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To me then was years 18, and I was a virgin. The female already interested me, but I was rather shy and not too attractive. My virginity literally oppressed me. I so wanted to leave it that I agreed practically on everything. But all attempts of communication with girls came to an end with silly chatter, as a last resort - shy enclasping of round-shouldered maiden shoulders. Sometimes my problems seemed to me a silly remnant of awkward age, and I for a while forgot about them. Enjoying the hot southern sun, the summer, heated-up Black Sea, I directed afar, swam away far where figures seemed toy ashore, and around you quietly and majestically the blue chasm lapped... And in these marathon swims I found out that the same entertainment with me is shared still by someone. There, here in the absolute loneliness young, attractive persons swam, probably, enjoying detachment from all terrestrial, as well as I. And it completely enticed me. First of all I got a mask, flippers and a tube. If I could, I of course would get an aqualung that without coming off to look at female bodies from under water. Whether you know how the floating woman is sexual and attractive? She floats slowly, gently moving apart water hands, kind of asking to part before her and to let her pass. At the same time she spreads slowly legs and shifts them. Her body strains and relaxes. Her buttocks gradually clench under fine fabric of a bathing suit. Her breasts slowly wave from movements its own and waters. I saw all this then when I became, pretending that I study underwater flora and fauna, to podnyrivat under the floating women from far away to enjoy seconds of a remarkable show from below up and, choking, to come up behind her. Especially I was intrigued by three young girls swimming together is so far that I hardly kept up with them. They liked to swim late at night when the cackling crowd of health-resort visitors leaves behind on pebble of a heap of garbage and will clean up someone where. I liked to bathe too at this time. I began to watch this Trinity secretly. They seemed to me adult aunts though now I understand that the most senior wasn't also to thirty. All tightened, a sports constitution, suntanned and laughing loudly, they flew in the sea run, lifting a heap of splashes and dived straight off. Apparently, they were quite good swimmers, not me a couple as vynyryal nearly in half-minute meters in fifty from the coast. Exchanging jokes, pinning up each other, they obviously pretended that I am not noticed - but where to me, the fifteen-year-old youth to understand it? I was glad to observe their almost naked bodies, and, becoming impudent, swam up closer and closer. I already knew what are their names. One, thin girl with outstanding cheekbones and girlish, in a cam, boobies, was called Ania and wore the red closed bathing suit. When he became wet, in water it was possible to make out a silhouette of a dark triangle at it between fine slender legs. The second was called Lena, on it there was separate lilac (very fashionable at that time) a bathing suit bikini which almost full review in water of her delights gave - and she had them first-class. The third had more friable, grenadierial figure, even a little round-shouldered, but with big boobies and expressive hips. Her bathing suit covered with two narrow strips of black color a massive breast, and one - the line of bikini between legs. Behind there was a full review of two suntanned hemispheres with obviously expressed muscles, it seems to me, she uvelkatsya by bodybuilding. She was called Ira. Nevertheless, the company was selected excellent, and I many times dreamed what I with them would make - one by one, certainly. That significant day they swam away quite far and I, having grown bolder, floated in 10-15 meters from them. Occasionally diving, I stocked up with air and considered their bodies under water within half-minute. I noticed that they came nearer to each other very close, and something was quietly discussed together, but as I saw it from under water, to me words weren't heard. Having come up once again, and taking breath, I saw that they sharply rushed from the place to me. On faces the ominous smile seemed to me. "All! I was gone, marked, - I polumat and a corkscrew I left under water. - Perhaps, I will get away!" But, having felt strong breakthrough for swimming trunks behind, I understood that punishment overtook me. Having turned back, I dropped a tube from a mouth, and began to plunge slowly under the pressure of a large female stomach of Irina. In several seconds from a back something hit me, and from a face the mask flew. In raspylvchaty fog of water I saw their white faces coming to me. Ira Sgrabastala me the real men's clinch why at me began to darken in eyes. Behind, in my opinion Lena, grabbed my leg and pulled in depth. The last that I remembered is that Ira's clinch passed into a double clinch - she clasped me with legs below than a belt why I would undoubtedly be made horney in any other situation... I regained consciousness on a cold wet plank bed on the construction blown by a sea breeze over a pier where there passes the gymnastics for vacationers in the afternoon. Here, naturally, in so late hour was nobody. On the head of me there was a hard wet bandage, I understood not at once, what is it. Having turned the head aside, I saw Ira and Lena. They with concentrated expressions privyazvat my stretched hands some dirty ropes to a plank bed. Their wet hair dumped drops to me on the person. Because of a back to me some shadow stepped, and I saw Ania. She was absolutely naked, and it appeared, her bathing suit was tied for some reason to me on the head. Her tiny breasts, brawny hips and narrow, almost without hair, a pubis, forced blood to go to me to the head. I never before saw so close naked woman - of course, the TV and sex magazines aren't counted. In a hand she squeezed a small bottle of cream from suntan - I saw how she smeared with dense white cream the growing bare back in the afternoon. Her eyes burned with strange fire desire, I saw it for the first time. Speaking words, she gave a hand to me between legs somewhere, and only now I noticed that my swimming trunks lie on a deal floor near a plank bed. She squeezed my dick almost to pain, I screamed, and she released it. Without having a look on mine eyes glued, she began to fall slowly by my hips, and I felt as my intense dick softly enters her. It was delightful - he entered her vagina as a knife in oil. Only then I understood that it plentifully greased with cream there... She sat down on me to the full, and I felt as on my dick in hot damp captivity run impulses - as weak jolts of electricity. She threw back the head back, closed eyes - and began to move, evenly massing my dick the damp interiors. I screamed - excitement reached apogee, moved - and she jumped off from me, allowing me a vomozhnost to fill in hips, legs and a plank bed with sharp splashes of a cum... I thought that on it they will leave me, but isn't present - Lena, having thrown off from myself a wet bathing suit, jumped on me as a panther and grabbed my dick with a mouth. I felt her moist mouth, a pokusyvaniye teeth, and was in the seventh heaven. I didn't feel any more when she jumped on my dick and we rushed to a pleasure chasm... Her juice impregnated me through, proceeded streams on my got tired body, giving it new life. When I terminated again, the mask from the Aniny bathing suit fell by my eyes, and I lost touch with reality. Only constantly changing thermal feelings between legs when cold wind of the sea was replaced by a hot moist vagina (or a mouth - I didn't sort any more) the next partner. Ira-grenadershi muscles squeezed my body in the real vice why he pulsed at a frantic pace - this pulse was transferred to her, and her vagina pulsed in unison, and through the ears closed by a bathing suit I heard hoarse shout... Then I still felt how my finger plunged into something damp, on a stomach something hot proyelozitsya, someone hit me in a breast - and again emptiness... I again regained consciousness up to a throat in salty water - probably, I was dumped from a pier there in order that I recovered. Someone held me, already absolutely powerless, by hands from above, but as it was dark, I didn't see. From where fervent laughter was heard. I felt that in water to me someone a subheat and clasped me with legs. My dick began to bulk up from unusual feelings again. Something is awfully hotter (or it seemed to me from contrast with evening water) absorbed my dick and began to move on it. I saw the maiden head which came up close through some veil and understood that it is Lena. It fucked me, choking with water and excitement. I didn't feel approach of an orgasm any more, and it was simply pleasant to move in the hot female vagina which is sucking in sea water at each movement - it gave to sex some unique color. From one understanding of it I suddenly terminated and plunged into water. Вынырять there was no wish and I understood that I drowned. Someone's strong hands dragged me and, having had a fit of coughing, I crept out on the coast. Absolutely naked, at night, lying in a surf strip, I thought how the person is stanno suited. More than a half a day ago I was ready to give everything that I have for only one opportunity to plunge into a soft female body, and now me worries only where my clothes as I will reach sanatorium and that I will tell parents. best dating apps denver reddit date ideas around me site mapMain Page