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It is not fiction, everything that there was to me an honest truth if someone recognizes himself, don't take offense, I about all had the kindest memoirs. I emigrated to Turkey from one former Soviet republic. In job searches I got on the Antalya coast. I worked two-three of years in hotel animation. It is not work and sex paradise. All male half of hotel staff begins with the beginning of a season kind of a competition someone the first will open a season, having fucked the tourist and whose list in a consequence will be longer. In 2005 I got a job in CLAB HİT hotel, near Alania. The hotel was calculated on the Russian tourists though from personnel in Russian except travel agents no someone spoke. Naturally it is more chances to open трахсезон than at me at anybody wasn't. I had a friend, the bartender Mekhmed, with him we also removed two girls from Vologda, in three days after opening of hotel. They were called by Katya and Liouba. The plan was simple. After work we in chetvery went to local night bar, girls were already drunk as drank since morning. After we led them in one of local boarding houses where I in a consequence also drove all maids. Mekhmed with Katya, I with Liouba. We dispersed by numbers. I at once drove Lyubanya into a shower. From a shower she without being wiped hardly standing on the feet I reached a bed and at once it began to be chopped off about Pyana. But I didn't allow her to lay down, took for the head and without prevention the her to her in a mouth put. She slightly was stunned by such address, but all the same began to suck away, having warned that I didn't put too deeply, differently can blevanut. Подрючив her in a mouth of minutes 5, I put her on a back and to a descent rammed a pizda. I tore up her without restraint, minutes 40. She began to sigh that she can't suffer any more and asked me to terminate rather. I turned her on a stomach, villages to her on thighs moved apart bum rolls, and again, without prevention, thrust her is direct in an ass, on the balls. She quietly zavizhat, but couldn't escape therefore she 5 just suffered even minutes and squealed a little while I drove a head on her narrow sphincter. Having terminated, I slowly took a her. The head was all in shit, her ass made the farting sound, and from the developed hole my cum began to flow. I ran to wash. And when returned Lyubanya slept in the same pose. I removed her on edge of a bed. And itself I laid down, put that at daybreak, and to me to work the whole day. Girls hung out a week more in hotel. And every night after work we with Mekhmed walked them. Then there was a girl Ira from St. Petersburg. To her I had more warm feelings. But she had a groom, and on a serious relationship chances weren't. Everything was limited to a week-long moonlight walk and a mad fucking in boarding house. She probably already married. Later there was Lena. I fell in love with it with all the heart. She too from St. Petersburg. She has an angelic face, a thin figure. I tried to tempt her is direct on the night beach within several nights. She didn't give in, then I by a hand dragged her in boarding house. There we undressed straight off immediately. She had small breasts, both surprisingly small and accurate pizdenka. I loved her with all tenderness, for all night. In the morning exhausted but happy returned to hotel. In several days she left. On the same day I got acquainted with again arrived Zhenechka, and too from St. Petersburg. She was just a miracle. In the evening she called me to sit in what нибуд bar. On her there was a short short skirt which was hardly covering appetizing buttocks. Rather having loaded with alcohol, Zhenechka is direct at a table moved apart legs, removed panties aside, took my hand and began to push my fingers in the pizda which is already champing from moisture. I was stunned. For so many years of work in tourism I saw many dissolute girls, but it was for the first time. I how many I didn't resist, on the contrary, began to fuck her two fingers, Zhenechka unscrupulously groaned on all bar. Of course we were noticed. I suggested to leave. Hardly left bar, directed in the banana plantations which were nearby. She right there fell on knees and having got up dog-fashion asked will insert her from everything to scope. After 10 minutes of a gallop, she shouted that I immediately implanted her into a point two fingers when my fingers already jerked off her shameless gut she with groan terminated. then sharply I jumped off from a dick and from fingers, it was developed and I began to suck away trying to swallow my dick, I quickly terminated is direct in a throat, Zhenechka without ceasing to jerk off at the same time a pizda, swallowed a cum, released and the dick, and the most delicate voice asked to spit her in a mouth. I tastefully spat her in the opened mouth, and she terminated once again. Then I saw her to hotel, and itself left since the personnel are forbidden to visit numbers. Then throughout all season there was an uncountable number of pretty girls from all corners of Russia. Were especially remembered Nadenka from Murmansk, it went bananas from an anal, and I all in the same boarding house enjoyed several nights her hot buttocks. Anechka from St. Petersburg, I deprived of her virginity is direct on the beach. Nellie from Magadan, we fucked in the sea in full view of several honeycombs tourists in broad daylight. Me slightly from work for it not vyperl. Then already to me home to Izmir there arrived my Lenochka. I lived several months, I became pregnant, and having been frightened that it forever I ran away to myself into St. Petersburg. I made abortion and I waved to me with the handle. I not long grieved because such little romantic whores to us by the whole planes are delivered every day. And all as break loose, without difference whether the virgin whether I am married as though specially go to fuck and to the grooms and husbands to cuckold. All coast of pizdy became permeated with the smell. Men Russian, you what you don't fuck them there, perhaps? are dates and grapes related dateline episodes 2020 site mapMain Page