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I wake up from the fact that the beam of the sun through a curtain hits directly into eyes. I rise and sit down on a bed. Judging by everything midday. The head madly breaks up. The cum which dried up on a body pulls together skin. Na to me black stockings in a small grid, the lacy supporting belt and a brassiere from a set. All is the wife's things. At first I am confused by lack of panties, but when I try to get up from a bed, feel discomfort in a bottom. I climb a hand there, and I grope a missing detail of clothes. The problem is solved. I approach a mirror. Horrific image. Na the person traces of the smeared lipstick and ink, around a mouth a big spot of the dried-up cum. Na to a forehead by a black marker it is accurately removed "whore". All this business of hands of our neighbor Vadim. I remember how itself I asked yesterday that he wrote "whore", a not "whore". Well. Everything began couples months ago. My wife Diana often goes to business trips, and, remaining one, I liked to dress up in ee clothes and to carry out various house affairs. So was also in that time. Diana came back in day, and I decided to make to the spouse pleasantly — to clean the apartment. No before the beginning of cleaning I decided to put on poelegantnee. I put on black opaque tights, a short red checkered short skirt, as from a school uniform, a red brassiere with dense cups and a black transparent shirt. All clothes awfully fitted and fitted. I already practically doubiral all apartment also began to clean a toilet bowl as suddenly I heard a scratch of the handle of an entrance door. Pancake, I always forgot to lock ee and how many times the wife abused me for it. Heart stood with fear. Suddenly Diana returned earlier. Here so now will also see the beloved husband sitting on a floor in ee to expensive, branded clothes and cleaning in rubber gloves a brush a toilet bowl. — Ou, owners? There is someone houses? Everything was much worse. It was Vadim — our neighbor in a ladder cage. Honestly speaking, he was never pleasant to me. The obscene man, in an eternal sports suit, so the trite jokes. All life I tried to keep from such far away. The wife tried to protect him, said that I too carp, but I couldn't change the attitude towards him. Probably, somewhere in soul depth I was even afraid of him. I sat, having nestled on a toilet bowl, and, having hidden, listened as Vadim went on the apartment, hoping that, without having found anybody, he will leave at once. — Dee? Andrukha? You houses? In the end of the ends it opened a bathroom door. From the seen picture, it, softly speaking, I was shocked. — Нихуя to! Here it is called came behind salt — Vadim looked at me with astonishment having stared eyes. — Andrukha, whether you it? I scaredly looked at him from below up. — It not the fact that you thought — was uttered indistinctly by me, but somehow very quietly and uncertainly. — A well get up — Vadim ordered. I obediently rose, having lowered eyes in a floor. — Turn round and round — he continued. I obediently began is turned, for some reason feeling itself as the prostitute at whom the client scoffs. From these thoughts the dick began to bulk up. — Yes you are a test cow calf, Andrukha! — Vadim grinned. After what I got into a pocket and I got phone. — A well, give still time turn round and round! — he told, having possibly adjusted phone in the video camera mode. I was turned, confusedly looking in a floor. I very much wanted that-to to tell Vadim, somehow to acquit itself or to rumple a situation, but in the head I didn't climb one letter. There is enough nasnimavshis, Vadim hid phone. — Listen, an I and didn't think that you are such. Still Dianku at you behind a back fucked. A put it here. What? What did he do? I with amazement made buldge out on him eyes. I wash Dianochku. My wife. In my head the pack of the wolves ready to tear to pieces him for a share of second roared, but only the peep of a mouse crashed out. — How? Diana? — such uncertainty confused me. — Well an of what to you? You and what appetizing nipple. Long ago you are engaged in it? — The first time — I told lies and felt as the person began to redden. — The first? — Vadim grinned — that-to isn't trusted. Well time the first, let me deprive of you virginity. I opened a mouth from amazement. Of course, putting on women's clothes, I any time imagined myself the girl, but that here so, I didn't plan to become her in reality. — Vadim, it isn't necessary... — I began. No he tselenapravleno moved to my party. I began to move back back, but here rested a back against the next wall. Vadim approached closely. He looked at me what-to predatory look. From a grin on a face there is no trace left also. — Give — so all gravity he told and specified by eyes down, to the area of the groin. — Please — I begged. No Vadim put to me hands on shoulders and with a force pressed down. Moe the person appeared as time at the level of his hillock which bulked up through trousers. I appeared below again, stood on knees and plaintively looked up at Vadim. In my head images from a porn of movies began to emerge and I more and more distinct felt myself them as the heroine. My dick was tense already to a limit and restrained only tights through which damp spots of the emitted lubricant appeared. — Lower from me trousers — Vadim ordered. Generally, I hoped that he will carry out this procedure itself, but it wasn't necessary to do anything, and I pulled together them down on the level of knees. To a look his very broad family pants, obviously not the first freshness appeared. In a nose I struck the mixed smell of urine, sweat and what-to else very nasty. Vadim specified by a look that it is necessary to take off pants further. Trying to suppress disgust, I pulled together with tips of fingers them down to trousers. Now directly before eyes I stirred a fleshy gray dick. From under it the chubby hairy ball sack looked out. — Here, now take him in a hand. It is honest to admit, rolled desire to take his dick, slightly to rumple in a hand on me, in parallel stroking a ball sack and to thrust him to itself into a mouth, licking language. No all me that-to stopped. I understood what make so as Vadim orders, and won't be the way ago. It completely will turn my life. What will I tell Diana? From thoughts to reality I was returned by a ringing slap of a palm of Vadim on my person. — Che you, shit, think. Suck give! After it Vadim by force attracted me for a nape to the groin and I rested the person directly against his hairy pubis. Having sharply discharged, I decided to go on the first way offered by Vadim. Carefully I took a dick in a hand. It was thick and practically completely occupied a palm, but to a full strut was still far. Having a little hesitated, I all decided and carefully kissed him on a trunk. I looked with eyes up at the happy person of Vadim. In the head images of the sucking whores from a porno who are faithfully looking up on the ebarey emerged again. Well here and everything, now I one of such whores. I shifted flesh from a head of the dick and stuck to her lips. The head awfully stank and all was in a white raid, but it ceased to confuse me. I with greed licked ee, remembering all of that porn - heroines. — Here so — Vadim is enough zapykhtel. The dick began to harden. It encouraged me, and I tried to push completely him in a mouth, but it was too huge both on diameter and in length. At most, that growing wiser it turned out to take, this slightly more than a half of length. I began to work actively, licking a head and slightly chewing a trunk. The taste of the dick seemed to me madly pleasant, and I began to understand Diana changing to me with him. From Vadim and his dick blew as unimaginable courage, them there was a wish to humour, to be constant with them, to serve them. I began to feel heat and excitement that I bring pleasure to this man. From such thoughts I terminated here. Na tights the huge sticky spot blurred. Here I already also cum as the girl — from the fact that I am fucked. Though I also tried to work actively, but to Vadim of it, probably, there was insufficiently. Therefore, he seized me by the head and began to stick on the dick. His trunk rested to me directly against a throat. I began to choke and felt nausea, from eyes tears poured down. In a face these constantly climbed dlinyushchiye the pubic hair wet from my saliva and lipshiye to language. My problems concerned Vadim a little and he with each time stuck me on the huge dick more and stronger. To that, it is discomfort as and the fitting women's clothes, very much I made horney. So proceeded even minutes five. Then I felt as the dick began to pulse, an of the movement of Vadim began to be reduced. There was a culmination presentiment. So also it happened. Vadim sharply stood, and to me in a mouth the warm pressure of his seed scattered. Cums was very much much, she filled all mouth, having inflated me cheeks to a limit possible, and began to follow outside, dripping on clothes. — Yes you anything — Vadim praised me, pulling out a dick. Because of a full mouth of his seed to thank Vadim at me it didn't turn out, but it was pleasant to me that it was succeeded to bring him pleasure. I always dreamed to try a cum on taste therefore I began to swallow of ee in the small portions to try out. She had unusual, not similar to anything, a pleasant taste. It I was as an award, for the done work. I swallowed everything to the last drop and collected what was on clothes, a to is clean later Vadim's dick licked. After all incident, he seemed to me even more beautifully and even more tasty, he didn't want to be let out from a mouth, an unpleasant smell disappeared at all. Vadim smiled, observing as I became enraged I lick his dick. — Listen — he told — as to me to call you? Your name not the most suitable. I was slightly discharged and, having slightly thought, shy said: "Ksyusha". I didn't want that Vadim saw that all it awfully is pleasant to me and I show what-libo initiative. — Ksyushka-shlyushka — Vadim made witticisms and loudly I began to laugh. Now to me his trite jokes didn't seem as disgusting earlier and I confusedly smiled. — Do you know A that, Ksyukha?! Bungle-ka A what-nibud to devour! So I got hungry with you here. I very much was delighted, to the fact that I will be able to please still somehow to the man and at once agreed. Having kissed finally the dick, I pulled pants and sports trousers on Vadim, still time through them kissed a groin and ran on kitchen. Vadim on a path slapped me on buttocks that awfully brought me, even distorted. While I cooked sandwiches, I still time thought that I don't hold the evil on Diana, it is impossible to resist this male animal charisma of Vadim. All these his jokes, podkoly, quotes of stupid Russian comedies, I want that now everything was directed to me. A for it I will humour Vadim constantly, giving all myself. To prepare for him, to remove his apartment, to erase his things, to carry out, everything that he will want in a bed, to carry the sexiest things. I even thought up that I will specially give to Diana sexual linen and clothes that then most to put on all it for Vadim. Having made sandwiches and tea, I carried food to Vadim, an itself is betrayed villages on knees at his legs. He chewed and silently looked at me. Having eaten up, he otrygnul also asked: — Ksyukha, a you are hungry? I didn't expect such question and with astonishment stared at Vadim, without knowing what to answer. — Be so supported — pointing to the dick, he told. I understood everything and here got to him into trousers. *** After the incident I was full of hopes that now Vadim will often come ko to me, but everything wasn't so iridescent. Several days I didn't see it in general. With Diana we conducted our usual life, but Vadim's dick and how I licked him dreamed me every night. I even thought to talk to the wife and to tell that I know o ee to treason, but I lacked courage again. But I presented her a set of clothes and linen with calculation that I will put on it for Vadim. It were various tights with openwork drawings, stockings of different colors and textures, brassieres, panties, transparent peignoirs, short short skirts and so further. Diana very much was surprised to such gifts, but it was visible, all it very much was pleasant to her. Once, about a week later after the incident I came from work a bit earlier. On footwear in the hall I understood that Diana already at home and that at home there was someone-to else. The door to the bedroom was closed, from the room sounds reached. Diana of o than-to laughed as-budto ee tickled or squeezed. Also the men's voice was heard. It was even possible not to doubt that it belonged to Vadim. I loudly slapped an entrance door to designate the presence. Sounds abated. In several seconds Diana looked out of the bedroom. — Oh, hi! A you already returned? — on ee the person there was no confusion drop also. As if I also didn't catch ee only that with other man. It looked of course over sexually. Uncombed hair, bright red lipstick, tights with effect of stockings which I gave it to carry most, and my shirt of blue color looking on her as a dress. The lower linen, it wasn't natural also in mention. — To A here, present, Vadim came... I in the room showed him... photos... ours. I confidentially began to nod. Here Vadim also looked out of the room. — Hi — he stretched me a hand. To admit, I was very glad him to see and began to reap to him a hand so all warmth. Vadim on the contrary conducted himself so me very scornfully. Having reaped a hand he hid ee somewhere back here, but it was visible to me that he put ee to Diana on a bottom and began to stroke ee. — A I here at you watched photos — Vadim impudently told smiling. There came the awkward pause. And I and Vadim understood that after what was between us to roll up scenes not in my interests. The pause held on about a minute, then Vadim took away a hand from a bottom of my wife and told that it is time for it to go. Na farewell he still time reaped to me a hand and kissed Diana on a cheek, but so that he it was practically kiss on lips. Everything that I could make, it humble to lower eyes, having pretended that I notice nothing. After it I found Vadim in our apartment every evening. To disappear he and I didn't gather, an on the contrary tried at me on a look to embrace, caress and in every possible way to squeeze Diana. I did a look that nothing occurs. Diana the first time was confused from Vadim's actions, but probably having found out that I don't react in any way, too began to perceive it as due. To that now at Vadim he always I walked practically in the lower linen. Probably it was his idea. Somehow time we had supper at us three together. Vadim and Diana sat together, an I sat opposite to them. It was clearly visible to me how under a table Vadim caresses the hand the internal surface of a hip of my wife, getting her practically into panties. Na to Diana there was a gray short silk dressing gown from under whom without hesitating red lower linen looked out. I did a look again that nothing occurs, having stared in the plate. Vadim suggested Diana to taste spaghetti from his plate. She laughing I agreed. In this room nobody noticed me. He wound spaghetti on a fork and began to bear to ee to a mouth. No suddenly he as as if accidentally I overturned a fork, and all spaghetti departed on ee a breast. Na ee the beautiful breast dressed a red lacy brassiere. Apologizing, Vadim began to pick by hands spaghetti from Diana's breast, of course more armed ee, than cleaning. I couldn't look as my wife at me touches someone-to another. No it was obviously pleasant to Diana. After this episode I decided to talk to Vadim and somehow, outposts him smoking on a ladder cage, asked what in general occurs. — A what occurs? — with astonishment he looked at me. — Do you think, I don't see that you sleep with my wife? — First, I don't sleep with her. I ee fuck. I fuck. Dryuchu. You would see how she creeps at me in legs, all sweaty and poured by a cum. Yes she from herself doesn't want to release my dick and all flows only at a look me. A, probably, goes then and kisses you for the night. — Vadim began to guffaw. I stood and felt that at me tears just about will begin to flow. For what he so so me. I wanted to humour him, an instead of it he just scoffed it is necessary me and my Dianochkoy, the person whom I madly love. — Secondly, as you see, I also don't hide it. I think, you shouldn't worrying in this occasion. In your situation it to anything. I had your fine photos and video. Nobody wants that they were seen by someone-to else? — Vadim was spitefully shown on me. — A as I? — A that you? — Well what occurred between us. — A. So you look. I you still obvaflyu. I can and prisunut to the back. I can bring also friends that to you the ass was completely torn. A if so isn't suffered, become on knees and you can suck away here. I fought so the desire. Of course I very much wanted to feel his dick in a mouth again. No if I begin to suck at him is direct there, then would lose the last drops of what remained from my advantage. — Well, che hanged? Do you want a cum? Isn't present? I silently stared in a floor. — Well you want. — Vadim pulled me a wrist and attracted a hand to the groin. I reflex began to grope his dick through trousers. Not bulked up yet, but very large and fleshy. — Voooot, Ksyukha — Vadim lowed enough. I drew aside a hand from him and slowly trudged to the apartment. — Ksyushka-shlyushka — Vadim's smile departed to me following. I very much thought o volume much as to me messages of are farther. I constantly remembered Vadim and his dick, and of course I very much wanted to suck away to him. Even it is more, I dreamed to appear on Diana's place. That he fucked me every day that I rolled in his legs, licked his balls. I was ready to enjoy his cum three times a day, and nothing it is more. No how he led himself so me as humiliated, it stopped me. Mezhdu of subjects Vadim all also came to us and fucked Diana. Now they without disappearing and without explaining anything to me were locked in our bedroom. Somehow time when Vadim finished and left, I came into the bedroom. In the room it was awfully stuffy and smelled of sex. Diana lay on a bed, all uncombed and sweaty, in one t-shirt which hardly covered ee a pubis. — A I here, lay down — having seen me, it undertook attempt to justify oneself. I having smiled I nodded and I laid down with her nearby. She watchfully looked at me. I gently kissed ee on a cheek and tried to stretch to lips. — You what? — Diana was with astonishment discharged of me. Of course, when we the last time had a sex, nobody remembered already. I fell below and kissed ee a breast through an undershirt. I began to fall further. The wife interrogatively observed. At last I fell to the pussy and began to kiss ee, gently getting language. At once the foreign taste of a cum was felt. — Ooo — playfully was surprised the wife. I, trying not to turn attention to ee comments, I continued to get more deeply. Through kakoye-to Diana began to groan time. I always managed to bring ee to an orgasm the language. No now not it was my main task. Though in such way I wanted to enjoy Vadim's cum. It had a divine taste. Carefully licking the wife's bosom, I tried to don't pass drops of the seed left by Vadim. Here I also decided that I more so couldn't. I very much wanted Vadim and to spit on everything. Pride I and so didn't have any more. Diana went to a business trip for a week again. At once after departure ee I started putting on. Stockings in a small grid, braces, lace black lingerie, a transparent peignoir with a frill from feathers. I knocked at Vadim's door. — Hi, Ksyukha! — it seems, he wasn't surprised at all, having seen me. — I am busy now, go to yourself, I will come soon. I was developed and went to myself home. Cela on a sofa also became is betrayed to wait. Vadim didn't come more than two hours. Expectation was disturbing, a suddenly it won't come. No at last the handle of an entrance door turned and Vadim came. I rushed to him here, pulled off trousers down and his dick began to kiss. The dick was wet and what-to sticky, Vadim only seems that fucked him someone-to. No everything was equal to me. I with frenzy licked it, kissed, licked balls. The dick instantly bulked up. — I missed, the bitch — with a sneer Vadim said. — Very much — I honestly admitted, having come off the dick. — Well then take off pants, today I will try all your holes — he smiled. best dating sites for single parents uk date calculator pregnancy site mapMain Page