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I don't know why decided to write... It is simple to share. I will begin in stages. At that time I was 19 years old, in friends I had a fellow, will call him Kostya. He was younger than me approximately for 2 years, but we were on friendly terms with him and I was the frequent guest at his place. He lived with mother Olga and the father Alexander. Olga is a woman an ideal. Red long hair, about 37 years, growth about 170, slender, with the smart figure attractive by round buttocks and a magnificent breast. It was pleasant to me since our family lodged in the neighbourhood. Olga often paid a visit to my mother, and sometimes in quite coquettish look. In a skirt with a section to the middle of a hip, in a short house dressing gown. I stared at her and she noticed it, but didn't hide the advantages, and on the contrary, paraded them. Will sit down in kitchen, talks to mother, and at a leg on a leg, tails of the robe will part so that buttocks it is visible. Not to look away. I think, she had a great number of admirers, and she used it since her husband Sasha, to put it mildly, abused alcohol, constantly as I won't see him — drunk. I addressed Olga precisely "aunt Olya", she in reply smiled and spoke — "Well what I to you the aunt, I young still". We often communicated with her, talked in youth language, and the conversation with her was easy to be carried on on any subject. At Kostya the Birthday, was outlined 18 years, and I was among invited. And here that day came. I came to Kostya home, at a table was to already enough people, generally our mutual friends, but at a table there were also his parents. I noticed that Kostin the father was already sung along, and Olga looked smartly. In a white translucent blouse under which the lacy bra was visible and in a skirt is slightly higher than a knee, with quite frank section in front. She smiled and suggested to sit down at a table nearby. I naturally didn't refuse. On a table there was an alcohol, to Kostya 18 was executed and parents decided what can and be drunk. Festive evening passed usually, toasts, binge, snack, music, small talks... Meanwhile at the Kostiny father language was already braided, all children already got drunk and talked someone with someone. I sat near Olga and she communicated with me. At some point she without paying attention, that on other side her husband sits, she put the hand to me on a hip and suggested to leave on a balcony to smoke. The husband Sasha was already rather drunk and didn't see what occurs around. Generally, we went to a kitchen balcony, but with us also several children went. We stood on a balcony all together and communicated. All already smoked and were going to go at a table, but Olga accurately took me by hand and pulled on herself, I remained on a balcony with her, and guys with little girls didn't pay any attention to it and went at a table. We remained alone. I having swallowed saliva I asked on what we remained. Olga in reply smiled and told — "Well you as small, you think, I don't see as you look at me? Do you like me?". "Yes, very much" — I answered. Olga making advances answered — "you nice too". And having attracted me for the head, I kissed on a mouth, I answered a kiss, but Olga stopped kissing and told that it is necessary to return at a table. I was extremely horney, but it was necessary to agree. At a table we stayed still a long time, several times left to smoke and every time a kiss repeated, each time he was all pokhotlivy... Later almost all children dispersed, Kostin the father slept on the sofa which stood behind a table. There were only I, Kostya with the girl, still the guy with the girlfriend and Olga. All were already rather drunk including Olga. She already almost in open caressed me on hips and on a horney dick, I answered her with the same, getting a hand into a slit of a skirt. At this time I was called by mother and asked to go down home (we lived the floor below). I a big regret had to leave for a while. I told everything that I will come back home now and ran. At home I needed to help mother to hang up linen on a balcony, at the same time I filled in with water the jeans and decided to go to Kostya in light sports trousers. Having returned I found the same picture at a table. Kostya with the girlfriend, one more friend with the girl sat already in fair podpitiya and watched some comic program on TV, the uncle Sasha continued to sleep sluggishly and immoderately on a sofa, and here Olga sat at a table already having changed clothes in house, seductively short, golubenky, satin dressing gown. Having seen me she smiled and invited to a table. I naturally flopped on a sofa near her. Having taken seat I slipped eyes according to Olga and was stunned. Floors dressing gowns were below open and to my shocked look black transparent panties through which her clean-shaven pussy was obviously looked through appeared. At me on sports trousers the knob slowly but surely grew. Olga caught my eye, grinned, put the hand on trousers and the dick began to stroke to me. To relieve the tension, I suggested to drink. All agreed. I trying not to rise because of a table, I poured alcohol on piles. All drank, guys with little girls returned to viewing of TV. And I decided on response. I put a hand on Olga's hip and I began to stroke, rising all are higher. She looked towards the TV, but too stroked and the dick squeezed my, already standing. I felt that she dipped the hand to me under trousers and already jerked off my bludgeon under trousers. The second hand she sent my hand to herself to panties. There all was damp and I began fingers to rub her pussy. I was shocked from the events. At arm's length her husband slept, on the contrary, her son with the girlfriend and couple more sits at a table, and we jerk off each other. From drunk nobody I noticed the events, and the loud sound of TV muffled our become frequent breath. Would be sober, I would terminate in the first minutes, but alcohol had an effect and excitement only accrued. To my regret the uncle Sasha began to wake up and we with Olga had to stop caressing each other. It was necessary to do something and I began to suggest the uncle Sasha to thump, knowing that he won't refuse and will again be cut down soon. The uncle Sasha didn't refuse and I with might and main poured to him vodka. Olga understanding what I try to obtain I began to join in not to cause suspicions. I almost didn't drink, pretending that I overturn a pile, but I am empty. Soon all company finally got drunk also all of us, including the uncle Sasha stretched on a balcony to smoke. We with Olga went behind all, I talked to the uncle Sasha, and Olga went behind me at this time and caressed me on a bottom. On the way to kitchen she came into a toilet. Having come to a balcony, she got up behind me again, and I stood and listened to drunk nonsense of the uncle Sasha. Olga behind me accurately took my hand, and I didn't hear any more about what to me the drunk husband rubs it. My hand caressed to Holguin the pussy. She was without panties!!! The second hand I threw out a cigarette and put it in a pocket to hold the reared dick which already stuck out under sports pants. All smoked and we moved forward back at a table. Going along the corridor Olga in a whisper asked me "to you it was pleasant?" I nodded in reply and looked at her. Eyes shone even in the dark a corridor, I arrived in somebody a stupor. I of course had girls, but here absolutely crazy situation. Husband, son, guests and at the same time wild excitement. To all other she was much more senior than me and she WANTED me!!! Having sat down at a table, I drew near closer that my horney dick appeared under a table. Having continued to add all alcohol, I thought about myself, the uncle Sasha would fall asleep rather. I wanted to touch the naked Olginy pussy. Time was already the twelfth one o'clock in the morning, and at last the uncle Sasha was cut down already thoroughly, directly on a table. Olga having risen because of a table, with my help and under giggling of friends, I laid him on a sofa where he slept before. I suggested to transfer him to other room, but Olga objected and told that he can wake up. In 5 minutes already nobody paid attention neither to the uncle Sasha, nor to us with Olga. Her hand was at attracting under trousers, washing between her legs. Two fingers I got into her pussy, and she bit lips not to moan. Having turned to me I whispered "you will go to an ear with me now". I pulled out the hand, I moved away the. Olga loudly told, it is necessary to clear the table and having addressed me asked "you will help?". I answered "of course the aunt Olya", children continued to stare in the TV set. We with Olga collected several dirty plates from a table, went to kitchen. There she didn't hesitate any more. Having put plates in a sink, she turned to me, took for the head and drained in, the second hand squeezing my standing dick. "I want you, we will go". We passed to the bathroom, there it included water, I latched a door. Olga got on the washing machine spread legs and opened a dressing gown. I pulled together from myself trousers, the dick jumped out on freedom. "Oho, and he at you not small" — she told. And I sat down on hunkers and began to lick her with might and main the flowing pussy. Olga groaned, but isn't loud what wouldn't be heard at a table, seized with hands me by hair and with a force pressed me to a perineum. Then I lifted me and having undertaken a hand a dick I sent it to myself. I took it for hips and began to fuck. To fuck. I hammered with strong pushes a dick into her, she having rolled up eyes, closed a mouth a hand and diligently made upward movement to me. I pulled out a dick, removed Olga from the washing machine, developed a back to myself and the dick back drove in the pussy. She understood a leg on a bathtub and began with effort to make upward movement to me. Soon she got nervous, moaned, at this moment of companies a hand to her I closed already. She cumed long, then I pulled out from myself my dick and kneeled. She sucked it is delightful and the orgasm didn't keep itself waiting long. I terminated her in a mouth, and she swallowed all and licked sponges. We returned to the room, there even nobody paid attention to our absence and we quietly sat down at a table. I poured and suggested all to drink. All were only for. Having drunk Olga bent to me and whispered "only don't leave, we have a lot more time". And on me it began to be rolled an excitement wave again. To be continued... Ladies, for acquaintance write on the mail best dating apps to meet rich guys date ideas near mesa az site mapMain Page