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My name is Marina. I then was 18 years old. In the evening my friend had birthday. I carefully gathered for it as if anticipating that today something will occur what I so wait for. I put on beautiful lace black lingerie and a black dress, she ideally emphasized all bends of my body. Guests gathered. Among them I noticed the guy. He was not perceptible. I beautiful and pleasant appearance, of average height, the blue-eyed brunette with long hair and elastic buttocks. As from the childhood the remarkable figure and amazing flexibility of a body did gymnastics. We were acquainted him called Ivan. We spent all remained evening together communicated. When all guests began to disperse it suggested to see off me To the house. All evening he entered himself in a gentleman's way, is affable. While we went stirred, but I wanted bigger and took him by hand. Near an entrance we began to say goodbye, but I didn't want to release it and having taken courage decided to kiss it. He gently answered my kiss. That evening wasn't at home my parents they went to the dacha with spending the night so the apartment was at my order. I invited him to myself to treat with tea, and he agreed. When we set the table those some case faced foreheads and our hands adjoined each other. And further we merged in kisses. He gently embraced me for a waist, and my hands were twisted around a neck of N е I remember how we appeared in the bedroom. He gently laid me on a bed and continued to kiss me on a neck and an ear. In process I didn't notice how he removed from me panties. Then he developed me on a tummy and gently undid my dress. Further he continued to kiss my back going down below and below. Having lifted up and at the same time having bared my buttocks, he began to kiss it. From surprise I even shuddered, but right there I felt pleasant feelings and in the bottom of a stomach became somehow wet and was very pleasant, and there was a wish already bigger. Further we got rid of the remained clothes. And here at last I lick a golenk before him. He continued to kiss me and went down to my pussy and began to play a uvula with my clitoris there at the same time massed my breast a hand. I couldn't suffer more it and told him I want that I entered me in me, but there is one, but. I am still a virgin, being confused told him. He continued to caress me below my pussy. And from my lips groans began to break. And all are louder and louder. I was afraid that neighbors can hear, but it made horney even more. My legs were spread so strongly as not when moved with language there. It so skillfully did it that I just cried in deep ecstasy. Suddenly, I felt as something elastic and warm concerns sexual sponges. He began to enter slowly her … I was so wet that the dick came gently and absolutely amber dating brody jenner dateline zimmerman site mapMain Page