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After that Vazgen Hatsepetovich lived in the apartment two weeks. He had me daily, happened twice, and happened and three times. His potentiality just struck. Practically I cumed every time, and very often struyno. Now I have a husband, I love him, and he me. To me it is good with him, but I extremely seldom cum, and never skvirty. Then I was absolutely exhausted and grew dull from a constant fucking. And I had also to carry out some economic duties. In food the owner was unpretentious. In the morning I roasted to him couple of toasts with oil or fried eggs with chicken. During the lunchtime he usually ate pilaf which prepared. I gave also to me, it was very tasty, but it is fat. He had supper not houses where and than — I don't know. Besides it was necessary to do the cleaning constantly. Only to wipe all regiments I needed daily about four hours. The owner didn't suffer dust. Plus to everything mopping. At any time it could demand my body to itself(himself) for the satisfaction. And almost every time has come to an end for me with an orgasm. All my existence was subordinated to master's whims, usually sexual orientation. So, for example, in the first day he gave me a big bolonyevy apron and demanded that on me, except him and slippers, ever nothing was. The apron covered me completely in front and at all in any way behind. Thus, when I did the cleaning of his house, the owner had an opportunity to watch my naked buttocks. Sometimes it made horney, irritated more often, but there was also the convenience — long he didn't undress me: I pulled two ties on a back and here already absolutely naked and gotovenky to the next exercises. It would be wrong to tell that I waited for it, not at all. Just I understood what it is all the same will be in timepoint, convenient only for a chock, means more best to me ready to sex to be constant. However that he demanded from me it was possible to call sex not always. After my first anal he didn't touch my bottom four days. By the way then I didn't go to a toilet on big two days – so it before it washed out me. The first days the owner just fucked me in quite traditional way. Here only positions I chose often wildly inconvenient. It is necessary to tell, as vaginal sex for me was serious test, after all his dick was strongly great. Once a chock I took in head to train me in the correct blowjob. It brought the same rubber horse-radish and forced to swallow of it. I opened a mouth more widely and tried to thrust it into a throat, at least centimeters on fifteen. Long it seemed that it is impossible, but then Vazgen Hatsepetovich ordered to pull out language and to push a dick in a throat on an exhalation. To achieve that all actions became synchronous it appeared too not easy. All my reflexes rose against this invasion. I choked and choked, but unexpectedly it turned out, the dick passed in a throat to the basis, I left him several seconds there and smoothly pulled out. After that the owner still somewhere half of hour forced me to work all movements. The next morning he photographed me twice on "Polaroid". In one photo in my hand there was a rubber dick, and on other same dick was thrust to me into a mouth, so, that only the tip was visible. My task was as follows. I had to go to shop intim of goods, show to the seller both photos and ask to pick up to me the same feature, only slightly more thickly and more long. Allegedly I lack this any more. And that I didn't use cunning, Vazgen Hatsepetovich gave me with himself a dictophone and demanded that I brought him record of the conversation with the seller. Once his imagination was surprised. It was that still test! I already slightly got used to trick of the owner, and here it is necessary to show the dissoluteness absolutely to the stranger. However everything passed more simply, than I thought. Earlier shops such were for me an unambiguous taboo, and now I considered goods with timid interest. Some things to me were just unclear, others amused, and a part caused horror mixed up with joy, because, that the owner doesn't use such. Sellers it appeared two, the guy and the girl. I addressed the guy. He looked at photos only for a moment and at once offered me the simulator from the same series, only the following standard size. It is necessary, at dicks still it appears there are series! I paid off and with relief slipped out for a door. And at once with fear I understood that forgot to include record. It was necessary to return, repent that changed the mind and to choose "I prichindat" the similar size from the range of other series. The guy with ease picked up to me other phallus with a wide sucker at the basis. It as I understood in order that it could be stuck we will tell on a wall in the bathroom and to study blowjob without hands. By the way, when I appeared in shop again, the guy, something explained to the girl, showing hands the door. Both laughed. Everything is clear. It was very a shame, the person at me flared, but also excitement took place to be. In the same day the owner wanted to take a shower together with me. He didn't begin to wash, and forced me under water jets to the knees and forced to suck. This time I operated depth of immersion and everything passed at least without pain. The truth was one surprise. Somewhere in about fifteen minutes my work as a mouth and language, Vazgen Hatsepetovich switched off a shower and forced me to embrace him buttocks hands. I slightly increased speed, now I could move the head, being attracted to his body by hands. At the last minute he pressed to me a hand on a nape, without allowing to release from a mouth his dick and strongly terminated. His cum flooded to me all mouth, I have a fit of coughing and is unexpected for itself terminated too. In my opinion he didn't notice it. He only drove the obmyagshy dick at me in a mouth and kept saying: "Swallow, swallow, the babe, don't spit out", and I obediently swallowed of his warm sticky cum and thought of what I am rubbish. Somehow in the evening he came home drunk and right after a shower demanded blowjob. I sucked very long, caressed language and hands, but the erection was bad, eventually, he sent me to the hall to a sofa, and itself, without having discharged, was filled up to sleep. I lay and was surprised why men drink. They only pour in themselves in a quantity of alcohol and it, in a magic way turns them from the car for sex into a sluggish gruel. Next morning I was waited by revenge. I became the witness to his powerlessness and therefore deserved punishment. The owner somehow calculated that I come into an office that was strictly forbidden me. He brought me into the gym, tied to a bench on which lift a bar from a prone position, and, without taking off from me a foolish apron, he and so covered nothing, flogged a belt on a bottom. And I warned at once if I shout, I will receive more. I counted fifteen blows and didn't peep, only tears continuously ran from eyes. Twice Vazgen Hatsepetovich enclosed me under the friends. The first time it was some non-Russian who quickly made the business and left. In the evening the owner asked me about my feelings, and I honestly answered that I felt nothing. The non-Russian had between legs some pipette, besides he put on condom and quickly terminated. Other case was more dramatic. The owner appeared with the friend and I at home, without catching sight to them, disappeared in kitchen. However Vazgen Hatsepetovich called me in state muddy soon. They sat there and played in the trik-track., in Russian it it seems as a backgammon. Moving so that accidentally not to show to the guest the naked bum I came and got up before them. The owner hazardously threw cubes – he probably won. He demanded tea for them of two and toasts with jam. When I brought demanded, a game already ended, judging by a dissatisfied ugly face of the visitor he lost. They discussed something unclear. The owner named the guest Sergey, and that his Vartan that slightly surprised me. Unexpectedly Sergey addressed me: "Take off an apron" - he told, looking to me over the head. I shuddered and looked at the owner. "Everything is all right, remove, I resolve". — that answered. I sighed and untied tapes. The apron fell to my legs. In total also without looking at me Sergey addressed my owner: "Tell her that villages to me on knees". The owner nodded to me, I approached Sergey and sat down as he asked. Without interrupting a conversation, he began to caress my breast. It was cool, besides by the form Russian and my nipples strained under his caress. "Borrow me it for an hour" — Sergey told. "Bury. — somehow excessively indifferently Vazgen Hatsepetovich responded — only in a mouth don't give". Sergey started giggling: "Don't worry, I in general can stick a mouth with her". He took me by hand and led to the bedroom. There he really got a wide adhesive plaster and stuck to me a mouth. If it is possible to die about shame, and I had to make it immediately. Sergey leaned me against a wall and strongly squeezed boobies hands. At the same time at last I looked fool in the face. Change was unexpected and sharp. Instead of secular slightly tired guest I was just burned a look by a hungry wolf cub. The decency and manners flew from this person as a peel. He squeezed to me boobies more and stronger and considerably enjoyed my pain and fear. "Only peep, the crud" — he threateningly whispered. With the last bit of strength I crushed groan in myself. It released one breast, pushed a hand to me between legs and squeezed fingers a clitoris. It was already intolerable. I lowed, legs were turned in and I failed on knees, hands trying to tear off his hand squeezing my breast. Probably it enraged Sergey, he slightly recoiled, then seized me with one hand by hair, and another backhand hit on a face. I fell. He raised to me the head and again cut. And still. I don't remember further. When I recovered, Vazgen Hatsepetovich sat on a breast at Sergey and squeezed to him a hand a throat. Sergey rattled. Then the owner released him and got up. Sergey rose from a floor long and hard. When he, reeling became straight, I saw that an eye at him swam away, and from both nostrils blood flows. The owner wasn't even rumpled. "Vartan, there now I didn't expect in any way — Sergey mumbled. – As so, because of some whore …" Vazgen Hatsepetovich was sharply developed and otshatnut Sergey. "She — not the whore. She went with you not because of money but because I ordered. And you, a jackal, used my hospitality and you mutilate the girl belonging to me. Get out, nit". I lay on a floor and silently cried, didn't even notice where the sadist Sergey got to. The head of me broke up, an eye gradually swam away, the breast hurt and having very felt thirsty. base date reservation sap dateline streaming site mapMain Page