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If to begin from the very beginning... It was in youth. I have a cousin Sasha, he is more senior than me for 3 years. In the childhood we with Sasha quite often spent the night at the grandmother in the summer. In my eyes of that time he was an adult man though we easily found a common language... He told about the first kisses, I with wild interest listened to everything, but once came all further a talk... We in that at evening for the first time tasted vodka and were on amusing. In the room where we slept was very hot and he having removed about the pants offered me most too. After that he began to touch my naked body, I in reply took in a hand his dick and began to jerk off... Further it that evening didn't reach, I of course wanted, but it was terrible. After that we communicated as friends and didn't remember about that night. And after the wedding with Lena at all all communication descended on phone calls each other. Lena not especially loved my family, including their defective because her parents were much more wealthy... But here thoughts of his dick all this time were in my head. It was very big and a little curve. Though with search of partners of problems at me never was, I madly wanted will meet it. And the fact that it is a peculiar incest haunted me... But here is how to meet him for implementation of all my imaginations... Long without thinking I faded the second number and via WhatsApp, allegedly unintentionally I sent several my photos without the person, but there are enough frank. At first he was silent, but next day... We started correspondence. Probably lust at us family... He was glad to each photo and sent the to the answer. For these years his dick became more and it simply demented me. And one day he offered will meet... From me it was required to find the place, and from it all the rest... I rented apartment for day and having told lies to the wife about a business trip though it was it and it isn't especially interesting... I arrived in advance there and having prepared the body, I began to dress up. On me right there were black stockings, a red set of lace lingerie (thongs and a bra). A red satin short dress which on me looked as a night dress... After that I did a make-up and "having licked" hair gel back... I was completely ready... Thoughts that the brother will come and will see me in such look a little excited and haunted and I couldn't guess reaction. He that went on a meeting with the passive gay, but not with the brother the gay... Time before his arrival seemed lasted eternity... The on-door speakerphone rang out, I silently pressed the button and having opened a door returned to the room, having sat down on edge of a large bed, heart without restraint fought inside. And here the door and his voice opened — Where are you? — I in the room... pass... And in couple of seconds he seemed in the doorway and having seen me he was very shocked... There came the minute silence and his words — How so? — I didn't expect... Having put aside, he sat down in a chair and here we began dialogue. The brother asked how I reached it, I having shortly told as from the quiet boy I turned into the vulgar whore. My story very much surprised him. About the party we with Lena were ideal family, and as a result... Gradually his surprise took place and having opened a bottle of wine there came some awkwardness, but that he didn't leave having seen me, he wanted continuation of evening and having stayed so about an hour. We were already a little drunk and having come to a balcony — How did I want you to fuck then? — And now? Don't you want? He approached behind and having lifted up my dress ran a hand over buttocks... — Bend down... I bent down to a handrail... His firm dick rested against me and pressing... He was same thick and elastic as then having completely appeared in me... — To you it isn't painful? — No... you know what I passed through... And having made several pushes he took out it and having thrown out a cigarette seized me by a hand — Went... Having come into the room, he seated me on a bed and having lowered trousers... It was just divine dick, long, thick and a little bent closer to a head. I having right there taken it in a hand I didn't restrain and having clasped it with lips I began to suck it greedy. What I did at that moment gave it wild pleasure and he groaned having squeezed lips. For a minute having let out him from a mouth I moved to his balls — Holy Christ what he magnificent at you! — Give still... I cum... I wanted more and more and his words upset me and having returned to caress of his head soon the dense cum began to fill my mouth, having swallowed all to a last straw I licked the falling dick to purity... seeing that I counted on bigger he — Now I in a shower and we will have the real sex... His words pleased me also he having returned completely naked approximately in 20 minutes... — So as a result I turn out actually then made the sister of you? Words about the sister were pleasant to me — Yes, I will be your little sister today And having taken a wine gulp. — Approach the little sister! I having got up I suited to him still to a wet body, he having strongly squeezed my buttocks — I want you to fuck all night long today, I want that your hole wasn't closed at all — Yes... give fuck me He flung away me to a bed and climbed... I stood already dog-fashion, the dress hem right there appeared on my waist and his dick from one push entered, from surprise I screamed... — It is pleasant? — Yes... — And your wife loves so? — Yes... loves — Always I wanted to fuck her, now I understand why! And having made several strong pushes with which I choked — Do you want that the dick appeared in her?! — Yes... I Want! Continue! And he continued... it were a couple of minutes without stopping strong pushes, at the end having sharply taken out a dick... It looked as my buttocks clenched and having waited when it was completely closed, he repeated everything again... After three times of such short but rough sex. It carried out by a palm on a perineum — So to you there is a little sister more! I ran a hand over a perineum, my hole was completely open and his dick could enter without any work — Now, I want that you made everything! He laid down on a bed, I climbed astride his dick and began to humour the brother, at the same time there was a wish to satisfy him as much as possible... I jumped on his dick, my hole all squelched at each movement, and to him there was everything a little and few. The brother was obviously ready on all night long... I in 10 minutes got up from his dick... — I want that you fucked me on a balcony... The idea was pleasant to him and having left... I having bent down about a handrail I got up dog-fashion and he became me... It was just divine dick... there was a wish more and more, I few times terminated, almost in a row, and it all wasn't appeased, at each push driving all are deeper and deeper... And once he didn't sustain... The dense cum right there began to fill me from within... He stood, I moved buttocks what he would terminate more feasibly... Later, having come into the room... — It is necessary to me will leave, through an hour I will return... — Where you? — To one place it is necessary... And having put on he left are reality dating shows real date calculator court site mapMain Page