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Olya made an appointment to Sergey in shopping center exactly at 10 in the morning. From what suddenly to be dragged in such wound in day off on shops, it couldn't understand, but obediently came to the meeting place without ten ten. Surprisingly, but Olya already waited for him there. All to a stransha and stransha — Sergey who got used to wait for eternally late girlfriend on an hour thought. Though after such delay Olya was especially gentle. They kissed, and Olya embraced Sergey and seized him by buttocks. — Hi, bitch — she whispered to him on an ear — we will go, I will buy you something. Sergey slightly was taken aback from such offer, but didn't begin to rest. — We will go, only let's sit on a shop on the avenue, all the same will open only in 10 minutes. — Of course, we will sit, the girlfriend — and Olya slapped Sergey in buttocks again and pushed towards a shop. From such liberties Sergey felt that the dick begins to strain, and quickened the pace quicker to sit down and hide an erection. — Where ran, the bitch — shouted Olya, both embraced Sergey behind and seized with a hand him by a dick. He reddened, looked back on the parties, but there were few people on the street, and nobody paid attention to them. He quickly took seat on a bench and Olya sat down to him on hands. He embraced her for a waist. Olya fidgeted at him on a lap, trying to rub about his got-up dick. Sergey quietly moaned. Olya embraced him for a neck and nestled on him all over. — Look, I without Lifan — Olya told and undid a shirt, Sergey saw her breast and the bulked-up nipples. — Give a uvula, the bitch, I missed it — Olya licked his lips and put language to it in a mouth. They rubbed languages, Olya put his hand to herself on a breast. — There are people — Sergey came round and I straightened out a hand. Olya smiled and kissed him on a mouth. — All right, the little coward, went, I will buy you beautiful panties, and Olya pulled him to an entrance. — Wait, at me costs, Sergey whispered. Olya discontentedly frowned, but waited until Sergey calms down. He hard got up and trudged for Olya in shopping center. They went, holding hands, and Olya constantly touched him by a breast, playfully smiled and in every possible way teased him putting out the tongue, pushing him with hips again touched him for buttocks. — Be enough, here all look — Sergey begged. People since morning was valid a little. But those that passed by stared at Sergey and Olya. So it seemed to N or Sergey that all stare not his getting-up dick. And this situation only amused Olya, she continued to tease him, sending him air-kisses and periodically baring nipples in the middle of a corridor of shopping center. At last Sergey saw a shop for rest and rushed to it. Olya just ran behind him and right there again jumped to him on knees. She licked his ear, and pressed his head to the breast. — Will be enough, please, don't jerk off me — Sergey asked — here people, we can be seen. And he beggarly looked at Olya. — Fie — and Olya instead of words spat to him in a face and began to lick with him the saliva. Now Sergey accurately saw how the security guard exchanged words with the shop assistant of one of boutiques, periodically nodding in their party. Olya looked in their party, then at Sergey too, smiled and seized teeth to him a neck. The security guard moved in their direction. — Olya please, stop — Sergey begged again, but he was interrupted by a voice of the suitable security guard. — Young people, at you everything is normal? — by an equal voice he asked — we have a decent shop, but not brothel here. The hint is clear? Olya with Sergey exchanged glances and burst out laughing. Olya loved such tricks in public, but today she surpassed itself. From shopping center they were exposed for the first time. They silently rose and hardly constraining snickers moved to an exit. The security guard terribly looked him following. Having left shop they looked at each other and burst out laughing. — Tu nearly I raped me — laughing Sergey spoke. — Yes, the security guard saved you — Olya answered — but I didn't buy panties to you. Went through other entrance. They were included into shopping center again and passed in a fitting room of one of shops. The door in a cabin was closed leaky and through a crack it was possible to see passing in a fitting room, and passing too could see changing clothes, though for a moment. Olya adored this fitting room and often stripped to the skin there, and was strongly made horney, suffering views of passersby both especially grease and long men. Having entered, Olya right there snatched on Sergey. He I tore off from him all clothes and I left him absolutely naked. Having undressed him, Olya clasped with a hand his got-up dick and with a force squeezed him. Then I bent and I took him in a mouth. Sergey moaned. Olya strongly squeezed teeth his head and Sergey tried to push away her from the dick. Olya became straight and with scope struck it on to the person, I packed all his things in an armful I left a fitting room. Sergey remained to stand there, in the middle of a cabin absolutely naked with a standing dick. 20 minutes of expectation later the door opened and Sergey thought that Olya returned and he made a step towads to her that he will rush on her, but stood with surprise. On a threshold with the same amazement the unfamiliar girl looked at him. Suddenly she sharply recoiled and turned to an exit and was already going to shout the administrator. — Excuse the girl, we are a little not dressed here — he suddenly heard Olya's voice, and the girl having hemmed and having again inspected Sergey from legs to the head passed further. Olya entered a cabin and took Sergey for the dick which fell already. She gently massed it fingers. — Well, the bitch, you won't kick more? — Sergey quickly rolled up the head — and that I precisely here naked will leave you. — All right, watch that I brought to you — Olya developed a beautiful white dress before Sergey. — Such as you wanted, doesn't fit, free, short, it is easily possible to lift up him and to fuck you. Sergey was embarrassed and reddened. Olya bent and the dick kissed him. Then I kneelt and I licked his balls. Sergey put a leg on a padded stool that it was more convenient to Olya to lick him. Olya licked his balls and the dick nadrachivat. stories erotic She kissed him, gently drove lips from a head to eggs, then licked balls, a head again. Having felt that Sergey's dick strained, Olya got up and stripped to the skin. She threw with a dress Sergey and was removed from him to inspect him. — And you goes — having grinned — Olya told, examining Sergey. She slapped on the dick rising under a dress and watched how he dangles. Then I slapped again, and again I looked as dangles him. — Here such I like you, bitch — Olya told and opened the door in a cabin. Sergey involuntarily blinked, but buyers in a fitting room weren't. — What are you afraid, think I you just like that in such wound behind rags dragged? — Olya naked absolutely quietly left a cabin, and began to take a picture of Sergey on phone. — Give, the whore, show me sex — and Sergey began to pose for her, licking a finger, erotically bulged buttocks, bared a hairy leg. Suddenly Olya sharply whisked in a cabin and closed a door. Someone entered a fitting room. The guy with the girl exchanged words came into the next cabin. Then the girl pushed out the guy in a corridor. Olya and Sergey exchanged glances and right there Olya snatched on him. Trying not to rustle they kissed, touched each other, then nestled to each other and Sergey just stuck to Olya's mouth. Then he kissed her neck, cheeks, sucked a breast, kissed a navel and having kneeled gently kissed her a pussy. Sponges were wet and hot. Sergey licked them and felt slightly saltish taste. — No — Olya passionately whispered and now she pushed away Sergey from the pussy. She forced him to get up, grabbed by a dick and the sharp movement developed it a back to herself and facing a mirror. I pressed to him on a nape and Sergey bent, having rested hands against a wall. — My bitch, my girl — Olya whispered to him on an ear, biting a lobe of his ear. She touched him, climbed under a dress hands, caressed his buttocks, his dick took in a hand and began to nadrachivat. Olya nestled on his back, and moved a waist as though fucked Sergey behind. They obediently I wagged buttocks and I moaned. — The good whore, well you work buttocks — Olya continued to nadrachivat Sergey's dick and bit him for shoulders and stuck claws into his back. Sergey twitched and groaned at each sting, Olya moved a waist all sharper and sharper. Sergey rubbed about her buttocks stronger. — I... now... I will terminate... — Sergey whispered. Olya threw his dick, pulled out a hand from under a dress and again his dick, but already from above through fabric clasped. Having strongly squeezed the member Olya asked: — It is pleasant, the bitch? — and she quick start to jerk off his dick. Sergey got nervous, moaned and with a loud exhalation terminated directly in a dress. Olya still slightly jerked off him, the dick threw then and licked the fingers. — Good bitch — Olya told, and slapped Sergey in buttocks. He ulbynutsya slightly. — But the dress on doesn't approach, remove quickly! — Olya ordered, and Sergey with insult looked at her and inflated sponges. — I told remove! — even more strict Olya ordered — there is no it to you and you suck badly, not on this dress. Sergey with insult looked on Olya, but pulled down from himself a dress, trying not to get dirty in cum spots, and stretched it to Olya. Having put on, they left a fitting room and Olya threw an obkonchenny dress in a heap of the rags rolling at the exit. — It doesn't suit us — she told the girl consultant sitting at the exit and they with Sergey meanly started giggling. — bases in dating urban dictionary date calculator java site mapMain Page