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Security guards with whom I fucked even gave a whistle, having seen me in a new image. I suddenly felt a magnificent, very expensive toy in hands of the solid tall man and the thought added these reflections: and with the huge and dolgoyebushchy my favourite dick. At last, we appeared on the native fifth floor in our department. Passing my department, the Macho led me as he said, to the friend Genya directly in an office. In an office Gena had a meeting with our factory experts. according to Gena. Here I was, and a certain part of the project which was postponed for all day — just quietly waited for my emergence at work. Here in such look, in a magnificent dress of the business woman I for the first time appeared before a lot of specialists of our plant. And from these experts I hid completely naked directly here under this table earlier. Yes, it is remembered! The macho on behalf of the firm proposed some counter technical and legal solutions to all specialists of our plant. I stated ways of preparation documentation on formation of the joint program in our general project between our and his plant. The decision was right there made that I from now on supervise work on joining between our plants. And my workplace will be directly in Gena's office for these days. No someone dared to object. All our factory experts easily entrusted a preparatory cycle to me. To me, well, very charming, blossoming, smelling sweet to the lady. Suddenly Yury called someone from our department. San Sanych came. Almost right there Yury thriftily took under the handle San Sanycha. I carried out it through all office. And literally I pulled out me other hand from the general communication and I took away both of us on a balcony. I closed a door and imperiously I ordered. Olga — a meeting still will be an hour, but you at a meeting are necessary. And you dispose of San Sanych of the whore Olga this hour. So Olga: One-two-three. Yury gimlets looked at me. I still all thoughts was in work. San Sanych already put hands, on my boobies, groping my nipples through dress fabric. I looked through windows at an office — all meeting went under the own steam and to someone there was no business that three left on a balcony. I took a hand of San Sanycha and imperiously developed it to go towards Yury's office. Yury objected. One-two-three. And here reached me — in 5 sec. I show transformation miracles — and the dress lies on a floor. Yury picked up a dress with a floor and slapped to me in a naked bottom. Be developed, move apart legs, throw handles for a nape, open a mouth. Shake by boobs. The dignity of Sanych at the same time willingly oblapyvat me. There now — Yury said, reeling up my dress to himself on a hand, it seems the whore is normal. I will be connected to you through an hour floor, so, that San Sanych — so far develop the daddy of my favourite whore. And at the same time I thrust a finger into the daddy and pair of fingers deeply into the pussy. I began to flow. Also I rushed to kiss Yury on a hickey. Yury easily intercepted an initiative in kisses. In my hands there was a dick. It was the dick of San Sanycha. Yury forced me to lick his fingers, and I naked holding a dick of San Sanycha wagging hips, went along a long corridor to Yury's office. Yury returned on a meeting. And probably and I left on a meeting with my dress which is reeled up on a hand. Coming into the well-known restroom in Yury's office — I right there made tests to the doctor dozing there. It was directly in the presence of San Sanycha. The doctor immediately right there left. The fucking with San Sanychem was a continuous prelude. He three times lowered in me. At me any orgasm. I was brought to a limit. And here, at last appeared Yury who as always with words — I ugashat all a body of the bitch. And right there the dick to me inserts into a mouth. And San Sanych both hollowed me dog-fashion, and continued to hollow. Also nearby were located in chairs of the MACHO and Gena. And in spite of the fact that in my body two dicks: San Sanycha and Yury, but Gena and the MACHO continued to be discussed nevertheless actively on work. And at the same time the dicks got. In passing the friend, asking the friend — where you will lower. All answered: in a pizda. The team went: San Sanych — all want in a pizda. Give lower, and that there, on a balcony people will stop smoking, and we still should bring Olga to a meeting for collecting documents. Men had such dullness and a talk was so measured what I was surprised that I here the place for reception of a cum, perhaps? Yury lowered to me in a mouth together with San meanwhile Sanychem who lowered in the pussy. And together with it voices of smokers on a balcony were heard. Yury as the owner was in time and to regulate approaches to my body, and at the same time, to cry out something to people on a balcony, now we to you will leave, wait. I thought that he will hide the dick and will run on a balcony, but he instead he settled down more conveniently and pulled me on himself. Lick everything — as usual thoroughly! The last someone inserted into me, there was a macho. Also he should have inserted only the huge dick as I, having felt his huge sledge hammer in itself, burst in a rough orgasm. Fast-fast we will moan — Yury ordered — it is time to finish the working day. I was stunned when we came to a balcony. Someone smoked literally closely from an entrance to rooms where at once fucked me a lot of men. Passing by various chiefs to me it seemed that I was set up and they saw all orgy now. And Yury of all hastily invited in Gena's office again. SAW or DIDN'T SEE, and I became covered with paint!!! Certainly, I in vain worried — no someone and so would dare to come to us. But having the sea of a cum in the pussy, I felt super pleasure that now I should sign documents and in general perfectly day began and perfectly proceeded. And right there the crowd suddenly ran up. I was surprised: and the macho, including disappeared together with the chief of theological department. And as I seemed to me, without having told me even till tomorrow. Carried away him on some urgent matters. From abundance of events for this crazy day I even not especially paid attention, that boys who waited for me and Gena at an entrance gave a heap of congratulations that I perfectly look in this dress. I somehow ceased to be afraid of everything. With boys even easily with them also I got to talking. Guys willingly told me that two their schoolmates excellent photos naked exposed me in SCHOOLMATES. And on what these photos also even my son commented including. I was stunned that it and occurs, and how I quietly same discuss with boys. Gennady and what doesn't comment on stands nearby. Well, time all of us naked saw you — give Olga take off a dress, we know that on one-two-three. Quickly you remove, we know — on the website schoolmates we discussed it. All of us amicably gave a nickname to you "ONE-TWO-THREE". I looked at Gena, well supposedly give will be brief — give on houses take away me. And here suddenly from Gena heard: one-two-three. And oh, horror! I reflex right there remove all fasteners, and the dress foully departs to a floor. Right there someone from boys ordered one-two-three Katyukh and Katyukh after me right there becomes naked. All six boys right there stretched to me hands and began to oblapyvat. I looked at Gena again, well you do? Allow to go home me already. But instead Gena told — guys you can feel Olga Ivanovna all. And even in time a mouth, but inserts and lowers in Olga Ivanovna only one. Katka — you will choose every evening on one. Give — someone today? Katya showed on the guy. That right there lowered trousers and raised to me one leg on a handrail. At the same time a lot of guys began to rumple all my body. Katerina licked both a trunk of the guy and my sexual sponges during a fucking. Gena ordered — Olga give an orgasm show to the guy the an animal-pizdu, I promised your husband broadcast of your orgasm with schoolmates of your son. And here I thought that Gena entered into communication via phone of my husband for a long time. From the thought that the husband listens to everything in phone I really went to the orgasm. Also I began to involve in myself a dick of that guy which hollowed me. The guy even shouted from pleasure, and Katya also masterful at this moment to me licked a clitoris. This high!!! As I didn't want to leave such sex. I during my orgasm sverkhmoshchno am felt. And as soon as the dick dropped out of me to me didn't allow to change a pose. So with the lifted-up leg Katka diligently continued to lick to me the pussy. Certainly, such execution I hated, and взасос kissed someone from boys. The guy shared impressions loudly how I extend his dick deep into a uterus. Someone from boys on an ear began to whisper to me: "when Katka at us licks, it not from fades from the dick this dick so far not he will begin to ssat in her". So what Olga — to begin to ssat on Katya. And the same commented on Gena: "Now your wife will ssat on Katka". In a tube the sound of my husband was heard blissful. Hands of guys didn't release me, all demanded performance of this prank. Ouch, and I began to ssat. And at the same time to kiss someone another. As then I saw: Katin hair were all in urine, all her back and breasts and it blissfully smeared on everything - all all the body my urine. At last the grasp of guys weakened, someone from guys sat down on steps and inserted into a bum to Katya, right there from above to Katyukhina to a pizd the dick of other guy flew. Someone from boys at the same time told me: "There will arrive Seryoga and we together with Seryoga here also in will be a little fucking to fuck at the same time his mother". I in horror from these words escaped and not to me was to guys, their Katka started service of guys. Right there Gena gave me phone tube, but instead of the husband's voice I heard the son's voice — Mother — you are SUPER!!! I, after a big pause, let's apologize to the son. While I with the son spoke, I still continued to look at how Katya at the same time in herself accepts at once two dicks and didn't even get the idea that by fucking and me there passed a neighbor from the fourth floor at the same time!!! The neighbor from the 4th floor probably at first also didn't notice me. Because in a familiar way I addressed guys: children you don't litter only here, and that my wife takes offense that after you there are bottles and stubs, at the same time he got the eregirovanny dick and someone without asking thrust him into a mouth to Katya. I all this time was silent and listened to the son in phone tube. But the son drew me to say in phone tube that is done with Katya. And I, at last, decided: yes here now the neighbor from the fourth floor lowers in a mouth to Katya and both guys it seems as in peep and the bottom is lowered too. From surprise the neighbor from the fourth floor turned. And, lowering in Katya, I spoke: "this — yes!!! Olga Ivanovna — you here and naked!" I in reply in a tube of phone told — the son, well you dishonor me before our neighbors? And everything, including and me began to neigh. Katya was connected to general triumph too and cried out — Seryoga — I depart, such high, my boy. Gave the works to Katya so frankly violently that I involuntarily stretched to a clitoris. The dick of the neighbor from the 4th floor left Katya's mouth. And I told the son in a tube of phone — that the dick at him big. And the son right there told me — lick a dick as you do it to the chief — to Yury. I right there answered — I won't be. But the son told: mother — you are a good girl, I know that you want, don't break. But the neighbor already began to hide a dick in trousers. I don't know what pushed me: I went down on several steps and managed to grasp a dick of the neighbor from which still last straws of a cum followed — and winking at guys — took him in a mouth. Gena standing is slightly higher, and gave a whistle. And guys — in general entered delight. Again I appeared in embraces of guys. The tube was transferred to a public address system. And the son in a tube of phone asked — you suck also well, as well as to the chief, Yury — from an anus, on all perineum, balls and a message a trunk? Someone from guys began to be responsible for me. The son told — guys and how he of mothers squats? Yes, well same it is inconvenient. Let sits down on a dick!!! I was revolted with all events. Right there I stopped sucking and I stood up. But-but-but I was strong held still by several hands, and I suddenly felt as me tear off from a floor and threw with a back on a handrail and so that strongly widely as on a gynecologic chair spread legs. Katya approached and at first sponges and a uvula I licked to me a clitoris. And then and rotary motions by a hand I entered deep into my pussy. Guys to my son comment — Seryoga, you represent: the pizda of your mother absorbed a hand almost up to an elbow. And I began to get an orgasm. Katya felt as I muscles pull in her hand in myself and — she in a tube stated to my son: "Seryoga I want will learn also muscles in a pizda to work". Well, give — grow up — you will learn. Someone from boys — give Katya popalivay what would grow quicker. He, a parasite, began to ssat on her what a part of a stream would get not only Katya on hair, but also me on a stomach, hips. Right there someone from guys told, as to Katyukh, and your mother obsyvay. What my son answered — yes a usual thing. Gena, at last, didn't sustain and by a command voice ordered to boys to release me, to be tidied up immediately also all me here such lowered to Katya's level — sucked round and in a cum led together with the neighbor from the 4th the floor upward. And right there the son told a phrase. Well, all the mummy — you are charm. THANKS for a performance — tomorrow contact — still we will play pranks. What to hell performance. All this dreamed me? Perhaps, it was not the son? Can do it, was not with me? I stood near the door on the fifth floor absolutely one, naked. And what is surprising: neither Gena, nor a dress are absent. From the pussy the cum exudes and holy Christ — I turn out also covered with piss. From below silent silent puffing over without restraint the jumping very young little girl — Katya reaches. Me only that together with these boys was fucked also by the neighbor from the 4th floor. What in general occurs? Far further away to me to fall? And why-why-why, all this so strongly is pleasant to me. From a thought it is pleasant — my hand stretched to a tummy and to the pussy. The entrance door on the first floor slapped. And on the second floor — groans right there stopped. It was heard that some guys rise upward. I hasty rushed to open the entrance door since suddenly they go to the 5th floor? I only just managed to close behind myself a door as right there to me were knocked. Olga, are we — from the house opposite. And here I thought: I am not just naked, but also besides I forgot to take away the magnificent dress from Gena. And I got up in confusion to open a door or not to open. Meanwhile and sex there was no wish, and it is sorry banal simply there is a wish to eat. And without them the worn-out horse had a mood as. I open for Lano a door. There are both residents of that apartment for whom I pose in the mornings and to evenings. In shorts obviously not cucumbers stick out. Guys — gentlemen — in hands flowers. What raspuskaniye of hands though I opened for them a door of naked. The scene is worth it that to see it: I am naked. Besides — covered with piss. And probably I began to smell — they right there caught. When they kissed my handle — obviously walked sponges on the dried-up cum. The second guy so skillfully gently kissed me on a neck and I understood that he in the same way rested there against a cum. I in general was all in a cum. Bry-bra. Desire — to explain to guys that I CAN not any more, I was tired of such marathon — I want neither what, nor what sex nor what I am fucking already I began to state it. But what there: they have strong hands. At them besides and gentle hands. And I am such available. I at some point looked from outside. Honestly, and why to say about fatigue, that neither someone and nor what I don't want if itself I open a door naked and at the same time all from legs to the head I consist of a cum-cum-cum. Yes, my robust fellow kid: And a cum at me in a mouth too. I and began to think — as soon as began to answer with a kiss a kiss. It is pleasant to you that I to you pump over someone's cums at a kiss — well please. I share. My God — really I again on a dick. Yes! Yes! And oh my God and again my leg is lifted up on perilla. AGAIN?! For the chubby woman, almost and still costing a twine on one leg — it isn't simple. In an ear I am echoed by a voice — as I missed you, my whore. And I have a thought — well a so many very so many mouth is what a marathon? Probably, guys held me in the hand very strong because from a thought that it is a marathon, I somehow fatefully became soft, having given themselves the command — the second wind will open now, the main thing don't faint now. And it was the last that I remember therefore as in my pussy one dick hollowed, and the second guy violently fingered to me a clitoris. I literally failed all the boobs in mighty hands of guys and together with an orgasm lost an opportunity to keep one leg. I had so powerful orgasm and so temperamental that as didn't concern me, the fact that I in falling was picked up and transferred to a pose by cancer. Just I fell to the second guy from above. As it was pleasant to me from the most this fucking. After boys, their small scrawls. And here I in hands of strong guys capable to hold the lady. And to hold in falling and having pulled out the dick from my pussy! I was not in a bed, but on what I was - it is me already and didn't worry. Probably I lost both control and reason — I together with the orgasm captured and squeezed heartily all torso of the guy whom I crushed. To me in a high was to make upward movement. And in this pose it was very convenient to me to be done towards to that dick which fucked me in a pose dog-fashion. And the fact that he howled from the fact that I squeeze him vaginal muscles — me provoked. I remember only scraps. Olga, you, the bitch, will break off my dick. The dick of the second rested to me against a stomach. Maybe it was and unconsciously, but I kind from outside see all picture of the events. I gently take that sticking-out sledge hammer in hand and so I tighten the basin to send it near the clitoris to a touch the pussy. And in this pussy already from exhaustion other dick groans. Maybe I did it roughly, maybe is gentle. I don't remember. I remember only protruding eyes of the guy which devoured me with a loving look. I grasped with other hand his head of hear and my eyes to him told — such orgasm well such fine orgasm — well there isn't enough only your dick in the pussy together with a dick of your friend. Yes! Well, it is necessary! I inserted into the pussy and a dick of the second guy. My orgasm lasted, lasted and lasted. I became soft. From pleasure. I regained consciousness from the fact that that guy who was under me now was over me — slowly and without any aggression he fucked me in the pussy. The second guy who fucked me dog-fashion — also where didn't disappear. Just I settled down on him. He probably lowered in me when we turned over and couldn't get out from under me. The one that now was over me. I whispered me both the words of love, and the word of alarm at the same time. Olya — you is alive? It was the fragment which was for me in continuous fog. I remember still a phrase — yes don't finger you her clitoris, and that vyebt again. Let will more better fall asleep. And still the phrase — and it the head didn't go? So strongly I breathed and suddenly I stood... something there and still... not important. Probably I natrakhatsya — forever. I either was cut down, or went to a dream on the bed, or left out of reality limits, but my clitoris felt someone's touch all the time. Heart fought obviously out of a condition of rest. I that so long in an orgasm? It is necessary to open eyes at last. I open — I lie at myself in the apartment embracing one of guys who fucked me near my apartment. I embrace him the head both hands. And his hand without signs of the movement lies on my pubis, so, that strongly squeezes to me a pubis — pair of fingers probably until recently developed to me a clitoris. But now stood. The guy slept. The stomach hurt, heat - thirst-heat-fatigue... The following story will be called: Olga the 16th part. The twelfth day. Both fantastic dream and fantastic day! For censure and reproaches address the Author on my e / the address: or in ASJKA: 628 — 677 — 558. best dating apps for indian in us reddit fun date ideas near me in the winter site mapMain Page