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- Well you give, for the first time and so to shout, - the man answered and having borrowed the place between my lyashka the dick once again sent to my body. Igor pulled hard on me all over, having even more spread my legs in the parties. I already quietly perceived the fact that I give to the man in a bum. No slightest shame or thoughts of abnormality of the events was. "Everything is correct, I am a girl, only with the dick. The first sex I had time with the guy, I mean and I will remain forever a little girl." - I thought about myself. The wave of an orgasm covered me with the head. I something shouted, or just groaned having widely opened a mouth, I don't remember any more. Igor with a mad speed fucked me and soon after me somehow routinely and quietly lowered a cum in my body. I understood it on the become frequent breath of the man. Mad repeating over and again was replaced by the deep immersions alternating almost full taking out of the dick from me. When I recovered Igor still lay between my stretched legs and slowly, but very deeply plunged into me. Some champing sounded from me at each immersion. - I regained consciousness, the beauty, - Igor began to laugh rising from my crushed body, - pumped up you a cum, thought at you from a mouth will get. - I that now woman? - scaredly I asked, recovering and gradually realizing that now happened. Didn't manage to answer as the door in a slesarka was opened and three musclemen squeezed into the small room. The passion subsided and I began to realize the present situation - with the fucked back I lie on a bed before three naked men, having widely spread legs. Having seen entered I for fear didn't even think to be covered or shift legs - just lay and looked at them. - It is ready? - loudly one of musclemen asked. - As you can see, - to him Igor vigorously threw, rising from a bed, - Sashka obviously the virgin was, but two served us properly. Also I terminated just on lovely sight from only one back. - Someone took it in the back? - having got closer to me the same healthy fellow asked. - I also uncorked a back as agreed strongly didn't begin to stretch. - Well, Sanka, it was pleasant to be the little girl? - almost paternally the muscleman asked, I give a hand and touching me for a breast, - upright still I watch nipples. Catalepsy fell down also I having sharply removed to a wall, turned sideways and covered with a hand the small penis. - Someone are you such what occurs? - almost I began to cry. - We you bought from these misters, grinned, looking at my pose the guy, - get up though show me the figure praised. - How it was bought what it me someone buys? - I was surprised. - Do you prefer to remain with them and to give itself to fuck every day to these drunks? - Nuuu, I didn't think of it, - I honestly admitted, - I don't know. - I was left by the girlfriend, more true I learned that she slept except me also with my brother, and I decided to offer this place to you, - the muscleman continued, - you to me were looked at once. Turn over, show buttocks. I thought a little, weighed all pros and cons and... I turned over on a stomach, having defiantly sniffed. The rigid palm imperiously laid down on my buttocks. - I take away, - was heard behind the back, - wash and put on, Aleksandra Igorevna. A middle name to you in memory of your first man. I got down from a bed. The cum filling my back at once began to flow between legs from my expanded anus. I covered the back with a hand and having straightened the skirt which is still dangling on me began to mince in a toilet. - Now we drive to the doctor, - was distributed afterwards, - he properly will wash out to you interiors. From clothes slip on shorts some there and a t-shirt. - Well, - I from a bathtub shouted, washing away the cum which is flowing down on legs. In five minutes I stood in the room, clean and washed away. On me there were obviously maiden shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't begin to dress panties. - Sashka is good, - the man hemmed enough and pushed me to an exit. We passed across the close cellar to an exit and in a minute I already stood on the street in front of the smart car. When I jumped on a back seat my "buyer" sat down by me at once. - Well give gets acquainted, my name is Sergey. If you obey me and life at you as in paradise won't contradict. - I so understand to me it is necessary to live with you as the girl? - I asked. - If you don't mind of course. But if minds, I will just send you back to guys to the cellar, - Sergey grinned. I sharply waved the head, back I for some reason didn't want. - Now to the doctor we drive, I will leave you there for couple of days. Will check your health and in general... - Well, for some reason to me already all the same, - I agreed. We went minutes twenty. The car stopped in the yard of some house and Sergey having opened a door told: - Get out and go to a door, wait for you. I obediently got out of the car and having slapped a door went to the house. The car right there darted off and departed. The door to the house was opened and the person in a suit friendly waved with a hand: - You are probably Sashka? - having inspected me the man told, - pass. I went after the man along a light corridor deep into at home. The man opened a door of an office and passed me inside. - Pass, undress, I will look at you. I walked about the room. Only a table and a small hospital ottoman - here and all furniture in the room. While I examined an office, the man who is already dressed in a white dressing gown returned. - What should I do? - For a start undress to pants, - the doctor told approaching me. - On me there are no pants, - I admitted, and having thrown off shorts and an undershirt the dick covered with palms. - Sit down on a couch. I sat down. The doctor took out the small syringe from a pocket. - It is an inoculation of my production, practically from all male diseases, - the doctor laughed, - give a hand. I gave a hand and in a minute syringe contents already appeared in my blood. My head somehow unexpectedly began to spin and I is weakened leaned back on a couch all over. I slept not long, probably hour at most, but having opened eyes I with surprise saw that I already in other room, lie on a bed. In all body there was some weakness. - Hi, the Sleeping Beauty, - was distributed sideways. I turned the head and saw the girl at the bed. - Hi, where it I? - In postoperative, I overslept two days, - the little girl hemmed. - What for the operating room, I it seems on survey was brought? - Also examined at the same time and I was helped a little bit, - that began to smile enough, - I now it seems as partly you. Sergey, when took me to itself, promised to return my economy after our parting. Now I have your balls. I as well as you are an ex-boyfriend, I lived at Sergey year, now we left and he made me the guy again, but so far on a half. The dick will be sewn and I will be just a man. I it is frightened I cast away from myself a sheet, already knowing what waits for me under it. My dick appeared even less in sizes and now was just small centimetric sprout, without lace curtain. The ball sack as didn't happen, simply smooth skin between the dick and an anus. Right there the girl got up and having cast away tails of the robe showed the intimate place - I learned the balls on her body. - My God, how it so, I what now the real woman, fuck like someone wants? - nearly I began to cry. - Oh come on, look at yourself you and I was a maid, just for some reason the dick with balls was attached. And for certain with little men you wish to go to bed, otherwise Seryoga wouldn't choose you. All right, it is time for me, good luck you the little sister, - the girl threw and I went for a door, carrying away my former men's advantage. Later I all asked at the doctor that is with me and why. From his explanations the main thing was only that he having cut off me balls deprived of an opportunity to become real the guy - men's hormones departured together with my ball sack and my figure will gradually even more resemble women's. The dick remained only for small need and just for an entertainment. The nervous terminations, thanks to the absolute medical equipment, the doctor managed to transfer from the dick to a bunghole. Now I could get an orgasm only from sex in buttocks. As additional cunning feature - special development of the doctor he built in me the special electronic device which is turning on at my excitement and reacting to the acid-base circle and the chemical composition of your man. If skin with other indicators of structure the device touches me will send a signal to my brain and I will just lose for some time control over the body - full paralysis with relaxation of a bladder and intestines. Sensors of touches were built in my bunghole, a mouth, scattered on all surface of a breast, stomach, buttocks and the internal surface of hips. - There now, it seems I with you finished. You will stay in hospital a couple of days more, then Sergey will take away you, - the doctor smiled and having sat down to me on a bed cast away a sheet from my naked body. Other hand he undid the fly and the dick took out. I bashfully looked at his economy, everything was remembered, happened to me in the cellar, I presented that with me will be farther. Something warm moved in me, desire of sex by a spark rushed in my head. - I gave a hand to the dick of the doctor and clasped him with a hand. The dick pleasantly began to move in my cam. The doctor gave a hand and stroked my breast. Desire became even stronger. And there was what never I would like to test any more - hands and legs became wadded and I couldn't even move with them. It seemed all muscles refused to fulfill соё the purpose. I didn't understand what is with me, the head powerlessly leaned back on a pillow. I felt as warm liquid began to flow from my chlenik directly on a bed, but I could do nothing with myself. - Here you see how the system works - you will want sex, nothing from this will leave - the body will refuse to you. But in such look you can be raped as you want and how many you want so try not to allow such business and don't even think of treason to the owner, - the bathroom behind a wall. amber kuo dating dateline brent dennis site mapMain Page