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We, as always, were late almost for an hour. My wife has very peculiar feeling of time: I for our almost twenty-year matrimony couldn't understand, whether time for her is extended rather real, whether is compressed. Therefore, thanks to gatherings of Leah, we were late for this banquet. Celebrated Buddhist New year. The Asian people were already drunk. Approached us, tried to embrace and kiss, and all this seemed to my yet not drunk personality exaggerated, and it was awkward. Leah is a teacher. But it happened so that when moving to Moscow from the former federal republic before us the poverty ghost clearly loomed. Thanks to my fellow countrymen from Eastern Siberia Leah trained for a new profession (for a while, of course) in the accountant of representation of this Siberian republic in Moscow. I, the person of art, washed others foreign cars and guarded others rooms. But everything somehow was arranged, life got better, the housing, work by profession appeared, and the difficult past got a crape of banal romanticism. Now, having arrived to fellow countrymen, it was possible to relax safely, without hesitating of the notorious situation in society. Alcohol made the business, and I calmed down. Familiar faces became even more native, it became easier to communicate. But there was something, the shaken my meditative mood. I sat under the shade from a column, communicating with my friend Chinghiz. The twilight impregnated with smoke of cigarettes and sounds of pentatonic music reigned in the hall. Perhaps, therefore he also didn't notice me near Leah. — Oh, Leah! You too here? – he exclaimed, approaching our table. Leah stood up, and he embraced her. Strong I embraced. His hands laid down on juicy buttocks of my wife, and the drunk mouth clasped Liina lips. "They at you as silicone" — I often joked concerning these lips. — Hi, Timur — being confused, the wife tried to be released from hard embraces of this healthy native. But from the shadow it was visible to me how Timur persistently and inconsiderately kisses and rumples the body of my spouse trying to slip out. I have a brutal intuition. I understood at once that Timur whom I knew too has some right for such manipulations with Leah. Still I have a brutal complex. All the adult life with Leah I provoked her on еблю with foreign man, but at my presence. This thought became my, probably, main doping in life. She decorated my everyday life in surprising colors, and the imagination awoke creativity, and not only bed, but also professional. Can you present what imagination at the person of art? Too "brutal" … But Leah, sometimes with laughter, sometimes roughly interrupted my flight. The real fact of treason wasn't. Only desire that these facts were. However I felt in the subconsciousness a dark corner in which forces ready to preserve me against the shock possible at observation and understanding of the estimated act of sex of my wife with the stranger were concealed. Really I after all earned to myself horns? – I thought in confusion, losing alcoholic degrees. Instead of the expected pleasant ache in the dick the unpleasant ache in the head appeared. Timur, at last, lagged behind Leah, and, having noticed all other attendees at a table, sent the general air-kiss. In my opinion, he didn't find me in my shelter. I looked at Chinghiz: he tried to joke, but I wasn't escaped by confusion in his slanting eyes. Leah tried to sneer too. I accepted her tone, and externally as it seemed to me, everything returned to the former course of the increasing fun. Someone's hands broke Leah from the place, carrying away in the general dance. Her European face started gleaming in an Asian round dance, shading exotic the whiteness. — We will drink? – I offered Chin. We drank. Then still. And still. I felt standard. Thoughts of possible treason of Leah from unexpectedly unpleasant suddenly began to be transformed to pleasant. Supporting communication with China, I noticed in myself the accruing familiar painful excitement. But the question spinning on lips whether something is known Chin, compromising my wife, I put away for later. "We will go to spend the night to Chinghiz – then I will ask" — I thought. I invited us to Chin's lodging for the night in advance, knowing that we live in Moscow area and all possible minibuses and electric trains by an o'clock of the termination of a holiday will already leave. Chinghiz's wife Nora went to visit the mother to Siberia, and the spacious hospitable apartment in Brateyevo was almost empty. Vaguely I remember how we appeared in this apartment. I came up from the abyss of an eclipse and saw myself, sitting in chingizovsky kitchen. Opposite to me, half-naked and swarty, I sat Chin and I poured something in glasses. We drank again. Saw and smoked. Smoked and saw. I, trying to keep balance, I found Leah. She slept in the Chiny room allocated for us. The lunar beam fell her on the person, "silicone" lips were slightly slightly opened. In this bedroom we perekantovyvatsya not the first time. — A rank, чё Timur somehow too actively ran over Leah, it didn't seem to you? – at last I asked a treasured question, and in boobies at me it is sweet заныло. "Speak, speak, the narrow-eyed devil!" — I internally asked. – Always it seemed to me that Tim to her I am not indifferent. — Yes to her very many people aren't indifferent — Chinghiz answered. His language was braided, but the look was intelligent. – She at you bright, such beautiful figure, such beautiful face. Just Timur a row worked with her. You represent, every day to be close from beauty. Especially, white woman! — Listen, Chin! I said to you that I hint Liye at legal treason? — Yes you that? – I represented Chin surprise. – You that, pervert? — A rank, you will give me pleasure if you tell what you know — I continued to come. Rank poured the next portions of vodka. I lit. I kept silent, examining the yellowish nails on hands. — Do you the truth want to know the truth? – he asked. — Yes! – I even jumped up on a stool. — And you won't be upset? I rolled up the head. — Honestly? — Well give, don't weary, darling — I begged, beginning to choke slowly. We clinked glasses. Drank. I nervously lit, trying to appease a shiver in hands. … That day in representation expected guests from Mongolia. The chief representative Radik asked Leah to descend in a supermarket and to buy cognac and some snack, and itself with the assistant Timur began to bring order to office. When I and Mongols arrived (I accompanied Mongols across Moscow, I helped with the translation and with other problems), the table at office was already laid. Leah suggested all to pass at a table. Toasts began. Then conversations. Leah drank together with all. I look – she very quickly became cheerful. And the Mongolian delegation – in it was one young Mongol, the beginning actress, both the man and the woman of average years. — I hope, you had this actress? – I interrupted I chingizovskovat the saga. … Generally, quickly all got drunk and communicated. Guests, having thanked owners, started to hurry to leave. I suggested this girl (I forgot, what is her name) to remain: cognac still remained and how to miss an opportunity? Her relatives favourably began to nod in response to her visible confusion and left. Well and here. Chinghiz became silent. I, being exhausted from moaning in loins, insinuatingly I mumbled: — What here? You give, tell. — Then Radik left: at him some party was planned for evening. — And Leah? … Leah started to hurry, afraid to be late for the minibus too. But we with Tima in a state of drunkenness persuaded her to be late a little more. Even I promised to give Tim of money for a wheelbarrow … I will honestly tell: it was visible that she wanted continuation of events. She remained. And everything was farther, as usual: drinking for women, dances under the audio system, and so on … — What so further? – I pressed, lighting. My dick was threateningly poured in trousers. — Me, maybe, we will go to sleep? – Chinghiz asked. I got up and went to a toilet. The urine stream loudly hit Tugay in snow-whiteness of a toilet bowl. I held the dick in hand and didn't believe that it is my dick: despite simplification, at me in hands the monster – awful and insatiable breathed. — Well, we go to sleep? – my vis-a-vis continued. — A rank, what was farther? I want in detail … — Well look — I spoke Chin, and I looked … … At some point Tim left the living room, and I heard as the key was in the doorway turned. "Correctly, Tim, the good fellow that it was closed — I thought — you never know someone late will come". Then light in the room weakened – it Tim added intim, having extinguished excess lamps. Then I saw that he approached Liye again and, having bent, whispered something to it on an ear. She negatively wound the head, and I already half bared at this time my aktrisochka. She nestled on me more and more closely. Tim, kissing Leah on a neck and whispering all something to her, in dance I directed her to a sofa. And a sofa there, you, probably, remember, such leather and huge. — I remember … — I croaked. Carried me. In me and around me some avant-garde music with howl copper and a glissando of string sounded. "Here he, my hour!" — rushed in my brain. And my subconsciousness was silent. — To continue? – I asked Tim. And suddenly in his voice metal rang out. … I don't know what Timur told Liye there, but they appeared on this damned sofa. Embracing the Mongol, I saw that on a sofa there is some war, with undressing, a raskidyvaniye of clothes and the separate Liiny indignant exclamations … But suddenly everything abated. Chinghiz kept silent and started talking again. … In the twilight I saw: Tim undressed Leah completely. He lay on her, and they kissed. The Mongol, smiling to me, I pulled me down, on a carpet, and we came to be directly before this damned leather sofa. For some time I distracted from the events on a leather bed though too I like to spy. But I was engaged in immersion in the Mongolian depths: everything occurred, I was in the actress and began to fuck her. From a sofa the muffled groans began to reach. I rose over the Mongol: Timur already fucked Leah. Sorry, Me … — Well and how, dick, big at Tima? – I asked, feeling that further information will add nothing new to my bubbling lust any more. — You know that Timur when you studied at institute, participated in the obshchagovsky competition "Someone Has a Dick More". There their person twenty fools were taken. They measured by tailor's centimeter vzdrochenny dicks. It was the first stage of a competition. At the second stage it was necessary to terminate: someone will scatter further, that and the winner. Tim as a result it was the second. — And someone the first? — And Radik was the first. I surpassed all. In literal sense. But when I close saw a timurovsky dick, I was surprised. It already put Leah on itself(himself). Sorry, the old man, but your wife has actually smart ass. The picture was beautiful: his healthy dick and her magnificent ass. He five fucked her minutes in such situation, and I on a floor the Mongol in parallel. Then she asked me whether I will take offense if she "descends" on a sofa. I slipped out her and pushed to a sofa. Tim bended over Leah and I wash and serially I began to process them. — And you what at this time did? – I took an interest with a great effort. — I jerked off. There, on a sofa, there was an improbable noise: Tim was slapped the by the rehouse about backs of little girls so that the ring stood in ears. Maids already frankly shouted. I such еблю seldom saw. Tim was published from time to time by brutal roar. Then the Mongol tried подлезть under Leah, but Leah suddenly came unstuck from Tima, turned over on a back and pulled him on herself. Yes, Me, wife, beautiful at you. Such legs! Long, not thin, plastic. She as weaved them at Timur on a back as let's make upward movement an ass, Tim absolutely flew into a rage, I didn't manage to watch his ass. I rushed on a sofa, crushed under myself the Mongol, and in a minute under the general roar we with Tima terminated. Directly him in pizda … You are happy? – Chinghiz asked, taking breath. — I will go I will piss — I told. In a toilet from a mirror the face of the maniac looked at me: I was frightened of myself. Balls were intolerably itched, the dick turned black. But I decided not to cum. I reached the room, having hardly undressed, was attached near the wife. — Mishshsha … — moaned she. Despite the alcohol accepted by her, from her blew as freshness. I knew that the refusal won't be. Because, accepting alcohol, she seldom refused to me. And, it appears, not only me … Without preludes I entered a faultless bosom of the forty-year-old woman. The moon helped me to contemplate intimate details of Leah. I palmed off hands on her under an ass, threw her legs to myself on shoulders and began to observe how my dick enters and leaves my woman. My excitement was on a limit, but the dick was stone. I for the first time tested such istoma in the dick. — Liyechka, so it was pleasant to you with Tima? — The M-mm … — was lowed by Leah. – You what, drank too much? — Speak, it was good to you with Tima? – I continued, increasing the speed of frictions. Vanguard music in me approached the culmination. — Mischa, well you that? – Leah began to whimper, beginning to enjoy this lewd a mouth. — Speak, my blyadyoshka, a dick, big at Tima? Leah Uchashchyonno breathed, responding with the back and all over to my movements more and more intensively. I stuck into her "silicone", dementing me gubishch. — He also kissed you? – I whispered to her on an ear, having hardly come off "silicone". — Yes - and-and — she moaned, without opening eyes and making upward movement me with the collecting amplitude. — Dick, big at him? – in me nuclear explosion was about to happen. — Yes - and-and — Leah moaned. — What "da-a-a"? – I insisted, uncountable time piercing in her flesh. — At him … big … a dick — the wife sobbed. — It is more, than at me? – I wasn't appeased. — No, Mischa, no — Leah whispered. — Don't lie, washing a blyadishch — I artfully breathed her in an ear. – Don't lie, I beg. — He has a big dick — Leah under me schuffled. – He has a huge dick … I reached the most Liiny bottom and asked, asked, asked: — He also deeply fucked you? — Yes - and-and … — she answered, shuddering. — And he did in you here so? – and I made krugovrashchatelny movements in her pizda. — Yes, yes, yes — she answered, and I understood that she cums, cums, cums. In my head the atomic whirlwind rushed. Final chords roared. And I exploded. best dating apps in usa 2021 dateline larry hall site mapMain Page