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We with the wife live in marriage eleven years. At us grows two children. This year she executed thirty years, she is a slender sexy brunette, almost with the third breast size. I married me the girl, to my, of course, big pride. When she goes along the street, I always notice the lewd views of men directed to my wife. Any group sex at us and was never trace. Recently we were invited to Birthday by one my companion. He decided to celebrate the Birthday modestly, in a sauna with the hall in which there was a billiards and a jacuzzi, the restroom and a sweating room. Invited us to nine o'clock in the evening. The wife nadelarozovy thongs, a pink lacy bra, the black fitting short skirt, slightly over the knee, and a white light blouse. Well and, of course, I took with myself a bathing suit. When we entered a sauna, all guests were already assembled, and we were surprised that from guests there were seven men, together with the birthday boy, and any woman. Wives and girlfriends invited for a number of the any reasons, couldn't arrive. From all attendees I knew only the birthday boy, and my wife knew nobody at all. All sat down at a table and the birthday celebration, with congratulations, tostamiya began the sea of beer. After two hours of the strengthened use of a beer all already fairly became tipsy including my spouse. Someone managed to descend already in a sweating room someone to sit in a jacuzzi. All men went already in swimming trunks, dressed there was only my wife. I already began to notice that men began to throw towards my spouse hungry, full desires, views. Someone from guys offered: "And let's play billiards, without any special rules. Just we will hammer in turn spheres into holes" All amicably agreed also the birthday boy, for bigger passion, offered that my wife granted some small desires of the one someone will drive a sphere into a hole if I, of course, don't mind. Nothing terrible on the drunk head in it seemed to me, and I agreed. The wife looked at me with an inquiring look, but too told nothing. And here eight half-naked men surrounded a pool table and began to drive spheres with noise. The wife got up near a table too. I drove with the first a sphere into a hole the birthday boy. Having looked at my wife, he, without hesitation, told: "Albinochka, I want that you took off the short skirt, and the fact that all of us walk in pants, and you still dressed?" Albina looked at me and began to object what I answered her that we agreed before a game and in general desire of the birthday boy - the law. Having convinced that I not on her party, she very quietly pulled together from herself a short skirt and remained in the rozovykhkruzhevny thongs and a blouse. All guys frankly began to expire saliva at the sight of her daddy in panties and defenseless expression on her face. And it rather made horney me, but I thought that I will stop all this, just in case, when it begins to go too far. A game continued, the following tired-out sphere and the next desire of the following young man. The guy any time couldn't decide, looking at me, at my wife and, after all having overcome the confusion, asked to take off her blouse. Albina looked at me again, but told nothing any more. I approached me and I asked to undo a button behind. I undid a button and she took off from herself a blouse, having remained in some thongs and a brassiere from which outside juicy boobs frankly asked. I was just overflowed by an excitement wave, and I already ceased to think adequately. My wife in a seminude look, with the modest person, stood among eight men who frankly had a stake dicks in pants and it wildly made horney me. The tired-out sphere and the next desire of the following man. "I want to touch her daddy" - he said by the horney shivering voice. Albina silently approached him. 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Then I began to fuck it very quietly. From such show my dick was ready to explode. I held the head and a chin of the wife and in five centimeters from the eyes saw her open mouth in which foreign dick went to and fro. And all this is so close that all detailed details were visible to me. I accurately saw the blown-up veins on an overexcited dick as it enters and leaves from her mouth as his balls wave in a step to his movements as the wife's lips gently envelop his dick. best dating apps 2022 over 50 date ideas under 21 site mapMain Page