach here! Having undertaken the end of a towel, she pulled — and in a second Georgy faced her absolutely naked. Having grabbed the hanging end (already its own, but not towels), she pulled it, keeping saying... — Here to you, son of a bitch, here to you, you will know how without me to be played! — And, already leaving the room, I turned back... — That to my arrival I was in shape! Rolling on a bed, and not lengthways, and across, Georgy began to dream again — and how many to the people such bed at the same time will contain? Three it is absolutely free, with a stock and to four it will be not especially close here. From a bathtub very familiar sounds meanwhile began to be distributed. Oh and it and a door didn't even cover! It that, invitation to peeping? Well, if the lady asks... Having roused, Georgy silently crept to the bathroom. From the slightly opened door is more and more distinct, even more often, blocking water noise, weak groans shrieks were heard. Having carefully pushed the head between a jamb and a door, he glanced inside. Olga, having stretched legs and having lifted up them on bathtub walls, I substituted the pubis and everything that below, directly under the stream whipping from under the crane. Her eyes were closed, breath frequent and faltering, turning into groans, higher and higher, on accruing. Suddenly she became silent, was even stronger curved up, literally becoming on the bridge, and from her, from the very best sexual sponges, chubby, gentle and red, the stream struck. Georgy was always struck by her ability to cum so — with such amount of liquid. If at the time of her orgasm his dick was in her, to be exact — in her vagina, then it though it wasn't visible how now, but it was felt very noticeably — the dick began to slide like clockwork, though pressure of muscles of a vagina great increased. It always caused in them (at the dick with Georgy) such wild delight that usually soon another joined this liquid, more white and more dense. Olga meanwhile, having terminated, I remained in a former pose, and I started over again moaning. Georgy's member from such representation stuck out for a long time, and his hand moved again, being engaged in familiar work. "Isn't present if she here before me several times terminates, I will lower too. Good little by little" — and he, having accurately departed from a door, I moved back. Having stretched on sheets, he listened attentively to the sounds reaching from a bathtub and anticipated, fingering a hand the bulked-up personal belongings. The loudness of groans whimpers of Olga meanwhile all increased, and, having been at the highest end of the resources, suddenly broke. "Well everything, I played enough, it will now be drawn". The spouse meanwhile popleskatsya a little more, and at last appeared in all beauty, softened and happy, smiling from ear to ear. — At ти what! — at Georgy even breath intercepted — Well, give be pricked how many times changed me? On the spouse there was only a small towel which is wrapped up around hips. Down with the fetters constraining passion! Georgy, having sat down on a bed, I attracted the spouse to myself, I broke a towel and greedy I dropped to the bulked-up sexual sponges. Licking and exhausting each fold, he felt that the wife slightly squatted, parting knees and slightly moving a basin forward that it was more convenient to him. — Listen, it was something! Four times! And each time is stronger and stronger! And the last I in general was disconnected! — Olga by the delighted satisfied voice spoke, stroking it on the head, and it all squeezed, all was pressed in her by language, lips, and even slightly, very accurately, bit a clitoris. At last, it wasn't necessary to suffer urine, and he, having filled up the spouse on a bed, I began to rise with kisses above and above, from a pubis to a navel, from a navel to a breast where, certainly, I was late, working on nipples. Olya herself reached his phallus, and, having stretched legs, directed where it is necessary. I entered like clockwork. Still, the lady just all iskonchatsya in the bathroom and he worked as language normally now. Doing, as they say, slow back and forth motions, Georgy hung over the spouse, feeling as she began to squeeze and relax rhythmically vaginal muscles, adapting to his rhythm. Her eyes, as usual, were slightly covered so you won't understand, she looks at him, or not. And, on the contrary, I held lips slightly slightly opened, damp, and between them outside the groan — still weak, hardly audible already began to make the way. She was an ideal partner in a bed. I felt the partner perfectly, and I could support his erection so much how many it is necessary — whether the hands, whether by a mouth, or strong vaginal muscles. Here and now, it seems, giving an initiative to the spouse, Olya, though was below, but, so to speak, completely owned his dick, so, and the man. Well what man, even on pain of death, will leave such beautiful woman these minutes! Yes never! Well Georgy also didn't leave. More precisely, I left, but not up to the end, both again I entered, and again I left, and again I entered... Directly perpetual motion some machine. It is a pity that forces aren't infinite. Rhythmically moving up-down, Georgy restrained for a long time as could. His look wandered on the spouse's body, even more often being late at her between legs where the finest action on Earth — the love act between her fine blossomed rose and his intense jade core was developed. Saying it orientally. And in a western way — his dick zanyrivat in her vagina more and more vigorously, all razmashisty became his movements, her legs dispersed more and more widely. Georgy felt how Olga squeezed his dick the muscles more and more strong, and understood that he long won't stretch. "Yes what she creates, I will terminate now!" — he thought. — Don't wait for me, cum, I after a bathtub still any — as though having heard his thoughts, the spouse whispered. These words were a trigger. Georgy instantly increased speed, and, more without restraining at all, began to hollow selflessly Olgino a distressful vagina. Devouring with eyes her body which is curved under him, he felt how cum streams already began the movement while somewhere inside, accompanied with sweet pain in balls, then is closer and closer... Suddenly Olya began to scream shortly by a thin voice, her hips started moving, the head was swept up on a bed, the thrown-back hands seized a sheet — and Georgy finished by all this, violently and with loud shout terminated. Moving some time by inertia in her, he felt that the wife remains intense. At last, having stopped, he rose on elbows and glanced her in eyes. — Well, a kitten, you are still any? — I asked, kissing her. — Ah you are an infection — smiling, the wife said. — You after all brought me, and to terminate not I allowed to be in time. — Nothing, we will correct it now — and he started on with kisses on a way back, now gradually slipping on her body from top to down. Having reached at last the basis of still stretched legs, he began to kiss her bulked-up sponges. Both her pubis, and her vulvar lips always delighted him the convex forms. "Look, my pussy took offense again, wons as inflated sponges!" — Olga liked to speak, shamelessly showing him the wealth to the place and out of place. And he was also glad to apologize to "pussy", and right there stuck to it a kiss, in time and at the wrong time. Here and now, alternating kisses and tickling by language, he kind of apologized for the fact that she didn't manage to feel together with him pleasure. Slightly sucking a clitoris, he disturbed it light touches of language, trying to touch him from all directions. Holguin breath was already replaced with more noisy, one she stroke-oared on the husband's head, from time to time pressing a little on a nape, trying to squeeze his language and lips is stronger to the delights, other hand fingered a breast nipple. At Georgy from inconveniently lifted up head the neck began to become numb, but he courageously suffered, very quickly working with language in finally softened vagina, feeling taste of the cocktail formed by Olginy juice and the cum. However, long he hadn't to suffer. Having begun to groan a thin voice, the spouse began to cum, already two hands pressing his head to the perineum. Convulsive twitchings gradually became more and more seldom, and at last, having moved last time, she stood, completely "rasslablyaty". Having kept within near the wife, Georgy nestled on her warm flank, having placed the right hand to her between legs, and began to stroke quietly reddened sexual sponges, keeping saying... "More quietly, my pussy, more quietly, calm down, relax, my soft!", from time to time zanyrivy at once with two fingers inside, and without forgetting to touch a clitoris. Olga who was just lying absolutely not movably right there began to show signs of life. — Do you scoff, huh? How can I from it calm down? — And you try to relax, and don't pay attention to what I with you do — Georgy, having kissed the wife, I continued the artful allegedly weakening massage. She, having felt as his got-up dick rested her against a hip, I took him in a palm and I tried to jerk off, but to her it was inconvenient, and, having stopped this trying, just I squeezed him fingers. And the husband's hand already completely moved to the area of a clitoris, gradually, little by little increasing the speed and pressing. Catching fingertips constantly escaping clitoris button, Georgy did by them circular motions, trying to hook on this small pea from all directions. Sometimes fingers dived below where was pomokry, and with a new portion of lubricant right there came back. Yes, wasn't enough still to rub a clitoris. It is necessary more accurately. In general, the finest show in the world, it when you look at the woman anxious only with the orgasm. And when interferes nothing with this occupation including your own gestures. And it is difficult after all, likely, completely to her to relax with the dick inside — her also that to the partner it was good too for certain worries. And at a cunnilingus of her face it isn't visible, a foreshortening not that. Now, having embraced the spouse for a neck the left hand, and with might and main, but accurately and gently moving to her perineums right, Georgy saw her face in all beauty... the half-closed eyes, the semi-opened chubby lips, a flush on cheeks, the trembling eyelashes... At such moments Olga had absolutely relaxed person, discharged of all external, surrounding. And beauty she was indescribable. Strongly strained muscles of a stomach, hips, perineums, lips prompted — the final is close. Involuntarily aberrations a basin up-down, Olga began to groan, and Georgy felt as at once his fingers at her between legs were moistened. About a minute he stroked on a pubis below, and then, having imprinted the last kiss in a damp, pink crevice, stretched for beds with feeling of the fulfilled duty. Several minutes they not movably lay. — Listen, you should terminate too. It is possible only I will have a rest a little? — the spouse, having turned, I nestled on him a breast, continuing to hold his intense dick in hand. — No, there will be enough Olenyok, likely, otherwise we and provalyatsya all day. Then we will continue — kissing her in turn on all elements of the person, Georgy answered. — And now fast to the bathroom to be washed away! — As you will tell, the road. Having come off a bed, she was finally inclined over him, and, having squeezed a hand the eregirovanny phallus is stronger than him, I imprinted on his head strong, with a hickey a kiss — and dashed away skipping, sparkling buttocks. And at Georgy right there заныло in balls, and intolerably she wanted to lower in a mouth. "Here bitch! And what to do now? Itself it seems just refused? All right, then I will recoup". This time the spouse lapped not for long. Having faced in the doorway of a bathtub the husband, she with a poisonous grin rocked his intense dick and, wagging a bum, defiled by him to the room. It was necessary to collect to Georgy all will (that is an erection) in a fist not to rush for it following. Standing under a cold shower, he tried to pacify excitement, thinking of something foreign. It turned out, but not up to the end. And, all right, he won't stand eternally! Will bother, itself will hang. Having entered the room after a while, I saw that the wife already threw with a dress, and sits with a pocket mirror on a bed, напомаживаясь. — Let's take a walk around, and that yet nothing plainly was seen... what for hotel, what here interesting? All the same soon a lunch, later we will go to the beach, all right? — Of course, Lelik — he approached her, looking as it is painted. Having admired in a pocket mirror reflection, she looked at the husband. — So will go? And, having stuck out sponges, I showed him a make-up. In vain she made it. Under a towel at him it was also so not really quiet, and after that literally in several strong pushes under matter the impressive hillock was formed. Having taken still a step, Georgy approached closely the spouse, and took off a towel. The shaking unit appeared directly opposite to the face of the sitting Olga, aim намекающе indicating her pomaded mouth. Olya, having waved eyelashes, I stared at him. — You told ne-e-a-a-au-au-u-mmm... She should have been silent. As soon as she opened a mouth, Georgy with a sniper accuracy I sent the inflated head to her between lips. Olga still managed to grab by a trunk of the dick that he entirely set not at once with her, but the spouse's hand already laid down her on a nape. Holding his phallus at a root, Olya began to suck in rhythmically him to the middle further, submitting to the movements of his hand. Other hand he took aside it hair more better to see how the dick enters a mouth as densely her sponges covered with lipstick clasp him from all directions. Olya, in turn, began to caress the spouse's buttocks, getting fingers into a crevice between them more and more deeply. Georgy already felt that her finger with might and main masses area of an anus, and besides tries to get inside. He relaxed gluteuses, and after a while these attempts were crowned with success. Now, moving forward and sticking her mouth on the dick, he felt how her finger leaves a bum and vice versa as soon as he began the return movement, the finger moved inside, and is rather deep. Actually Olga fucked him by means of a hand and as it was pleasant! The ambiguity of a situation so urged forward him that Georgy practically in five-six minutes, feeling as anus muscles around the Olginy finger clench, having thrown back the head and having widely opened a mouth, loudly began to roar, lowering the next portion of a cum, now in the dearest mouth of the spouse. She, having waited for the termination of his last spasms, and having swallowed everything that was possible, the dick from a mouth, and the finger, respectively, from the husband's bum took out. Finally she again strong kissed a head of still intense, but already beginning to fall dick. This time Georgy apprehended a kiss much more quietly. The orgasm was such devastating that now nothing is necessary to it. Having raised the spouse from a bed, Georgy kissed her, feeling taste of the cum on her lips. The wife answered him, opening a mouth and trying to get the language between his lips. And when their languages met, he understood that she swallowed not all. Sometimes she broke away such jokes. Here and now, alternately with the saliva, it began to feed him him with own cum as baby bird — from a mouth in a mouth. So they also stood in an embrace, in turn swallowing of everything that remained from the love act. Having discharged at last her of itself, Georgy saw that Olga holds one finger set aside aside. — Darling and you unless don't want to lick him? — he pointed to him. — No, thanks, darling, only after you! — Yes I am sterile in all places, can be convinced! — having seized her by a hand, he I tried to bring this finger to her mouth. Having lowed through close lips, she escaped and dashed away in a bathtub, having finally given a notable slap on his bum. Also Georgy on a bed was tumbled down, and stretched on it, both thought, and the thought in his head appeared... "And life it seems gets better!", meaning sexual. And right there, in parallel, and another... "Or perhaps well them to hell, these experiments? And so it is it seems normal. Let everything remain at the level of imaginations.". However there is such thing as an inner voice... "All the same you will go up to the end. Well just like a moth which knows that it will burn down, but all the same flies on fire.". Yes, the bad presentiment was present at a small amount, but desire to feel new feelings was invincible. And, all right, come what may! We will solve therein! * * * After a lunch and short walk on a heat on prigostinichny shops (Olga quickly took pity, looking at the unfortunate spouse who loved shopping as the executioner's hanged man) they returned to number for collecting on the beach. It was the interesting moment for Georgy too... it was necessary to persuade the spouse on fire without bathing suit. — And to what beach we go? — seemingly indifferently he began. — And here that, strongly wide choice? — Olga was surprised. — Well, is a little. Especially on the ordinary beach, it seems, it isn't accepted to sunbathe naked. — And someone is going to sunbathe naked here? — How someone? We are with you. — Ah here it that... You it is serious? — Olya with a smile stared at him. — An antelope beetle, the darling, I just don't want on your body of traces from a bathing suit. And to lump coma, and you in the last turn it is necessary to hesitate of the figure. — Yes I also don't hesitate, just unusually somehow... You such rates begin to enter innovations into our family what I with fear wait — and what will be farther? Perhaps at once you will also tell? — Yes there is still something... — Georgy hesitated, getting up courage. — The crybaby, I listen — the spouse, smiling, looked at him. And he, as the head in a whirlpool... — Go here, in the resort, without pants. In one dress. — I and knew — the spouse, having lifted up a hem, stared at the tiny thongs which are hardly covering a pubis. — And than my panties didn't please you? — Yes all were pleased, just time so hot, well and in general... — everything, thinking at him I stopped. Olga, with the understanding usmeshechka in eyes, with still lifted up hem approached it closely. — Well time so, the precious hubby, remove them! But keep in mind, a dress at me appears through, and from wind, happens, up flies up. So be ready that all who feel like it will stare at your wife! — Yes and so all men stare at you — Georgy suddenly a hoarse voice said. Having kneeled, he took hands an elastic band of pants and slowly pulled it down. Directly before his nose there were two chubby segments, with smooth, velvety skin. In a brain the autopilot automatically turned on, and his lips connected to her lips. Everything, it is docked. Without tearing off a mouth from her perineum, he allowed the wife to act from panties, and her sponges from it started moving. — Well everything, back you will receive them before departure! — having come off a body, he said, and waved with panties. — Interestingly, and if I begin to flow, me what, at all not to sit down? I will wet all dress if I sit down! — And you a tampax shut up and when you sit down, sit down not on a dress, and directly on a chair! — Georgy laughed. — I also so constantly want, and now in general on men I will begin to rush! Look, hold me more strong, otherwise by the end of a holiday at a door you won't get through because of horns! — the wife, having gracefully bent, in general I took off a dress through the head, and, having turned to it a back, I bent and strongly I caved in, leaning hands against a bed. Having wrapped up to it the person with already half-closed eyes, I said... — I want that you dog-fashion fucked me! In general she not so often the first showed an initiative. Something, probably, really strongly worked on her. Having instantly got rid of clothes, Georgy, seeing that it already absolutely wet, without any usual preliminary "leasing" almost with scope I inserted it. — About - about - about - oh! — the spouse after all didn't restrain, but in several seconds when the dick in several pushes completely plunged into her, began to relax, and after a while already bulged a bum, trying to lift up her is higher, towards to movements of the husband. Having clasped her for a waist, Georgy methodically pushed a dick over and over again on full depth. — You know, and I wanted to suggest to go to you to the nudist beach, but was afraid that you will begin to swear! — twitching in a step to his movements, the wife told. — Give get up on all fours! — Georgy, without taking out the end, I began to push the spouse on a bed. Having moved on a lap to the middle of a bed, and not stopping the act, with new okha and akha continued a gallop. Olga fell by elbows why her buttocks in general were lifted up above the head, and with might and main groaned. — Also you know — in breaks between groans she continued to speak — I want that on naked men on the beach stared at me and that at them on me I got up and that they, looking at me, jerked off... From these words at Georgy demolished a tower. Having seized hard buttocks of the wife, he with scope drove with her into a vagina the stiffened stake, and his all eyes were tightly attracted to their joint. The dick meanwhile already felt tension of muscles of a vagina, Olga groaned almost continuously, and here... And-and-and-e-eh! Catch up, родна - AI - I - and - and-and!!! Feeling as the cum is thrown by pushes in Olga's vagina, Georgi as through fog, I heard suddenly some extraneous noise from a balcony. Continuing to plant the streaming fire engine at full length, I felt a full and strong grasp of all dick as the spouse's muscles, and after a while — damp sliding. Too, so I managed to terminate. By inertia moving a basin, Georgy raised the head and managed to notice some the movement at a window. So, very well, already spot. That's OK, it isn't a pity, let enjoy. Less frequently pushing the spouse, he continuously caressed her on delightful hemispheres of buttocks, from time to time parting them in the parties that the gentle speck of an anus was visible more better. She should insert there today if forces still remain, he thought, and again I looked towards a balcony. There already was nobody. Perhaps it seemed? In half an hour, having learned from local how to reach the nudist beach, they already rushed in the minibus on the coastal highway. Olga, sitting on a seat opposite to a couple of Caucasians, I tried to pull imperceptibly a dress below, but where there! Even when the wife stood, it centimeters didn't reach twenty knees, and sitting in general was lifted up on most... well, generally, to you on a belt will be. Well, on a belt or not, but she had to squeeze legs very carefully, otherwise... She as Georgy noticed, though took panties, but now they lay in a beach bag! And the bag was kneeling Georgy, hiding a hillock on trousers. In addition light. As he will leave, the devil only knows. In the minibus at him I got up at once as soon as he noticed that all male individuals stared at naked legs of the spouse. She pretended that she doesn't notice frank views, but something not really turned out, and paint of shame didn't descend from her cheeks. And two Caucasians so frankly drilled her between legs the views that, appear, there already began to smoke. Moreover were also thrown by remarks in the language, grinning. Georgy suspected that when the spouse just took seat and I didn't manage to cramp still legs and to straighten out a dress, she could sparkle few times the shaved sponges on a public inspection. Generally, the situation was that still. So when the taxi approached to their stop, Georgy with relief got outside with the first, being covered with a bag. Having turned back to a door and offering a hand to the wife, he heard something type... "Vakh!", and here reached only it that Olga, leaving, had to bend strongly. Yes, the look for men in the minibus opened interesting. The spouse jumped out of "Gazelle" red as cancer, and right there I began to put in order the lifted-up dress. When "Gazelle" drove off, all (!) to the uniform passenger looked in their party. — Next time you will be arrested for disorderly conduct and creation of a dangerous situation on the road — Georgy with a smile embraced the wife. — In my opinion, in the minibus now all men peretrakhat you in the thoughts. — My God, what shame! I have a dress more long and more darkly, than it what I didn't put on it! "We know what you didn't put on it" — Georgy thought — "In him it is more difficult to make out your delights therefore didn't put on". — Come on, everything is all right — he said aloud, kissing the wife — but gave pleasure to people. The road quickly removed to the sea. And the beach opened suddenly, at once. Quite long, but narrow, clamped between a surf and a bush. And on him — bodies. It isn't a lot of, as on the ordinary beach, but all — naked. Single there was not really much, it is more and more couples and also several companies. Some settled down far away from the sea, among bushes. And — Georgy didn't believe the eyes! — in two places made love! In broad daylight! At the water the girl under the guy lifted up legs nearly for ears to herself, and he with might and main bashed out her, and the running wave, any minute, threatened to wash away them in the sea. And one more very young person is closer to bushes, being on all fours and having exposed an appetizing bum on a public inspection, did blowjob to the lying workmate. Here so beach! Georgy remembered at once a question of the young man who told them how here to reach. "And what the beach is necessary to you — family or youth?" — and his grin which they then didn't understand when they answered... "Of course, youth!". Now something cleared up. Olga sharply slowed down and in embarrassment looked at the husband. — Everything, late to turn! — he said, pushing her forward. Going along the line of bushes, they noticed some more loner men who aren't hesitating to jerk off and watch girls. "Well complete outrage!" — Georgy thought, trying to stare not really on the parties. And it was very difficult to be made. For example, they passed absolutely near a couple of the girls lying on a back. From all clothes — only sunglasses. Too protection would be necessary for Georgy for eyes now — it is so dazzling their nakedness sparkled. Olga if looked around, then only askance. But looked not only they — watched also them. Georgy physically felt the undressing views of all beach... they went, and after them the heads of sunbathing turned. They passed through all beach, to a stony talus. Here to the people there was less, and bushes are more dense, and they went down almost to the water. — Here we will stop? — Georgy offered the spouse. She looked a little confused. — Give here. Only not on a look, a little deep into we will come — I asked, being obviously nervous. Having chosen the place slightly covering with their bush from other beach began to be located. Scattering a cover, Georgy heard suddenly absolutely nearby, behind the next bush, groans with aspiration. Having taken a step aside, I saw very entertaining show... the girl who in the equestrian's pose is stuck on someone's dick. She had a fine-molded figure. She didn't see him — sat a back. Yes hardly her or someone another on this beach something could confuse. On an inquiring look of the wife I shrugged shoulders — not to leave. Here everywhere one and too. Having taken seat on a cover, he for several seconds took off a t-shirt, trousers and swimming trunks, and right there settled on a stomach, hiding the sticking-out bough. The wife didn't dare to take off a dress too standing. Sitting I pulled down it through the head, and I was arranged nearby, too a bottom up. — Well, I congratulate. We took the first, most difficult step — he embraced her for shoulders. — What horror. I didn't think that it will be so... So... — So pleasantly? — Yes well you! So psychologically difficult — the confused smile wandered on her face. — However the shift to the best is already noticeable. You any more not such red, as in the minibus — he pinned up her. — So prepare for the following step — when we go to bathe. To the sea — meters twenty-twenty five and are farther depth at the coast small. There will be time to admire to all beach you. — And on you, by the way, too! — she parried. — Will you as, directly with the standing friend walk about? — And here about it I also wanted to talk to you — kissing her, Georgy moved a hand on her buttocks. — I should be discharged now, otherwise I won't finish the as you said, the friend to calm down — his palm spread along a crack between her buttocks and was arranged in a perineum. There it wasn't dry at all. — And if someone sees? — she asked a silly question. — Well, first, bushes cover us a little, and secondly what difference? Let look. Long she hadn't to be persuaded. Having left to lie the wife on a stomach, Georgy took seat from above slightly below than her buttocks, and began to drive hands on her back and buttocks — type to do massage that nobody guessed. However, much attention he wasn't going to pay to a back. Having quickly gone down in, so to speak, basis of a lower back, he, having stroked on sponges, I put to them two fingers, and I pressed. Entered like clockwork. Right there, having pulled out, he entered into a vagina already three fingers, and began to do to the wife as he spoke, gynecologic massage, and in other words — to fuck fingers. He didn't linger on this occupation too, and, having pulled out fingers, the dick tried to attach on their place. I entered without problems, but something was not so. Having left the spouse, Georgy took two big towels, rolled them in one roller, and palmed off under hips on the wife. Now the buttocks were great bulged up, and the entrance to a vagina was perfectly visible. Without having kept, he after all licked two-three of times gentle folds of her rosette, and again entered her. Now it was much more convenient, and Georgy took high speed at once, with scope immersing the unit in a pochmokivayushchy peshcherka of the wife. — So her, darling, so her, give, give — the derisive female voice was distributed suddenly. Having stopped, Georgy raised the head. Directly they were faced by a couple, most likely, that that just I jumped on other side of a bush. And the maiden held the guy for a dick. They to see, just terminated therefore the erection special at him wasn't observed. — Hi — there was no what to tell Georgy, without getting up from Olga. — Hello-hi — the girl answered, and pulled the guy for a dick — is fine, we will go, not we will disturb — and I defiled, shaking hips, by them, having still grasped the workmate by the causal place. The guy unwillingly reached for her though on his eyes it was possible to understand that he with pleasure would be late. He darted painfully interested glances towards Olga. But he had no special choice — the partner pulled along him very noticeably, and for quite delicate place. — There now we were also caught — Georgy said, again beginning gestures. — What horror! — type the spouse was terrified, beginning to make upward movement actively to it — continuous Sodom and Gomorrah! "No, Sodom and Gomorrah means something another" — Georgy wanted to tell, but decided to give up temporarily a talk and to focus on the main thing. And, above all was — here it, under palms. With might and main massing the wife's buttocks outside, he, so to speak, at the same time did massage and from within — the stick dig step. And though he heard groans of the spouse now, and before eyes there was her delightful bum, but continued to see the internal look the girl, just former here, all her slim figure, a small elastic breast, a flat stomach and slightly placed slender legs and the inflated red sexual sponges which are shamelessly exposed to him almost under a nose. Eh, and what he didn't guess to ask them to remain! Having fallen on hands, he continued to hollow the wife, trying to nestle on her buttocks even stronger. In such pose the dick couldn't get deeply and in general the pose for the spouse was not "konchatelny". But Georgy thought only of himself now, and these thoughts, in particular, about the unfamiliar girl (with damp drips on the internal surface of thighs) yielded results. — At - at - э - э - and - and - hkh! — with relish it terminated, even without having managed to be out of breath. The dick, having discharged, several times I moved in Olga, and gradually I began to calm down. Having relaxed, Georgy lay down all the weight directly on Olga a little, though knew that it isn't really easy for her. But as it is pleasant to him! At last, he slipped from her and collapsed nearby. The wife pulled out from under herself bathing towels and replaced them with another, "special подтирочным". Having rubbed off the delights, she passed to the husband. Georgy lay with a pleased smile of the cat fitted sour creams, looking as the spouse dries his genitals. — You look not really be fond, and you will lift that again — he noticed. — Then went rather — having rejected a towel aside, she rose to the feet — it is time at last to open a swimming season. Georgy admired the naked wife standing to the utmost, and the pride overflowed him. It was HIS WIFE, and let all envy him. Having pulled some more seconds, he breakthrough jumped and, having seized her by a hand, dragged to water. The spouse pobrykatsya slightly on the run, then went as the grown quiet horse. It appeared not really and terribly — to go on the beach in a naked look. Yes, of course, there were enough frank and estimating views, but they and on the ordinary beach are enough. So reached water without adventures, quickly entered depth, and at last — long live! — opened a full-fledged holiday season. What after all this miracle — the sea! Bathing, embracing and kissing in water the spouse, Georgy didn't forget and to look around. Some couples kissed in water too, some, apparently, and not only kissed, and moreover. Nearby with loud cries the whole youth company, the person seven-eight guys and maids flew in the sea, and began to rage, being enough, pushing and dropping each other. From girlish squeal stuffed up ears. Olga wanted. Still, in such situation! Especially Georgy there, on a cover, terminated, and it didn't. Standing in water up to a breast, he embraced the wife the left hand, and right put her on a pubis. There is such disposition. Now to extend a middle finger, to move it between sponges, groping a clitoris — - and forward! Mainly circular, sometimes cross-length movements, times slightly pressing directly on a clitoris pea. His left hand absolutely fell down, and a forefinger, having squeezed between her buttocks, massed an anus. Olya braided with hands a neck of the husband and slightly squatted, spreading legs. Began a long kiss, and couldn't finish in any way. But fingers of both hands of Georgy did major activity honestly that showed convulsive reduction of Oliny muscles in places of massage. Having been lop-sided on the parties, Georgy saw that people around don't have to them special business. Yes, it is difficult to surprise with something these vacationers. Olya, having got meanwhile an orgasm already twice, I intended to continue. She was great brought that she did it practically at all in the eyes. And at the same time the proprieties, it seems, were observed — they did it under water. Having slightly opened for a second of an eye, she looked towards the coast — and suddenly faced a men's look. Behind the back of the husband, literally meters in five from them, there was in water a guy and in an emphasis looked directly to it in the face. Nice. Having instantly mixed up and having lost all spirit, Olya joined hands of the husband and took away them from herself. — Darling, I already terminated everything, will be enough. Then, плескаясь among waves, she several times faced this guy views, didn't notice yet that he began to leave water. He was difficult as god. And what buttocks! Her all eyes were just attracted to convex brawny buttocks while it went on the beach. Also he settled near their place, and, by the way, alone. — And you have a good taste — she heard, and, having bethought, turned back to the husband. Georgy with a smile looked at it. — Nothing, I approve. — Yes well you! — Olga blushed. — I noticed him because I saw how he stared at us when you caressed me in water. — Well, he at you stared, and you at him — Georgy embraced the wife. — All right, look at someone you want, I don't mind. But after all later, leaving water, Olga tried not to look towards that guy. Georgy paid attention that that very carried out by a stare them. — Yes, on this beach you were noticed — he said a bit later, smearing the wife lying on a back, cream. Breast, stomach, internal surface of hips. The dick at it trembled and began to move. — Interestingly, and if we go to the open place now how many men on you will begin to jerk off? — Well isn't present, I won't go from here anywhere — Olga turned over a bottom up. — To me and here it is good. Having smeared each other, long rolled, sunbathing, read and played cards, and have even a little a bite. The heat and gloss of a nude female body made the dirty deed — at Georgy got up again. Having stretched with caress to the wife, I heard... — Listen, I it seems overheated a little. Let's plunge at first? — And how I with such bandura will go? — he rocked a finger an intense phallus. — It is necessary to wait, now I will calm down. But from the thought which suddenly came to mind, the dick in general jumped up to a stomach. "Yes, is that it is necessary" — Georgy solved, and I addressed the spouse... — And descend one bathe. Nothing that without me, you are already adult girl. Olga stared at him. — And if begin to stick to me? — Well, if it is polite, then nothing terrible. And if the boor gets, call to the aid — Georgy smiled. — And if nobody comes running to save you, then try to relax and derive pleasure. — Well, if you resolve... And in a second Georgy saw the round buttocks of the wife which are removed towards the sea. However, quickly it was solved. Obvious progress is noticeable. Having passed from lying situation into sedentary that it was visible more better, it began to watch the spouse. So far everything was normal. She reached the sea without problems, and plunged into waves. And here Georgy saw that that dude of whom the wife was lost in contemplation goes to the sea. So, it becomes interesting. Having entered the sea, the guy straight floated towards Olga, and in a minute was already near. At such distance it was impossible to sort, how close they were from each other. But the fact that they about something talked was clear. Having squeezed the shaking dick in a palm, Georgy watched two heads over a water surface. They absolutely are near! Interestingly, he touches her under water or not? Or perhaps he to her already inserted? Though isn't present, afloat it is almost impossible... At last, the couple swam up to the coast and began to leave. At first Georgy was lost in contemplation of the spouse, but in several seconds translated a look and — wow! The guy not only was difficult as god, he still had very impressive men's advantage, and in this second this advantage had almost vertical position! Yes, likely, such horse-radish will reach the diaphragm if to set. Olga went ahead slightly, and when they left water, the guy took her by hand and stopped, having developed to himself. His bludgeon at the same time buried to Olga in a stomach. She was slightly discharged, but, kind of to tell it... Not really quickly. The guy, holding her by a hand, I told something, she in reply swung the head. At last, having agreed about something, they dispersed, and he hooked on her the dick again, and finally also gave a slap on a bum. The guy ran in the sea again, and Olga, without having reacted to a slap in any way, went to their place. When she approached, Georgy saw her face. Eyes shine, cheeks ruddy, sponges damp. And not only on a face. Yes, the girl is obviously ready for sex. — No, well you saw, and? What boor! I slapped me on the daddy! — with badly hidden delight the spouse began to chatter. — And you are good too! Stick to your wife with a standing her, and you get a think hide! — Well henna not of henna and to punish you for your behavior now I will punish — Georgy killed it, stacking a nose down on a cover. — You at me, appear, the bad girl! — In what sense will" "I punish"? — having turned the head, Olya allegedly scared asked by voice. — And here in what! — and he gave her a slap, but quite weak. — That it was untempting you to behave so from now on, you will fall the victim of my lowest passions now! And to buttocks of the wife there was Georgy oh as I am not indifferent! God such convex and bulged, such elastic and rolled created! And at the same time she had such naive, such maiden look! Olga laughed when the husband spoke... "At you such naive the daddy, such innocent look at her! And there is a wish to fuck her!". Generally, such bum not to use a great sin at full scale. Again having rolled towels, Georgy enclosed them under the spouse's basin again, having given to her buttocks an ottopyrenno-amazing view. All folds, all dolechka, all holes were in the public eye in this situation, but if last time Georgy developed the lower opening, then now he had other intentions. Having squeezed out a little cream on a palm, he one hand moved apart to the wife of a buttock, and another began to grease a bunghole opening. Little by little developing a hole, I pushed inside at first one finger, and then and two. Pushing on full depth, it turned them along an axis, trying it is more best to stretch an opening. During this procedure Olga didn't protest, and only groaned and screamed, and very directly. Nevertheless they practiced anal sex not so often as usual, and sometimes she was afraid how the girl that will be sick. Though told in due time that her first guy (it seems the Tatar) just practiced this method of the intercourses, and he had very healthy dick. When stood, I reached even a navel. She got from the coition then pleasures less, than pains and inconveniences, but it was pleasant how he finished her. And in general the love was. And he to her only in half a year tore the virgin. Also nineteen years then were it. Here so, Olenyok. At last, having enough developed a hole, Georgy took out fingers, put a dickhead to an anus and pressed. — Oh-oh-oh! — the spouse didn't restrain after all, and I squeezed buttocks, without allowing the dick to get inside. Right there I received very notable slap from the husband... — And well relax! — also I felt the increasing pressure. The main thing to endure the beginning, it will be much easier further. And Georgy, without paying attention to groans of the spouse, I pushed further and further. — O-oh, stop, stop so long! — the wife when he at last pushed all phallus entirely moaned. He stood. After a while I began to move little by little, moving the dick through a dense ringlet of anal muscles. Little by little dispersed. Olga groaned not from pain any more, and from passion, it was noticeable by the changed voice timbre. Buttocks muscles finally relaxed, and it already little by little began to make upward movement towards to movements of the husband. And Georgy already without any care, as well as at usual sex, planted "on the tomatoes". Suddenly he noticed sideways some movement. I turned the head — and I saw meters in ten the standing guy, that, Olginy lover. The lover with might and main stared at them, and his dick directly in the eyes, pushes, accepted vertical position. Yes, quite good sizes. Georgy made the decision. Without taking out a dick from a bottom, he pulled the spouse on himself, having forced her to kneel, and to lean in front on elbows. Now it was the classical pose "cancer", and in a bottom. Having placed knees are steadier, Georgy resumed wide movements again, each time till the end pushing Olga in "a brown eye" the damned shoot. In a few minutes such mad gallop the wife moaned... — I will terminate now — lowered the person on a cover, is even higher having lifted up buttocks, and hands, having stretched them back, undertook the buttocks, moving apart them in the parties and exposing to Georgy on a review even more the hole into which his dick dived. But on a review not only to the husband as it appeared. Having looked once again towards the lover, Georgy saw that that settled down sitting under a bush near them, and, admiring the opened picture, with might and main jerks off. Well, means! Georgy didn't begin to stare at him, translated a view again of, so to speak, lower back of the spouse, and concentrated. Olga groaned already continuously, muscles of an anus clenched and shook, she obviously cumed. "And if it approaches now and will insert her into a mouth?" — the thought suddenly flew — "That then?". "Yes nothing — we will continue the movement" — himself was answered by Georgy. Dumaniye, as they say, of this thought also led him to an orgasm — strong, devastating, explosive. I shouted and planted, I planted and I lowered, I lowered directly in buttocks to the favourite, desired woman. When at last the ring in ears stopped, and the veil from eyes fell down, Georgy looked towards a bush again. The guy wasn't. Likely, too I terminated and I already left. The spouse, absolutely exhausted, having slid off his dick, I stretched on a cover. It settled nearby. — My God — the wife made a purring sound — as with pleasure I terminated! Punish me so more often, please. — For this purpose you have to behave badly with men — Georgy gave smacking kiss to her in a nose. — What do you mean? — What I have, I will enter. Well, that is to flirt, make advances, make eyes. Can to be, even to embrace, kiss and be given. — And you will be doesn't mind? — Listen, we after all in the south — Georgy embraced the wife. — If someone here strongly is pleasant to you, and it will want to oversleep with him — or with her — well, I allow to cuckold to me. — Isn't present, thanks, isn't necessary — the spouse answered. And, through a pause... — With her to me precisely nothing will want. — And with him? — Someone do you mean? — Someone I have, that and... Yes your lover of it with someone I bathed. By the way, about what it you bazaril? — Yes so... Different to me I threw compliments, I asked where we stopped and how to find. I invited to dances, near our hotel in the evening, speaks, a disco good. — And you what? — And what I? I am a woman the married, I speak to him therefore if where and I will go for dances, then only with the husband. — Well-well. I saw as he ashore the her clung you, something you weren't really discharged. — Yes he and not only ashore clung — Olya on the husband looked askance. — He in water began to let loose hands. Do you think what I was so quickly bought? Bothered to sail all the time aside from him. And that he all was imposed in the teacher of swimming. "The girl, it is very deep here, allow to support you, and that you will drown!" From below I tried to support by hands me, for a stomach, I grabbed a breast. And then in general I dipped a hand to me between legs. Noticeably egg zanyl. No, only not an erection! "Well will be enough, otherwise I here all iskonchatsya" — Georgy thought — "It is necessary to give up such talk". The spouse uneasily began to move. — Listen, from me flows, we will go we will be washed away. Neither when they went to the sea nor when from the sea, Georgy didn't notice more Olginy acquaintance. Perhaps, left for good? — And you though got acquainted? — he asked the spouse, again settling on a cover. — Of course. — And what is his name? — Zhenya. That is Evgeny — I recovered, having reddened, the spouse. — Perhaps, Zhenechka? — Georgy pinned up. — And you noticed that he observed for us when I processed your buttocks? — You that, seriously? — the wife was thrown up. — Absolutely. I sat at that bush, and with might and main I jerked off, looking at us. And, in my opinion, too I terminated. I here think, maybe, it was necessary to call him? While I you in buttocks got on, you to him would suck away. Then we with him could trade places... I in a mouth, and he in buttocks. — Well isn't present — the spouse spoke (even the timbre of a voice was replaced!) — such huge bludgeon I in buttocks am afraid. — Well it will be already developed by me, expensive there... — Georgy oblapit her, feeling as excitement overflows him again. Having faced to each other, they began взасос to kiss. — We as, again at full scale? — with aspiration the spouse asked. — No, give not up to the end, and that I won't leave this beach at all — Georgy answered. Having thrown the wife's leg to itself sideways, he entered tensely standing dick into her already humidified pussy, densely nestled on a body of the spouse and stood for some time. Was to lie very pleasant just like that on one side, to kiss each other, feeling as from time to time muscles of a penis and a vagina strain. Then nevertheless they moved, not really actively, and rather gently and slowly, alternating frictions to pauses, and not stopping kisses. Passed someone near them, didn't pass, saw them at this moment, didn't see — at all didn't concern our couple. They made love, gently and tenderly, and the world around for them didn't exist. Скупнувшись several times, started to hurry to leave. Is already much surer, than a few hours ago, just like old residents, they crossed the beach again, without ceremony glancing around at naked bodies. Yes, is what to look on youth nudist concourse at! Without problems returned to the city. Though Olga didn't put pants again, this time it was without excesses... in marshrutki salon there were some elderly aunts. Even offensively somehow. However, for today there were already enough impressions. In number they absolutely flat-out failed on a bed. — Do you go to the bathroom? — the wife from under a pillow lowed. — Not carcasses, go you the first, I will roll about so far. But just it wasn't necessary to roll about. As soon as the wife left, Georgy, having somehow undressed, right there failed in a dream. Still — last night it was necessary to sleep somehow and today all day a continuous stress mixed up with a fucking. Forces aren't infinite. And so he was surprised on himself, who would have ever expected it. "Here so day was" — managed to think before the pulled hard darkness. "I was". Naive. Day still proceeded, and in the same foreshortening. And in a dream Georgy felt it. Something awfully erotic dreamed, you will only not sort what. Being torn out from a somnolence, being between a dream and a reality, Georgy long couldn't understand what occurs why it is so pleasant to him. At last the smacking the lips sounds reached his hearing, and, having opened eyes, it understood in what business. The spouse, having settled in his legs, the dick, podrachivy one hand at a root with might and main sucked in. How often happened, right after awakening the erection was very powerful, and the pleasure from Olga's actions was much stronger. Despite wild fatigue in all body, Georgy understood that he won't be able to refuse one more orgasm. Especially as the spouse obviously decided to spare him, and took an initiative in the, so to speak, hand, and also in a mouth. At first he thought that she just decided to suck away at him, but after a while Olga ceased to do blowjob, and, having tightened above, sent his sticking-out phallus to herself between the swelled shameless lips. At once having stuck till the end, she sighed, stood for several seconds, and then began to move little by little, more and more increasing amplitude. Was to lie very pleasant, having completely relaxed and having given an initiative to the beloved, stroking her moved apart hips and to admire her inspired person, let wet hair down, beautiful shoulders, hands, a breast, a stomach, and everything that below... the smooth convex pubis, sponges dispersing in the parties and kind of swallowing a body of the dick in itself(himself), a birthmark on one of lips which he so liked to kiss... — What suddenly on you found? — he asked, stroking her on the internal surface of hips. — It seems itself I complained that was very tired. — Yes I left a bathtub, and I saw you naked. And then directly in front of my eyes your friend began to get up. I also decided to caress a little him a mouth, and then was fond. Well, nobody it seems was minds continuation... neither wife, nor husband, nor friend. Copulation continued on joy to all. Jumping on the dick, Olga, appear, was completely released from reality, and suddenly unexpectedly for Georgy asked... — And you on the beach seriously spoke today? — Concerning what? — Well... What I can change you. With the same Zhenya, from the beach. — Not to change, and to start holiday romance, from my consent. Treason, it if you I was found with another secretly from me. And so... Please, I don't mind. Olga even moaned, and, having bent down, stuck into the husband's lips. It is painful to her, to see, this prospect was to the taste. Having picked up her hands under buttocks, he began too, making upward movement, to help her. Her language in a mouth of the husband forced the way more and more actively, moved quicker and quicker. Muscles of a vagina clenched more and more strong. Continuing to be stuck on a phallus, Olga separated their lips... — But at him such huge, thick and long! He to me will open everything there! You after him so densely won't feel me! — Anything terrible, Olenyok! It will be pleasant to me! Besides through some time at you everything will again be narrowed. And besides, for me you will always have your hands, your mouth and your buttocks! Having lifted up the head up, the spouse held breath, and then said a constrained voice... — Well, road. I will tell you about all the svidaniya-ya-a-a-h-h-h-h!!! Very much planting the wife between legs, Georgy sought to catch up with her orgasm. And he managed it. In the head images of today were started turning... them with the wife a numerous fucking, Holguin the lover with a standing her on the beach near her, abreks in "minibus" stare at her "bestrusy", well and this straight talk to a heap. And every image the dick tried again, straining, to throw out from itself the next portion of a cum though, appear, it was squeezed already out dry. Later, listening as the spouse sings in the bathroom, Georgy felt that the watershed is passed. Something imperceptibly changed in their relationship, it is only impossible to understand so far, in the best or worst aspect. Pulled together or distanced these revelations them? And again there was an image of a moth which flies on fire. Eh, Georgy, Georgy moth! Risky you are a person! Would dream to himself slowly in a rag, and I didn't push luck. But, despite all these thoughts, Georgy knew that he won't curtail from this way any more. The road should be passed up to the end. At restaurant, being engaged evening meal, especially didn't talk. In any case, on this subject. After a dinner were going to be filled up in a bed at once, fatigue had painfully strongly an effect. However, the wife gave a hint was about the evening disco program, but then agreed to transfer everything for tomorrow. On Olya there was other, dark dress, but under him — besides nothing. The arrangement was carried out strictly. Georgy didn't keep not to fool about... I sat down closer, and under cover of a cloth, having put it a hand on a hip, I began to shift it little by little up, lifting up a hem. Though the spouse tried to close more densely legs, it helped her a little — Georgy's palm crawled to a pubis and persistently began to move apart thighs, seeking to reach a perineum. Fight was conducted with variable success, but eventually ended with a palm victory... legs dispersed, passing her to a shchelochka. It was necessary further to Georgy is one hand — the second was busy under a table. Olga tried to keep coolly, but it at her badly turned out... I faded with the lifted fork, sometimes I stopped chewing, I covered eyes. On cheeks the flush appeared. From time to time she squeezed legs, squeezing his palm, but then again relaxed them. And Georgy and continued sweet mockeries at her clitoris, fingering him a finger. At last, having convulsively sighed, Olga didn't sustain and bent to his ear... — Listen, stop, under me now the whole pool will accumulate! — hot she whispered by a languid voice. — As you will tell, expensive — and Georgy sharply took away a hand. Olga didn't manage to hide disappointments, and, having seen that he noticed it and with a smile looks at her, shook the fist. — Destroyed the lady and threw, huh? Well, I will revenge you. — In what business, expensive? — with laughter Georgy answered — you asked to stop? Or it wasn't necessary to stop? — It wasn't necessary to begin. — All right, forgive, my pussy — he gave smacking kiss to her in a nose. — You want, we descend on dances as you wanted? Only a bit we will take rest. Whether it is necessary to the spouse much — I already began to shine. — And how you? Did you say that you were tired it seems? — For the sake of you it is ready for any sufferings. Besides, if really unbearable will be, we will leave to sleep, делов. Generally, day proceeded. More precisely, evening. Already in one and a half hours, standing at a rack of bar and cheering up the next cocktail, Georgy understood that he will fall asleep now directly at a rack. He turned back and looked to the hall. The disco rattled, from a son of lumiere flickered before eyes. The wife danced closer to the center of the platform, some guys span around. There was no wish to sleep her obviously. And he already couldn't force to leave to dance several dances of. However, I worked slow dances honestly. Under romantic music directly in the middle of the platform they with the spouse kissed, embraced, squeezed, generally, type danced. However, nearly all couples sinned with it. Georgy's hands very often stayed on buttocks with the wife, feeling lack of panties through fine fabric. The dick which worked enough for this day strained again, but somehow reluctantly, not up to the end. Steep hills rolled a sivka. Music was replaced with slow. Well, now it will be necessary to suggest the wife to tie with an evening. Georgy already rose, and suddenly stood... near his wife there was a beach acquaintance, Evgeny! And obviously I invited her to dance. Wow! And what she will do? Agrees! He took her by hand, and led in the center of the platform. Having turned back, Olya managed to look at the husband, and, confusedly smiling, to shrug shoulders. What did he need to do? Only to nod. From his place rather well it was visible how they dance. Among couples their figures closely pressed to each other seemed. And his hands with might and main squeezed her the back. Obviously enjoying it, the spouse also didn't think to protest or deviate. On the contrary, her hands in general spread from his shoulders up and clasped a neck. And he something dispersed, and now rubbed about Olga's body all the dicks, and especially one. Legs at her were a little divorced, for certain he squeezed the knee between them, and now rubbed the hip about her pubis. Generally, continuous "dirty" dances. And where only drowsiness got to! The too woken-up dick was necessary to correct for Georgy urgently, transferring him to "twelve". After dance the guy, having kissed the handle, I saw off Olga a little, having stepped aside for several meters from Georgy. The spouse drove so happy and shining that I didn't even try to hide it. — What, after all did he find you? — Georgy kissed her, seating nearby. — Don't you mind what we danced? — the wife looked at him, and he saw sparks in her eyes which she vainly tried to disguise confusion. — Well, doesn't mind at all. You as, forces still remained to dance? — Yes, of course. I something absolutely dispersed though till the morning I can. And you as? — Normally. Only now absolutely I will fall asleep so you if you want, remain, and I went nighty-night. You have a boyfriend, just in case, will see off. Only too be not fond, by the morning come back. Without having allowed the wife to come round, he once again kissed her on a mouth, and left with a little dumbfounded look. Leaving, I only asked... "Everything is normal?", and having received in reply an uncertain nod, an uncertain smile and an inquiring look, I left the disco field under howl of the next melody. Having slammed, the door of the hotel room chopped off antecedents. The silence pulled hard suddenly and at once. In temples blood, and in a brain — a thought rustled. Thoughts of a certain direction. Also it was necessary to fight against them urgently. To fight by the old, long ago tested method. And Georgy, having thrown off clothes and having collapsed on a bed, I began fight. The palm rigidly and methodically jerked off a firm dick. Excitement was some feverish, unlike former. Mixed up with jealousy, perhaps? And in the head and the images of today related to Olga and this Evgeny floated. Their "dirty" dances in a disco, their bathing on the nudist beach, and even him with Olga a matrimonial conversation contract on an opportunity to start holiday romance with this Zhenya. Gradually by these images imaginations and the assumptions of in what this couple can be engaged now began to be added. Even if on his eyes they afforded it, now... Probably, he already entered the huge staff into one of Oliny holes, and now bashes out. Interestingly, with what hole he began? Perhaps inserted into a mouth? And, holding by hair, sticks at all length, pushing the bludgeon even in a throat. And then, probably, lowers... N - N - on - and-x-x-x!!! — Georgy lowed, splashing out a cum to himself on a stomach. The image of Evgeny fucking his wife in a mouth began to grow dim, be washed away, to be removed gradually. And here the dream, on the contrary, leaned, approached, covered with the head. Heavy day finally knocked down forces, and Georgy failed in a bottomless embrace of Morpheus... * * * Though the dream "dead" was, but Georgy heard arrival of the wife at once. — It you? — I asked, including a night lamp. The wife, having tinkered at a door, I glanced to the room. — What don't you sleep? Four hours already. — Go to me. Olga, having thrown off sandals, I got into a bed directly in a dress. Georgy right there began to cover with kisses her face. — Wait... Well wait a little, give though I will take off a dress — the spouse beat off. Having somehow exempted her from clothes, Georgy habitually zanyrnut her between legs, with a force having parted knees. — Wait... I should tell something to you... — Then, then, all then! — and he with language atilt snatched with kisses on her vulva. Shock. At first it didn't even understand that it. Instead of habitual elastic dense vulvar lips under his lips there were absolutely softened friable educations between which his language failed absolutely freely, practically without touching walls. Having discharged, Georgy looked. Instead of an accurate pizdenka with rather small crack he saw, as usual speak, the smashed hole. Well, not absolutely smashed, but what these lips long and persistently frayed was noticeable with the naked eye. Olga tried to shift legs, but he made their helpless gesture again, continuing to look. The spouse lay before him, having closed one hand eyes, and another covering a breast, and was silent. Everything was clear. And he, without having told words, I bent and I dropped a mouth to its to "the stirred nest". Kissing and incorporating in a mouth in turn her softened segments, carrying out by language on folds of absolutely uncombed small lips, he reached a clitoris and soaked up him in himself. And here at last Olga ceased to strain hips, trying to shift them, and, completely having relaxed them, dropped on a bed. From a breast she pulled out a simplification sigh, and she absolutely softened. Sucking its small бугорочек, fingering him the language from all directions, Georgy in a minute felt familiar touch of her palm on the nape. At first it is very shy, and then more and stronger the palm began to push him the head, pressing more and more deeply deep into vaginas. Georgy, having a little gone down, again I attacked language a wide and bottomless sexual crack, and his nose continued to communicate with a clitoris now. He felt that the spouse already makes upward movement to him, at the same time pressing a hand to him on a nape so he literally sank in this developed whirlpool. And I could even choke — from Olga flowed, as from the crane. Swallowing of odorous liquid, it continued to crawl a nose on a clitoris, and language on internal walls of a vagina. The wife familiarly began to strain muscles, but if legs strained as usual, then here vulvar lips something were not in shape. However, it to her to see, didn't disturb. Shortly screaming on ascending, she very much pressed the face of the husband to a perineum, and, having suddenly become silent, began to cum. The powerful stream struck to Georgy directly in a mouth, and, without having an opportunity (and desires) to deviate, he hasty, choking, began to swallow. Already holding two hands him by the head, Olya with might and main rubbed the vagina about his face, with a force pressing into herself. In a minute when he completely drank everything and I licked, her hands relaxed, as well as all it. Everything, curtain. Having kept within nearby, Georgy kissed the damp best dating websites for over 50 double date ideas nyc site mapMain Page