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What is done by the person when there is no money, and it is necessary to go well very much? Usually runs on friends and acquaintances, it is lent till the best times. And if on it problems don't come to an end, and some swine takes away at you not only the mobile phone, but also the passport in addition? Not fig vacation in the capital of the brotherly state turned out! Also it is necessary to go after all … And here the brilliant thought of a self-locking device comes to mind: and that, the people go! The route Moscow-Minka not such terrible, I about it didn't hear wild stories (though from where?), and in 20 years – the seas knee-deep. Here only usually it is called "to look for on the ass of adventures". And I found them. Everything began quite lovely – at some motel I tsepanut the long-distance truck driver and we went even cheerfully, трепясь about life and an international situation while on the next post he didn't have problems with cops. On it the luck also ended. At the post nobody wanted to brake, clear, and I went further on foot, wagging with the passing wheelbarrows. Thank God, the winter was unusually warm, and I wasn't afraid to freeze though it was necessary to stamp rather. Already there darkened and came evening when I understood that I reached some regional small towns. I was tired and nevertheless froze, having wildly felt hungry, and cadged from friends with whom I got acquainted after the expert and to which actually and I went, money were spent almost completely. Therefore I didn't even consider the abortion of the Russian automotive industry splodgy with dirt which with a scratch got up on my next uncertain wave. Men was four, under thirty — absolutely ordinary children on whom on the street you won't turn back and in the dark lane you won't be frightened of years. They went to the regional center. I was delighted and squeezed inside the third on back seat, took hospitably offered beer and was right there chopped off in a dream: me exhausted and shook on so many that consciousness was just switched off not спросясь. The sharp blow to brakes and the rough hand which threw on the earth woke me. I jumped, but again brought down me on knees in dirt. — Suck, пидос! – the unambiguous order was distributed. — What?!! – dizzily I blurted out, badly thinking half asleep. Having raised the head, I with horror saw that the driver who slightly earlier agreed to bring faces directly me, already undoing a belt. The situation didn't need an explanation! — I am absent … not … — from confusion I couldn't even utter something distinct. — Suck, to you it is told! After a tyuryaga I such as you I feel pederasts for kilometer! As soon as the brain managed to process the last phrase, my time legs weakened. I neveryashche wound the head, gasping for air. Having looked round, I saw all three his friends excitedly watching the events — all of them order were drunk, having managed to be pumped up for that time that I quietly slept. The night road was absolutely empty and it in general there was not a route!!! — Well! To me long to wait? To the city of kilometers 30 will be, it is time to pay off! Thirty! The devil knows where and on the road only I and four drunk cattle … Having gone crazy for horror, I rushed to bushes, but he managed to seize me by a jacket: how many he wouldn't drink, but also he had enough force, and skill! Having shaken me back, he got precisely into a cheekbone and when I fell – Not less neatly kicked with a leg in a stomach, having knocked out spirit. — Ah you, bitch! – he hitched up me for hair and without effort, kind of I didn't try to tear off from myself his hands, dragged to the car, having put about a cowl. Deafened and still choking, I heard how his friends laugh. — You hold him — the ringleader disposed. — Maybe it isn't necessary, Zhora — nevertheless I offered the braided voice — Release the guy. Encouraged by unexpected protection, I cried, continuing to kick and escape from the hands which are strong holding me. — It isn't necessary! I am not a pidor! It isn't necessary! Help! — Gers … — Shut up, Put! The boy just bids up … I such well know! And you I will allow to try – you will see, is even more sweet, than with your Dashka! I shouted already something absolutely inarticulate, perfectly understanding what with me will be made now. Two pressed me to a cowl with such force that I almost heard a crash of the edges. Zhora though it is a little awkward, but quickly I pulled together from me jeans. I and to one to him was not the opponent, played sports only on a computer … Generally I butted in on the tomatoes! I already got off on entreaties. — Please, it isn't necessary! I not … I don't want … Please, don't touch me! Having felt the hand squeezing my dick and a ball sack as the spinner ripe grapes, I started over again shouting. — Oh! – Zhorik proclaimed, moving apart me buttocks and without long retreats starting fingers deeply in my loose bum — Yes you aren't a virgin, the guy! Whether it is worth being indignant so! After these words, as if froze me. In something he was right though he didn't consider the gay of – former and that all few times on the drunk from interest. Having used, the fact that I became silent not much, his dick broke into an anus sharply on dry – at once at all length, azhno balls slapped on mine. The feeling was such as if in an ass thrust a cross tie not less moreover and wrapped up by a nazhdachka! Drenched me with heat, legs became wadded, in eyes darkened and breath filched — couldn't even shout. I began to shout then when Zhorik moved, widely driving in me into a cowl and thrusting the device so that it seemed to me that he just about will leave a throat. He was drunk too and long couldn't terminate, but it didn't disturb him: he fidgeted on me, quite pokhryukivy. I already all got wet, in a mouth dried up, only prayed that all this came to an end rather. As it lowers, I didn't feel, only something sticky began to flow on legs: the bitch, he saved it, perhaps? After Zhorik with the giving smacking kiss sound pulled out the dick from my svezheottrakhany bum, I heard: — Give, Denya, try! And on me the following hulk pulled hard. I didn't twitch any more – what sense? Held me strong, and the lowered jeans didn't allow even to be kicked. Zhora's cums in me was up the wazoo, but she had even by the way: Denin a pod drove in the point ruined by the predecessor smoothly and almost without pain. But after the first fluctuations, this cattle it is visible I tried out a high and I flew into a passion. I drove quickly, rigidly, I got to take rest and again on new I began, and still to me I moved apart buttocks so as if wanted to tear. I from this "rodeo" twitched with cries, and it turned out that I to it also make upward movement! Unnoticed it didn't pass: — Гла as it is pleasant to this bitch! – Zhorik couldn't stand aside: he was selected a hand, and began to rumple my penis with balls with such force that tears came into eyes. Generally, they raped me all four, alternating it a happy loud laughter and comments then someone from them somehow tightened to me pants and jeans. By this time I should be held not in order that didn't escape and that I could stand. I felt sick, before eyes everything floated, the razjebany point stupidly ached and squelched. To release me they both didn't think and dragged in the car, having jostled on a back seat. Zhora gave on gases. Clamped between two strong children, I was absolutely lost for horror, and they with enthusiasm continued to mock over me. To me held hands. Delaying the head for hair and holding by a chin, they tried to fill in to me in a mouth vodka — I turned aside and sniffed, choking with swill, noticeably receiving for it on a nape, a neck, edges. To me put cigarettes and extinguished about a naked breast, delaying the Tolstoyan's collar. And only one kept a little apart, almost without taking part in mockeries. He even tried to notice that he will already be enough me, but then was just cut down. Zhora stopped several times to repeat pleasure. I could already groan only under them, shivering with dry hysterical sobbings. — What the pederast, is pleasant when your buttocks bludgeons дрючат?! – Zhora roared, furiously being active the powerful piston, besides "tuned" by the sewed bearings — You probably also didn't try such stallions! — Look, Zhor, kind of to you wasn't necessary to marry him! – enough his friends laughed, joining. — Please, release me! – I begged, having lost the last lumps of will for fear and despair — Please, it isn't necessary … Release … Zhora was enough shown. — I told, suck away a pidosin! Then I will release! I looked at his ugly face: he could kill me just like that in passion. Or to beat within an inch of the life … Also I executed the order. Never I saw more disgusting dick: and by sight, and the more so on taste – though I tasted a dick the first time. Dirty curve ugly елдак, just huge size, the hair which stuck together from a cum stinking of urine moreover some nasty raid under a lace curtain – and this everything prt directly in a throat! I began to choke, hardly constraining emetic spasms, and stupidly noted that I, me not only vyebl as the last whore, but is similar I from them also fasten a full bouquet! — Give, the babe! More alive, more alive … — Zhora adjusted me while his lapishcha tore up to me hair. He unexpectedly pressed to me a nape, and, having driven a nose to him волосню, I pressed all dick at once. The head rushed into a throat and, without having allowed me to recover from pain, Zhora began to cum directly there. — Hey, I want too! – his friend was indignant, and I was developed for hair to him. I still felt how on a gullet the hot cum flows down, but at it though the economy was clean: in comparison with Zhorik just nectar. And here I am lifted, and that modest Denya is again attached to my unfortunate ass, holding me by hips what wouldn't fall. So, crooked, I am spurred already in two trunks. One cums to me in a mouth and disposes: — Swallow, the whore, and that teeth I will knock out! It is necessary not only swallow, but also to lick his dick, thanking for the fact that I was "fed". It brings the modest man even more: after he cums to me to the back, I lick already his economy which visited my rectum, stained in a cum of all four goats and, apparently, blood. — Please … — I when I was thrown in the car again whined. — Not парься! We already arrived — one of them calmed me. And at this moment we were stopped by traffic police. I rushed, without remembering myself — and again received a kick sideways. — Hi, Grey — Zhora surely greeted, the suitable cop, and at me everything broke. — Hi, Ivanych. Again you misbehave? — That you! Have just fun slightly — the gang which outraged over me seemed sincerely indignant. — And it someone? – the tenacious look rested against me. — You represent, a pidor on the route picked up. I wanted to sweep and earn additionally! – unperturbably Zhorik reported, and all company mockingly began to neigh. — Truth? – the GAI officer looked at me up and down. My hopes inevitably died away, but I beggarly looked at him, winding the head. — Yes at him a point simply rubber! – Zhora snapped language — I was frightened that I won't be enough. — And what at him the ugly face is broken? — I tried to filch at Dimka of the grandma so far I sucked away — the freak sitting at the left, that which had me in both ways too, confirming I nodded. — So and to be. Hold, I earned — he thrust to me into a pocket of jeans a hundred part, and pushed out from the car. They laughed again. The cop shook the head with a disgusting smile too. — Please, I not … - began I, but I was torn off. — Shut up if you don't want to the monkey house! Likely I turned pale, trying to think, what is more best: company of drunk morons or arrest for prostitution. Words that it is not the truth that I am not a thief, not the gay and the more so not the prostitute – stuck to a throat. And what I could tell? After everything … They also didn't hide before the cop that they fucked me in all holes, from me bore vodka, and I had at myself neither money, nor documents … It is good that though didn't begin to detain after all — I began to shake from one thought of what would wait for me in the distributor with a mark "the roadside whore"! — You don't speak to anybody, and? Men will ridicule, and the wife with shit will eat Denya! The cop hemmed and agreed: — Frets! At me inside everything was struck, stiffened. I still couldn't believe up to the end in the incident … Even for this GAI officer I am not a person — I am a rooster, the whore, just a hole in which it is possible to lower absolutely with impunity … — I sucked away also to you — I threw to Zhora — Pay! That stared, hemmed, and too put to me money. — What I wouldn't see you any more, and that will stand up to the end cancer of life! – expressively the cop pointed to the highway to me, I needed only to nod. I looked after the moving-off cars, and me threw up the swallowed cum and the alcohol poured on an empty stomach. The cheekbone injured till it bleeds expressively swelled up, other recaptured places ached. Tissue of cowards stuck to the skin soiled by their cum which is still following from me. I also stood on the feet hardly. I looked at crumpled notes – thrust them more deeply into a pocket, at me and the truth wasn't not a stiver, and was dragged on foot towards the city whose name I didn't even learn. I still had a big half of a way. Here such here self-locking device! I think, the moral of this fable is clear at once. best dating apps eu bgmi launch date in india for ios site mapMain Page