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She pulled him to sofas, receiving congratulations of crowd and trying to catch on itself delighted looks of people. It excited more alcohol. Having sat down They took breath and when to them brought their award, two big club cocktails, They were ready to dance still. But having seen performing barmen art decided to wait a little with dances and to taste cocktail. The human attention and alcohol made the business. Excitement accrued. They kissed almost, without stopping, and He thought only of reaching with Her a bed. Having felt a hand at itself on a perineum He was surprised and interrupted a kiss. - You what? - Remember what told me on the beach, - She grinned - it is all the same on them on everything. All the same nobody looks at us. And I want you. - Directly here??? On this sofa??? - He didn't trust the ears. - Yes. And right now! With these words the girl bent down under a table and having undone his trousers began to caress a mouth his got-up dick. He just couldn't believe the eyes. His darling without paying attention to anybody in club, at so many witnesses I did him blowjob and for certain will want continuation. And to find the lonely place it wasn't represented possible. Having finally lost the reason remains from excitement, He discharged her of himself, kissed and told: - Sit down to me on knees. She understood his hint. I got up, it was developed to it by buttocks and I began to fall by a dick. He shifted a strip of black panties and greased her hole with saliva, then began to lower accurately her buttocks on the horney dick. Around them people scurried about, danced, kissed, without paying attention to a couple at the table in a fancy pose. Having slowly entered Her behind, He any time didn't allow Her to move that the anus got used to the dick. After a while She couldn't master excitement and began to move on his dick. It having pushed a hand under her skirt in front, I shifted panties and I began to caress a hand her jewelry. The people danced around and had fun, and She continued to jump on his dick stony at the top of the voice when the firm core completely plunged into her buttocks, and his hand caressed her сюрпризик under a short skirt at this time. Having a presentiment of an orgasm He began the second hand to caress her breast through a T-shirt, without caring any more that someone will see them. When hot liquid rushed in her buttocks, She with groan leaned back back, on It, enjoying the orgasm which came to this moment. After such experiences and pleasures They lay on a sofa in club, without caring for others opinion. Him it was good together and nothing could spoil him evening, and ahead still there was a continuation of a disco. The suitable bartender put on a table a tray with two glasses. - It to you from an institution - he told couple of lovers and, having winked, left... Family conversation Night not willingly gave in to dawn. Having come from night club at daybreak home, They saw that in the apartment there were many people. - The sister with family arrived - She told grew dark also a little that of course didn't escape his look. - You are at odds with her? - His question forced her will be confused a little, but she nevertheless answered. - She doesn't know about me. We didn't see her long ago and therefore my changes will be for her surprise. And for her husband especially. - Well if you don't want to meet her we can go to hotel - He told, - but consider, sometime you should open before her as well as before parents. Standing in a corridor of the apartment She thought, then having looked at It said: - We will talk to her, and then we will go to hotel, I don't want to remain here. - Well, I will help you with a conversation. Be not afraid, - having told it He kissed her, and having joined hands They passed to the room. The father sat in a chair and tensely thought. - The father, you by phone said that you want to tell me something and to show, - the oldest daughter brought him out of thoughtfulness him and having sat down nearby looked to him in eyes, - something happened? - Yes, the daughter, happened. But let's wait after all yours... эм, I wanted to tell your brother and then we will talk. - Well. - Good morning father, - She told, - we were come to visit by my dear little sister? - Yes, she now with mother in kitchen. - the father raised the head and saw before himself the younger daughter. "Now daughter... and there was a son" with unclear melancholy the father thought. - How will we tell her? She didn't see you long ago and will be surprised, having seen the sister instead of the brother. - Fathers ourselves will talk to her - She firmly told, and squeezed his hand. - I only ask to be present you with mother what she would understand as far as everything is serious and that you it is aware and that you understand me, and you accept the most important. - Well, I will go them I will call. And you be prepared so far. - the father got up and left the room seen off by views. - Well keep darling, now it will be difficult - He told and embraced the girl as only I could. He will be with her this minute and will help. Despite of everything. Being by the window She heard voices, but didn't turn. In the opinion of her there were tears from understanding that now will be. - And that you to me wanted display... - having entered the room the sister stopped and stared at the unfamiliar girl and the guy. Her husband stood behind and considered unclear people. He knew that his wife has a younger brother, but the face of the guy seemed absolutely unfamiliar to take him for the matured relative. Having squeezed into a doorway, the room was entered by mother, behind her the father. With infinite fatigue in eyes they sat down on a sofa and having bent looked in a floor. He approached Her, having taken by hand turned Her face to relatives. - Aaaakh... - having clamped a mouth a palm, the sister looked at that someone was her brother earlier, and now appeared in absolutely other shape. Staring in disbelief the sister approached Her, having stroke-oared hair, a face and glanced in eyes: - Sashka, it you? - her voice was weak with experiences. She couldn't learn in the girl of the direct relative. For her he was always a guy, and here... - It before me called Sasha, my name is Yulya now. Nice to meet you the little sister - weepingly She smiled and embraced the sister. - And it is Pasha, my boyfriend, he from Moscow, came to us to stay for a while. - having taken him by an arm She, I brought him closer to the sister. - But... how? How can it be??? - having turned to the parents and the husband, the sister looked for supports in their eyes. I hoped that here now someone from them will shout "the Draw!" and all of them together will laugh. Silence. Having rolled up eyes the sister settled on a floor. Faint. Having recovered she saw the husband who is carefully inclined over her and him with butylky sal ammoniac. They brought her round. - How are you? - his voice was alarmed, during a faint the little sister could will hit the head. - How many fingers do you see? - He waved before her eyes two fingers. - Two... - Everything is all right. The simple faint means, she hit nothing so far fell. Having risen on an elbow the sister looked round, her husband, parents, the girl who was called her sister and the Stranger stood in the room and looked at her. - Somebody, explain what here occurs... - with weak groan she leaned back on pillows. Having asked to leave all except the husband of the sister and the girlfriend He approached a bed on which elder sister lay. - So, you should learn too much in a today. I will begin from far away. It valid your former brother, and nowadays your sister. I ask to address her only in a feminine gender. It concerns all. Now I want to ask you a simple question. What do you know of such concept as "Transseksualnost"? The rounded eyes were to him the answer. - Hard with you - He sighed. - So, that the term "Transseksualnost" means.... Evening... In windows light of streetlights began to creep in. In small kitchen mother and the father sat. - How you think what will be now? - mother asked. - I don't know, I hope all will explain to her normally. But all the same she will be shocked. As well as we. I slapped a door of the room and kitchens included the oldest daughter and her husband. The loving couple remained in the room. Alone. - Mother you knew about all this? - I asked the daughter. - Yes the daughter and for a long time - with a heavy sigh escaped at mother. Having a little thought, the daughter addressed parents again: - How did you treat it? And what to think to me? So many years I had a brother, and now suddenly it becomes clear... - she having kept back I began to cry and buried in the father's shoulder. - Believe the daughter, very difficult situation. Probably **** I explained a lot of things to you, give now and we will tell how we learned about everything, - I told the father, having seated the daughter on a chair. - It is necessary to suffer a little, a long story and a little terrible. I will begin with the fact that quite recently you could lose the younger little sister... Yes, don't look at me so, now you have a sister. And now you will understand why. Quiet conversation in kitchen didn't reach Them. Couple of lovers sat on a bed, It put the head to Him on a shoulder. From her eyes tears flowed. - Let's leave right now, I can't wait. - She persuaded. - And if the sister doesn't understand me??? - The sun, it is necessary to be strong. I am sure that even if my words didn't reach her, then mother with the father will convince her. - No, I can't wait. Gather, we leave right now. I won't be able to look with her to an eye. Having left the room They faced parents and the sister. - Youth, and you where? - the father asked. - I will bring her in to myself to hotel. We have number there, and to you here so will be rather small. At this time She diligently hid eyes. She had no forces to look at the sister, She was afraid to see disgust and condemnation there. - Well, go, - the father told, - quiet to you night. Having developed They already went to a door when the quiet voice behind was distributed: - Little sister... While She turned the head on a voice, her elder sister having overcome distance clasped her in arms. - Let will be so, the sister so the sister - cried and smiled looking at the younger sister the girl, - Eventually, I had a brother, now it is necessary to look as is with the sister. She cried on a shoulder at the elder sister, without trusting in such result of complex business. "She understood me..." best dating app dc area date today usa format site mapMain Page