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Hello, it would be desirable to tell a story which happened to me a month ago. I am an ordinary guy, there is a girl, but for a long time dreamed of sex with the guy in a female role. Sometimes I changed clothes, I fucked the buttocks. Very clean therefore buttocks and the dick were shaved always. I not high growth, with a beautiful figure. I played sports therefore my buttocks round and elastic, and already developed. Once, staying at home, mother told that there will arrive the son of her girlfriend from the village soon, he is 2 years younger, to him 18 and me was 20. We with him together saw off every summer when were children. I very much was delighted and understood that it is my chance to feel the whore. Just at this time there left my acquaintances, they live 2 — I eat, 2 girls therefore asked to look after the apartment. I long thought, prepared. Here that day came when there arrived Anton, the conversation at us not especially developed as we didn't see each other long ago. I decided that it is necessary to go to take a walk, told parents that I take Anton with myself and we will be on a trace day. We went, walked on the city, drank beer, then met my friends and the girl. Having drunk beer, having communicated we decided to go home. — Where do we go? — Anton couldn't understand why we went opposite to the house aside. — To walk further)! — I was ready to be sent him already to the taxi... Anton was high, about 185, growth, not really broad-shouldered, but generally his figure was pleasant to me. On the road we came into shop, bought beer (I bought lubricant in advance and I left on the apartment). Having arrived we sat down to drink. — How to you my friends? — Anything, it seems normal. — Listen, calves will come soon, it is possible to potrakhat, you as? — Well I don't know, I can home I will go? — Did you have no girl? — Frankly speaking that not yet... — Anything, хм... it is possible to include a porn, for a warming up. — No, I don't want, give just beer we will drink. I didn't listen to his word and went to include a porn, sowing near him, to me was ridiculous, he confusedly, edge an eye observed as blondes the healthy dick sucked, it was pleasant to me and already very much got. I prepared linen in advance too, thank God there lived 2 girls and they had enough linen. I chose black stockings in a grid, white thongs, the Miniskirt of black color, a brassiere as light blue, the 2nd size, the Black top. Cosmetics I found not much, only brightly pink lipstick, and a wig I remained since Halloween, black long a curly hair. I hid all this in the large room. — You know, I perhaps will go I descend in a shower because maids will be already soon. I gathered and went to the bathroom. At first I washed out the buttocks several times, then I became under a shower and it was properly washed up. I understood that I can't any more therefore I potrakhat the buttocks fingers a little. Having thought that there will be enough I it was wiped I put on a dressing gown and I left. In the room the smell of the dick was caught, and I understood by the form Anton that the porn was pleasant to him too. — Give, go to a shower, you won't fuck the girl not washed dick? There is a gel be washed well, and take the razor shave balls, maids love it. — It somehow... At us don't shave... I don't want. — Anton, is Kiev, here all shave balls, and receive for it good sex, you want good sex? — Yes — There now and perfectly, go to a shower. Having led him to a shower and having shown that where, I decided at once to go to change clothes. Having come into the room I took off a dressing gown and was accepted to the dress. Putting on stockings I was already ready to everything, there is no road back, and I perfectly understood it. I put on stockings, thongs, a brassiere, a top, a short skirt, put on a wig and made up lips brightly pink lipstick. Having looked in a mirror I understood that let he and not to time didn't fuck, let him and against sex with guys, but against my look he won't be able to resist. Elastic legs fitted stockings, but most of all I made horney a type of my buttocks, it was round, elastic, and and wanted to sit down on something firm and warm. I decided to find something from footwear, and having left in a corridor began to look for. I found shoes, black, with a pointed toe, on a high heel. The benefit the leg size at me not really big therefore I got without problems. And here I saw as my buttocks were bulged, shoes obviously gave platitudes in my look. — Here a dressing gown to you, put on. I sat down in the room, poured some wine crossed the legs and began to wait for Anton. Having heard a door scratch I shuddered, sex with the guy wasn't yet, and it was very terrible. Anton didn't keep itself waiting and appeared in a dressing gown in several seconds. He was stupefied when I saw me, stood and couldn't tell words. — Hi, I am Christina, and you... Anton? — Maxims..., that... what does it mean, I can't understand. poppy. — Christina, today I am Christina. Sit down, you will be wine? I for him all life was an authority therefore he though didn't want but did what I told him. he sat down on other edge of a sofa and turned away. — I am not pleasant to you? — Anton? Be not silent why to be confused? I know that so far I was in soul, you jerked off a little. Really it is more best than me? — No, probably, I don't know. — Пододвинся to me... Do you want to fuck me? — No. I decided what will be enough to pull, took a sip of wines, moved closer to the guy for today, and began to kiss to him a neck, at this time one my hand began to caress his breast under a dressing gown. Anton began to rest, even wanted to get up, but I didn't give him. — Taha, listen, you had no sex yet, and today he can be. And I about it dreamed, so why to oppose long ago? Simply расслабся. With these words I got up dog-fashion sideways from him and opened a dressing gown, under him there were pants. I looked to him in the face and slowly dipped a hand into his pants. About god you mine, he was one many more than mine though was in the lying family way. I lowered his panties, and began to examine his fighter. — You after all shaved, means you want that to you properly sucked away...?)) He kept silent, and I decided not to hesitate and walked language on his dick... He wasn't going to get up, probably he strongly was nervous. I gave him in hands a glass of wine, and told to relax. I clasped with lips his dick and zaglotnut, in the mouth I began to caress him language and felt that he begins to harden... At last. My buttocks already burned therefore I decided to take one more step forward. I rose one hand his dick who stood already as a stake and was where that 20 — 21 cm in length jerked off, and another I raised the short skirt, shifted sideways a strip стрингв. — Will you help me? He didn't understand what I want from him, I took his hand, bent to his dick and began to suck, having put his hand to myself on buttocks. I sucked it as soon as could, swallowed at all possible length, choked, spat on it, his dick was already completely in my slyunkh, and in his lubricant. — If you potrakhat my buttocks fingers that you will win a prize. I felt as he began to get into me one finger, I lowered the person below and began to lick his big balls, jerking off his dick a hand and carrying him on the person. — Anton, please, zheshche, fuck me, fuck my mouth and my bum, I am your whore, I am a bitch. He thrust 2 more fingers to me into buttocks and began not to rumple any more, and to hollow my hole. I put his second hand to myself on a nape and began to suck even quicker and more deeply. having understood that I was already a little tired, I got up before the guy, lifted a skirt, turned to him buttocks and began to wag the back directly before his face. Oh yes I felt his language on the hole, he licked me, I bent down and his dick touched, began to jerk off rigidly. I hated more, I discharged him of the poka faced him, put legs near him and sat down on his athlete, He began on to enter slightly my hole, and I and Anton were at pleasure top. I began to jump on a nemnog on it, hey yeah... — Yes, fuck me, to be pleasant to you your whore? — Yes I Jumped as the bitch at cinema, my buttocks hurt, but it was pleasant to me, I decided to replace a pose and got down from it, and there was that what I didn't expect, he got up took me for the head and the dick to me inserted into a mouth, I nearly hung. — Do you want to be a whore? Suck my dick of a bough, and then I you to a vyeb in an ass. I just opened a mouth and relaxed a throat, it did everything itself, rebuffed my head on the stake, saliva flowed and splashed, in my mouth was a heap of his lubricant, and I decided to potrakhat myself in buttocks meanwhile, than I also was engaged. In about 5 minutes such a mouth in my mouth he lifted me, and put sideways, inserted the fighter and began to hollow my back, his yaets began to fight about my bum, I groaned and shouted as the bitch. Then I got up before him dog-fashion, having put legs together and having bent a back, he got up behind and began to enter me when he entered all length I nearly fainted, he was huge. He fucked me so minutes 10, then I saw a pose which I decided to try in the screen. I laid down on a back threw legs to myself on plch, removed panties, and placed legs, he got up over me, to me the person and began to fuck me, I took hands of for heels and pulled the legs. I felt that Anton began to fuck quicker and the silena, and here he got the dick from my bum and right there, from top to down to me in a face the cum stream struck, I right there opened the mouth and exposed language, he obkonchat to me all person, my mouth was full of him a cum, he substituted the dick to my lips, and put 3 fingers to me in the back. I lay all in a cum, sucked a dick which just fucked my back, and in my buttocks there were three fingers which had me. About as to me it was pleasant, I began to jerk off a free hand the dick and almost right there terminated to myself on the person, Anton smeared the fighter my and cum on my person and entered to me him directly into a throat, I started over again being made horney and his dick began to suck, more precisely he fucked my throat. In a few minutes I told — Well, went to a shower and we will continue fun, we have 3 more days ahead. Will you have enough forces? — Of course. We went to a shower where I to him sucked away once again, having properly washed we began to think how to have me now best dating apps to use in austin date calculator with holidays site mapMain Page