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Hello Sergey and Oksana! Very much were delighted to your letter. Believe us very strongly there is a wish to find the understanding couple... to communicate to it, to share intimate. Agree to our subjects with acquaintances you won't talk, you understand. And there is a wish to tell somebody the imaginations, the cases. We very much want to fall to the world of debauchery, and at the same time we are afraid. To tell the truth, we discussed with Liouba practically all subjects, the age already prevails, and all the same there is a wish for thrills. When were young people fucked and so with enthusiasm. And it became over the years more boring. And the jealousy began to be shown. Also I decided to talk to the Liouba in open. So slowly at first learned about each other everything, and then began to dream. One trouble at us with realization. Here also began to resolve each other any occasion or a hint on sex at once to realize. To take also that case at the sea... there also continuation was. I don't know to finish speaking to you about it. Whether it will be interesting to you whether all this story shocks you. Makes horney it you or not? And yes after that, the first case in the taxi when my Liouba began to suck to the taxi driver a dick, we began to practice this subject. But to disappointment at us it turned out two three more to tempt time the taxi driver, and only once I with the taxi driver fucked Liouba together. My Liouba, when we go somewhere by the taxi, and it happens not so often, always sits down on front seat and if the driver is pleasant to her begins a game. I, as a rule, play a role of the drunk, fallen asleep husband. And itself I look for the wife. Liouba always lifts up as it is possible above a skirt, and there is a provocation further. She always begins a conversation with the driver on how she was bothered by my boozes (though I drink very little) and that from = for these boozes at me already and the dick isn't necessary, and she is a woman and she always wants, and normal men aren't enough. And legs already completely disperse at this time to a full opportunity. And without hesitating it rubs the pizda through panties. Two-three of times worked and it sucked away and only once the guy decided to fuck it and stopped by in the dark lane, pulled down from it pants, brought it out of the car rested dog-fashion against a cowl and fucked. And during process and I got out of the car. It of course moved, but I calmed it that everything is normal, if the woman wanted, let will derive full pleasure and the dick to lips palmed off on her. We terminated literally in a couple of minutes. Of course it was pleasant to the guy, gave him the phone. Yes only he in private did the invitation to Liouba. Once she met him and told that next time we meet either three together or we don't meet at all. He still called her but everything came to naught. And about that to tell you. We are married twenty five years. We have a son, he is twenty two years old. When there was that adventure at the sea to our son there were years fifteen-sixteen. That is he was more senior than that boy. Believe, about such situation that happened then we even didn't think. But when occurred - it was the unique extreme. My Liouba wants to repeat once again it, but you understand as it is difficult. We look forward to the answer. Igor and Liouba. best dating apps zurich dated and related netflix site mapMain Page