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I since fifteen years began to try on clothes of the elder sister that very much brought me, but I did it without leaving the house and when was nobody, usually for this purpose I had to shirk school. But time passed and I wanted to leave disguised as Tonja somewhere, so I called myself when changed clothes. But I didn't dare to take clothes from the sister and specially saved for that day. The first clothes that I bought there was a gray dress, also I bought чёрноё lace lingerie, the last that I got a wig. Houses I changed clothes in all this, in a brassiere stuffed cotton wool and left. At once behind doors I nearly had a heart attack, on the platform there was our neighbor and smoked. He turned and stared at me, I turned and in the shivering hands began to close a door. - and you someone such will be? - the neighbor asked - I? - I asked turning and trying to change a voice for more women's - yes, I before you didn't see something, you are a relative? - whose? - I didn't understand - them are a neighbor I nodded in my party and I understood about what he - а: yes: я: it, daughter of the sister of the aunt Natasha - and well it is clear, I look you remind me someone - well I will go - a billeting, but you don't want to come a tea to drink? - no, thanks I fast ran out on the street and went to a stop. All day I passed in such look on the city, parents went to the country today and the sister works during a night shift so in the evening nobody will prevent me to come back home. Rising by the floor I saw the smoking neighbor again. - hi - he greeted - hi - As took a walk - нормальн: - I didn't manage to finish as understood the mistake - so I also knew - smiled sucks - listen I: - can you not justify youself, so you definitely don't want to come and drink something? - yes, of course - now I understood that I have no choice The neighbor led me to the room and poured 2 glasses of wine - also it is given you to these you are fond? - today for the first time I left - no, whether I ask long ago you are fond, in due time it was pleasant to me also I as well as you were put on by the girl, but I know from the experience that you dare to leave not to the narration - years two likely Then we still chatted and I even relaxed after several glasses of wine - I think to you it is a high time to go further away in the game - at last he told - how? - very simply The neighbor undid a fly and the dick got. He had a normal dick but he didn't get up completely yet - give, more safely I gave a hand and the dick took in a hand, that shuddered a little and bulked up a little more, these feelings very much were pleasant to me also I having sat down a little closer the dick clasped slightly stronger and began to podrachivat him. The neighbor smiled and having approached me began to kiss, I of course answered and began to be played by the uvula from him. When I felt that the dick of the neighbor already completely was in combat readiness I bent and began to lick the uvula Sergey (neighbor) head and then having opened more widely the mouth clasped with sponges and began to suck. The neighbor put one hand to me on the head and began to stick me more deeply. More I couldn't, at first I denied but now all. - Sergey - began I having released a dick from a mouth - let's replace a pose - of course the darling - Sergey told and got up - went to me to the room In his room there was a double bed where I at once and laid down. - you prepare so far and I will return now - of course Sergey left and I in a trice began to pull together tights and panties, I didn't begin to take off a dress as wanted that Sergey seized me as the girl, but if he ask that I won't be minds. I laid down on a bed again: "though isn't present, now when I Tonja that is necessary on another": Now I laid down on a bed and having properly licked a finger entered it to myself into buttocks. - by the way and as: - there began Sergey when entered with some jar in hands - I see you already all you burn: so it as to call you that? - Tonja - perfectly Tonja Sergey put a jar on a bedside table near a bed and having sat down on a bed began to undress quickly while he did it I couldn't leave from temptation and his dick began to lick. Unfortunately Sergey undressed very quickly and it was necessary to me will be discharged. Sergey embraced me and began to kiss, I made too most only one hand caressed to him balls. At last Sergey turned me on a stomach. I spread legs more widely, Sergey put the hands on my buttocks and tried to part it more widely, then I felt his uvula on the anise. the uvula at first just went around, then a little обслюмачив began to make the way more deeply and then everything came to an end. I turned the head to look what stopped it and saw as Sergey took a jar and a finger got from there some ointment - why it? - I asked - it what it would be pleasant to us the darling - Sergey told And I right there felt something cold on my buttocks. Sergey of the beginnings enter into me a finger and he went very quickly, I understood that this ointment for good sliding. Sergey in couple of seconds added one more finger and then still. On my person Sergey could see that I want that he at last would fuck me and it gave him great pleasure. I already began to moan when he at last took away a hand and the dick put. I having felt it at once I moved back and it is possible to tell it was spread on him. It was pleasant to Sergey and he suggested to replace a pose. I was twisted but nevertheless agreed. Sergey laid down on my place only unlike me on a back, his dick stuck out as a stake and I at last fell by him. Was to feel very pleasant as his dick plunges into me. When Sergey was completely in me I began to rise also slowly, then fell again. From pleasure I closed eyes and continued the actions. Sergey took away one hand from my buttocks and my dick began to podrachivat. After that Sergeyev the dick began to bulk up in me and I sat down on his stake as much as possible how many he could fill me and felt as his cum fills me. Right there my own seed escapes and falls on it. The next several minutes we lay not in forces to move. When I have a rest that got down from Sergey and his dick took in a mouth completely to clean from a cum. Sergey didn't move and I understood that he fell asleep. Having finished with his dick I threw off from myself all clothes and went to take a shower. Having washed I put on again and went home. Having opened an entrance door I at once in horror tried to leave but I was stopped by the sister's voice: - Anton? And the Sami terrible was not that Katya saw me in it, and the fact that when I came into that moment her her guy fucked directly in the hall. I was slowly developed - well. - hardly I squeezed out - and well wait Kostya - the sister told the ёбарю I closed an entrance door and when turned Katya already stood and examined me. - and you are a nice whore - she told - well so what she costs there - Kostya told - and well go here I approached Kostya and right there felt his hands on my shoulders, and under his force was bent and kneeled. Kostya having told not words the dick to me pushed into a mouth. - give work a nipple - to my astonishment it was not Kostya and the sister. I in principle wasn't minds and having taken balls in one hand of Kostina began to suck. The bone had, roughly speaking, a small penis so I could "swallow" it completely. - well you have a sister - fir-trees were squeezed out from himself by Kostya - in general that this huyesoska my brother - to be shocked at you the brother I continued to suck and the dick as my mouth didn't manage to take out it was filled with a cum. - swallow - I ordered rolling Actually I also was going to make it but it was far more pleasant to execute the order. When I swallowed a cum the sister with her guy already were in the hall where also I went. Katya sat on a sofa widely having parted legs and masturbating, Kostya sat nearby and the lying dick nadrachivat. - and well go the whore here I approached Katya - give lick to me I took seat on knees before the sister and plunged into her hot crack. To the girl I licked for the first time so it turned out at me badly. - yes, probably dicks are pleasant to you more, give I though I will suck at you I departed in the middle of the room, rolling crept up on a lap to me and took my dick in a mouth. It was very pleasant, I was sure that Katya did already many time. I didn't notice as itself began to move a basin and it turned out already that not she sucks and I fuck her. In a minute rolling the dick released. - enter me the bitch - she told Katya laid down on a floor and placed legs, I got up between them and quickly entered her. Kostya still jerked off to himself and I a nod called up him. Kostya approached me and I having clasped with one hand him for buttocks the dick took in a mouth. Now I fucked the sister and sucked at her guy, with a side probably perfectly looked. In a minute I decided to risk and entered one finger into Kostina buttocks, his dick to the narration terribly strained but he told nothing. Then I asked him to be developed and to bend down much more that he also made. I wanted to lick his buttocks but felt that now I will terminate and having pulled out a dick from the sister I sent it to Kostina buttocks. Only the head entered an anus but also it was enough what the cum safely would appear in the Kostiny gut. The sister watching this show right there I terminated in other as well as Kostya having felt at myself in buttocks my cum. When we could move normally that took seat on a sofa. Kostya and Katya lit and I refused since awfully I didn't love a cigarette. - and long ago you are engaged in it the sister? - Katya after the next draft asked - in general that only half of hour back I had the first experience of sex - do you mean quickly you study - she grinned - and you as Kostya? - what? - the little fool Kostya tried to make - oh yes don't pretend to be you are a sister pushed the guy in a shoulder - it was pleasant to you when Anton terminated in you - when I am so put on call me please Tonja - I asked - well - Rolling Tonechk smiled and kissed me on a cheek - well so Kostya? - well, it was pleasant - Kostya was confused - and how you in that case look at that to become us with the sister the girlfriend? - item. girlfriend? - well, you see as it is pleasant tone, and I would find to us three wonderful men who with pleasure would fuck us. best dating apps for committed relationships dateline evil paid a visit site mapMain Page