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I want to tell how I checked the wife for treason. In youth I didn't notice, and by 50 years I began to think of honesty of my wife. For this purpose to me some pieces from our life were remembered. When began to analyze, I came to a conclusion that I have strong reasons to doubt her honesty. First of all, I remembered that it several times presented me with a fait accompli that selected her one permit in sanatorium though of course she asked two, and she should go. You know when the woman goes one to the resort, for 21 days, the silly woman she will be if not поебётся on the party. Then memory issued one more hint. I rather often had to leave in youth the house in the summer for the weekend. She always objected, but I included the arguments, and she quickly agreed. Now, analyzing the memoirs, I think, it was a good game. We had beautiful neighbors, young couple, is slightly more senior than us, Gennady and Galina, at us even some friendship was started. However, rather my wife began to be on friendly terms with neighbors. This friendship continued several years until I learned that Gena still that cable and women peretrakhat a set. I began to remember a relationship of my wife and our friends. Conclusions were not consolatory, Sveta and Gena keep in sexual relations. It became very offensive for me, I gave all for the family, at the same time my wife is fucked with the neighbor. Long I thought, and I decided to bring her to "clear water". Gena with Galina already divorced by this time. He had a new family, he moved to live to Kursk, but sometimes he comes to our city, he has a small business. When came to the city I stopped in the apartment in the neighboring house. For a start I decided to use information technologies. Google has very interesting gadget "Remote Management of Android" with which help it is possible to control location of phone. I installed this counter on the wife's phone, and I began to look behind her movements on the tablet PC. It was necessary to wait for three months. I to go to a business trip, and her phone was highlighted to the address Genes. I had patience, I waited still some time, again I organized to myself a business trip and again the same result. I developed the small plan as to me to untwist this couple. The plan was such. To me in a month 52 years have to knock and I decided to invite Gennady to this action. Naturally without his wife. Then to work on circumstances. In due time my guests gathered in restaurant on a small party. We perfectly spent evening, well drank when began to disperse, I invited Gennady to come to us, one for the road. My wife was connected and it is natural he not could refuse. Houses laid a table, drank decently, I pretended that I am very drunk and on an automatic pilot, went to the bedroom. Through several time from the bedroom slight snore began to be distributed, I recorded it previously with phone. I lie, I listen. They remained some in kitchen. After a while Sveta came, checked how I sleep, and covered a door to the bedroom. I showed care of the husband. To me their conversation didn't become heard, here still phone gives trills in the form of snore. I can't switch off phone, I am afraid to frighten off this couple. Carefully I crept to listen to a conversation to kitchen. I hear, the wife suggests Genya to remain to spend the night, it's late, why to go home. Suddenly her speech is interrupted, deaf sweet groan. Here I understood that I am waited by interesting night. The wife sent him to a shower, and itself began to lay a bed in an office on a sofa. We have doors of an office and the bedroom leave in a corridor, and the opposite wall has a sliding wardrobe with mirror doors. When doors of rooms are open, it is perfectly possible to see from a bed, a sofa in an office. At the slightly opened door I perfectly saw as Sveta lays a bed. Gena was washed, came to an office and they began to kiss. It proceeded not long, she whispered something to him on an ear and went to the bathroom. Gena laid down on a sofa, included a desk lamp, and began to wait. In 10 — 15 minutes Sveta came. She approached a sofa, it climbed her under a dressing gown, and began to jerk off. What it would be more convenient, she put one leg on a sofa. After a while I began to moan from pleasure. Gena so raskochegarit her pizdenka that to me her squelch became heard. At it so always happened when she disperses at a mouth, her pizda loudly squelches. I look, Gena shows her four fingers, she only nodded. He began to jerk off her four fingers. Probably, Sveta ripened absolutely, dumped from him a blanket, he lay naked, and began to suck. The dick at him so-so, centimeters 15, but thick. I think 5 — 6 centimeters. She swallowed him easily on the balls. Even I licked them. At me I sucked once when from Zheleznovodsk arrived. It is never more, I refused flatly, she didn't like a smell of the dick. Now I sucked professionally, trips to the resort weren't in vain. As she didn't try, Gena couldn't terminate. Light I decided to check again how I sleep. I came, I looked, phone gave snore perfectly familiar to her, she calmed down, the door only covered densely. To me it became absolutely inaudible that is created in the neighboring room. I decided to wait for minutes 10 and to leave kind of in a toilet. I put an ear to a door, I hear a sofa of the beginnings rhythmically to squeak, all I think a time. I leave and at once in an office. The picture is astounding, Sveta costs dog-fashion, rested the head against a sofa back. The dressing gown moved down, and covered the face, she what doesn't see. Hair on a pizda, are smeared in white lubricant. We regularly use her at sex. I managed to take away her from a bedside table in the bedroom. Gena with concentration to insert the dick to her into an ass. From the third time he managed to thrust it. Light quietly I sighed, and I overdrove an ass. At this time Gena saw me, standing in the doorway. He sobered up instantly. The dick fell down and jumped out of an ass. At this time the dissatisfied voice of Svetlana — "A gene is distributed, fuck that got up". The pause dragged on, and the wife discontentedly threw off a dressing gown from the head, rose from a sofa. At this time we meet eyes. She promptly gets up, and by me runs away to the bathroom. There is no sense further to tell. We continue to live together. For a change sometimes we meet. Now it is necessary Sveta not with pleasure when we to her try, to stop up with her all holes, but suffers where her to disappear. are dating apps lame html date get value site mapMain Page