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I carefully clasped a dick at the basis and took a head in a mouth what Andrey in a trice reacted with lingering groan to. It encouraged me, I began to move a hand at the basis and to suck a head, periodically taking out it from a mouth and caressing a uvula a bridle just as saw in a porno. He began to groan and caress me on a cheek, and then and to push hips, hinting that I thrust a dick more deeply. I took out a dick from a mouth and began to lick him from all directions that it became slippery. He put hands to me on the head and my mouth began to fuck quicker and to low quietly, I needed only to give in finally. The benefit the dick was not really big, about 14 cm, and глубо didn't get. I began to mass his balls. soon I felt as the dick hardened. also I began to pulse, and in a moment to me the stream, warm and a little saltish on taste, shot at a throat. From above I heard a sigh of simplification and my head became pressed to Andrey's pubis. He decided to lower everything to me in a mouth. When he weakened a grasp, I heard: — Pinch up to the end. I began to exhaust from the dick, his entertainment, then began to lick a trunk when I ended, asked to light. Minutes we silently smoked two. Then he started talking: — Well you don't tell that to Katke. well? — Well, only promise that to climb more to me — it wasn't pleasant to You perhaps? — And what I liked be pleasant? it would be pleasant to you if you in a mouth were fucked? — Well you don't compare... — Pleasure not special — Want I you just I will fuck, and you will terminate — began to caress me on hips, raising a hand to panties — No — I began to squeal — it is impossible for Me at me these days — I thought up in time — Give — Anrey wasn't appeased, having strong grabbed my buttocks and pressed me to himself so I understood, he again is ready, and the dick nearly pierced to me a stomach — I you with a condom to a vyeb, accurately Having understood that to me not to get out of the drunk and horney guy, I offered — Well, only let me control it, and only in buttocks. Bear a condom and some cream He quickly disappeared in the house. And I thought so far how to make everything so that my secret wasn't revealed. I tightened thongs so that the dick shrank and left inside, balls were also so not big and especially weren't allocated. Panties can be not removed, Katke's thanks that gave thongs. Here Andrey with a condom and hand cream approached, and I suggested to take off trousers and to sit down on a stool that he both made and began to caress my legs. — It isn't necessary I asked — and I sat down before him, the dick stood firmly and I wanted to suck it a little more. I took in a mouth and began to suck the robust fellow — Yes there will be enough already, companies at you the worker, give a point we will check — probably Andrey so joked. I let out him from a mouth, and took condom from Andrey. Dexterously I opened it and dexterously I pulled on a trunk on which afterwards also I will stretch. I squeezed out a little cream on two fingers and I began to grease an anus, Andrey's dick greased with other hand. I started fingers inside, gradually I let in the third to expand a hole. — To a mug let's jerk off jump — discontentedly I grumbled mine трахаль. I stood up and turned to him a back, placed legs so him appeared between mine and began to fall, hands having leaned against his knees. At last having felt an anus ringlet a head of his dick, I is wild возбудалсь, but not as the guy. and as the bitch, also continued descent, the head quickly slipped inside, though is a little strained. My lover touched my hips and buttocks, целовав a neck biting it a little. I already wanted that he fucked me, and was sharply put on on all length of the dick at the same time on maiden having screamed from small pain inside — my Clear head — Andrey behind growled — You are a super trakhalshchitsa — Thanks I grow old — in a semi-terrific state I answered. Having a little got used to the dick in a bum, I began to move a bottom. Small pain and discomfort gradually disappeared, being replaced by a pleasant itch inside. I began to jump quicker on the dick and the head began to spin from a high. Andrey tried to polapat my breast and I having decided not to get busted sharply got up and told: — so it isn't convenient to me, I want facing you — I thought up in time. so he will touch a bottom and a back. I quickly sat down on a dick, and continued a gallop, Andrey began to kiss me starting language inside. After a while, Andrey pushed hips and I understood that he wants to take more active part. I got up from his trunk, approached a house wall, leaned hands against it and slightly slapped in the buttocks, calling my first man for myself. He didn't keep me waiting long, took hands of a bulkochka moved apart them nestled the dick on an anus, I helped to get a hand to a hole and Andrey drove in me the body at once. he fucked me as an animal, each push trying to enter more deeply, I groaned as the maid. and even slightly I cried with pleasure, moving a bottom towards. Soon speed began to decrease and I asked: — Darling you cum? — No, on the contrary, I can't terminate in a condom, I was tired already — Sit down back — I asked. He left me sat down on a stool and I saw that the dick still firmly costs. I pulled together from him an elastic band and applied still cream on a bottom, having a little sucked his dick. Then again I sat down from above and at once I began to jump on the dick which was so fallen in love to me. Feeling were even more best, walls of "pizda" I felt an elastic and firm trunk, his veins. I held him by the head jumping on him and already loudly groaned from pleasure, the benefit the street was deserted at night. Andrey probably felt inflow of forces, seized with hands under hips me by buttocks and got on feet having driven me into the corner. I continued already to fuck me on weight. It wildly was pleasant to me. It was pleasant to feel as the defenseless girl who is fucked by such brutal man, and I moaned even more loudly. Andrey kissed and bit my neck and clavicles a little, at the same time growled as an animal. At last he began to fuck more widely me and sharply entered completely so I zaoroat (not really loudly) — yes!!! — also I pochuvsvtvovat as it in me streams. So proceeded where that since half-minute, then he lowered me on legs. Not in forces to stand, I fell to a floor sideways and quietly moaned, he sat down on a stool and lit, I asked a sigarette too, and in the same prone position smoked, and from buttocks his nectar which I tasted recently streamed. — This you are a feature — the lover praised me — I once again would repeat later ... Farther even more interestingly... I wait for comments!!! best dating apps no scams contract date calculator qld site mapMain Page