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At night I woke up and went to a toilet. At the same time I found out that there is no Lena nearby. Сходив in a toilet, I went to look for it, it was curious where it. In the apartment it was dark and silent, an impression was made that everything, including guests in the distant room already slept. I quietly approached to the doors of the room of guests and slightly opened one of oar shutters of a door. Two men lay on a sofa, and two who remained including Ivan fell asleep having leaned back on easy chairs. In the twilight of the room which was created by light of the lamps getting to a window I saw an empty liter bottle of whisky Dzheymeson standing on a table. Yes, children spent a good time under an impression of yesterday evening, having smiled I thought. Yesterday, when Lena already fell asleep, half-asleep I heard voices of Armenians who with pleasure praised highly a small and soft back hole and elastic buttocks of my wife, as she was obediently given them and as with enthusiasm I licked their farms. Their descriptions abounded with such details that it was necessary to distract somehow to fall asleep. Now I saw as Lena being kneeling to the sleeping Ivan who collapsed in a chair and leaned back having placed legs between which just and Lena was arranged. It undid his jeans and with visible pleasure licked his dick, sluggish, but all the same very impressive by the size. She didn't notice me and I began to watch from darkness of a corridor the events. It was visible that she is in a dozing state when excitement mixes up with imaginations and reactions are slowed down. She caressed and his dick licked, drove language under a lace curtain and it seemed received a big high from it. Probably she was very horney time decided on it as when I watch one business everything and I control, and absolutely another is most to show an initiative when I don't even know. It very much brought me and I kept eyes glued from it. The dick of the sleeping Ivan began to rise gradually on a pressure of language of the wife and soon already stood playing occasionally the blown-up veins up in arm. Ivan, it seems, continued to snuffle though he can and pretended to be, but didn't want to break a charm of the moment and to frighten off Lenka. The wife was completely undressed, also how and when went to bed. Now she got up, turned the back to Ivan and helping herself a hand began to be stuck on his dick. She faced directly me now, but didn't notice me and didn't look around in general. From that place where I was to me it was badly visible where exactly she tries to ship an impressive bludgeon of the Russian giant, but when she leaned back back having leaned on a chair handrail hands and began to move up-down on the dick, I understood that her pussy is free and open for my look in the twilight of the room. Lena having rolled up eyes, a poluotkryla of companies it is also horney breathing I slid on Ivan's dick driving him deeply into the bunghole. The huge device completely came into her already rather the stretched anus and it was visible that she derives strong pleasure from it. Here our views met and I noticed that through a desire veil Lena recognized me and consciously looked. It lasted only a moment then she went a voice again and with the doubled force began to fuck Ivan. Juice of her vagina gleaming in the twilight I flew down down on the basis of a trunk and egg of the dick which she decided to use for satisfaction of the lust. Ivan by that moment already woke up and holding her hips in hand directed her movements up and down. In very horney state I left them to enjoy sex and went to the bedroom again to try to fall asleep. That I in speed also managed. I woke up when already was light. Having stretched on a bed I noticed that there is no wife nearby. Having remembered what was at night I got up and went to the hall to look where my spouse. The scene which I found couldn't leave me indifferent. My dick immediately reacted. Men slept, having a little traded places. In the middle of the room, on a carpet, my wife facedown slept. Under her hips the pillow as I guessed for usability of her bum was enclosed. And this bum represented the red hole directed up which edges weren't even closed up to the end and in the middle pass about a centimeter diameter blackened. From a hole directly on a carpet, the plentiful streamlet of a cum followed. Having looked at her face I saw on it a blissful smile and full relaxation. Even being afraid to present what occurred here at night, I understood that all used my wife and probably several times. I quietly took off pants and is careful that to wake nobody, approached and having fallen over her the dick inserted into her anus. Having slightly squelched, the bottom accepted him almost without having noticed. When I began to move Lena began to snuffle a little and the smile blurred slightly more widely. I terminated almost at once since excitement collected since evening. Especially I was made horney that already used this place of my wife in which there was my dick now a lot of men and my dick slid in their seed which she didn't even work to wash away. I took out the dick which is completely smeared in a cum and laid down sideways having substituted it to her mouth, softly pushing between lips. Lena probably already woke up because at once the dick clasped with lips and began to lick. Having licked him everything, she opened eyes, cunning blinked the eyes, got up and went to the bathroom. Soon all woke up and having drunk tea gradually went home. We having put itself and the apartment in order, were engaged in commonplaces. amber dates origin date ideas beginning with x site mapMain Page