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"She got into a trap — having become the girlfriend of my mother..." At my mother is podruzhayka — the classmate from institute. che so girl: thin, stroynenkaya, average growth, on the person cute though to her and for fifty, boobs of the average size, the lean tightened buttocks, legs equal. Call Elina Viktorovna. Ne I am married, there is a daughter. Elina rather often comes to my mother. Knows me long ago. Being at school, I also made with it the smart trick under a table with "the dropped fork". Yes that there! I was clever small and to almost each girlfriend of mother which came to us in guests earlier, I glanced between legs! For "convenience", I even dragged a crummy neighbour's dog that how "to play" with her under a table and, that most, is long and absolutely legally there to be. Yes, I was clever not by years! While my peers with passion of a shpilila in the Dandy, Segou and the Tetris, I played more interesting games! At how many adults the aunt I saw panties... мммм even about honor! So here, Elina Viktorovna — not that my aunt which showed all to me specially. The erotic show usually came to an end at the level of knees where the skirt already began. It always held legs together. Only one time, at the moment of stay me under a table, it threw one leg on another and I for a moment saw her white panties. This disturbing moment, was enough that I with maniacal obsession, jerked off then to the seventh sweat. A several years ago, I began to be lost in contemplation of it not on a joke. There lives Elina Viktorovna near St. Petersburg — in Tosno. A having arrived, long I sat up with my mother, driving teas and discussing any female nonsense. As the rule, after such sit-round gathering, I, in the last time, gave a ride to her to the place from which she went by the trip bus. No once when mother had one more relative from Belarus, I on the road with Elinoy, specially simulated the lowered wheel. And we, naturally, any more weren't in time on her bus. A to the following was several hours. I called mother and is proud reported this "news". She told to carry Elina Viktorovna... to home! In the principle, she spent the night at parents earlier. No that is at them! A now at rodokov stopped the distant relative. Elina, having talked over with mother (I gave a tube), indecisively I agreed. It gave very good opportunities. I brought her to myself. Already only one the fact that I in the house have a woman whom I want to try on a dick long ago lifted to me mood... and not only him. Having carefully spread out a sofa in the hall and having laid it bed linen, I showed her a bed. Elina Viktorovna felt herself awkwardly. I want to give couple of words to her lines at once, temperament and character that in further my motives were clear. Elina Viktorovna was not durna herself. No at school, exactly as and at institute, it hesitated of boys, was lost, had complex and rebated — therefore it was nicknamed "Sitting duck" (it from stories by my mother when I accurately working over her psikhoportretom, unostentatiously I asked on her girlfriend). On temperament type she is a melancholiac that put such qualities in one row as: vulnerability, thoughtfulness, reserve, etc. Yes still typical — the introvert that added: isolation, privacy, full absorption to the imagined world. It is enough to understand that similar to her, it is very simple to manipulate. Such person will prefer to reconcile to a situation, than resolutely will begin to try to overcome barriers and difficulties. I often heard in time of her talk with my mother something similar: — Oh, Maria, here so all is difficult that it is simpler to be hammered into a corner and to keep silent in a rag! Or it: — Masha! I speak to you! Only you will touch, it will begin (it she about the daughter) that it is more best not to interfere! Then you will listen to week! And it: — It you, Masha, on brains can squeal! A I... eh, everything is more best to leave how to eat and close on it eyes. And even it: —... Let everything will be as will be... To what to be — not to pass that... Everything listed above, drew to me excellent prospect: to prisunut repeatedly to this Sitting duck. * * * While Elina modestly sat on a stool, I, for the bigger probability of result, got a wine small bottle with "stuffing"! Of these "tools" at me it is full in my stocks. I always have for the future in advance made wine slightly diluted sake (it doesn't give itself a smell and taste), but takes down a tower as a samurai sword — at all! I here "treated" recently the mother with such yum-yum... she so "raskhrabrilas" that without hesitating, put the legs to me on knees and asked to make massage a foot! I am the truth it and it was limited. No it was made horney directly I will tell: not childly, touching mother for legs! — Sasha, late already. It is advisable to lay down! — zavosklitsala Sitting duck. — Yes it is fine, Elina Viktorovna, you in which century at me in guests! Give bakhnem krasnenkogo! Tomorrow all is equal Sunday, one hour earlier — one hour later home you will go. A since morning to mother can we will come, you will chat — I to her already poured a glass and unpacked a box of the marzipan brought from Tallinn. — Here, hold! — I stretched wine and candies. — Oh, well I directly don't know. It can't is necessary? — she took the hernyu. — It is necessary - it is necessary! — I enclosed her in a hand a glass and put a box on knees. The dick pulsiruyushche responded in trousers. Her legs were such pretty: rovnenkiye, in kolgotochkakh, fingers in an accurate pedicure. She uncertainly drank. I have a snack on candy. I poured still. — Oh! The second?! — suyetnula Sitting duck. — Still and the third will be! As God ordered! — at once I chopped off her. Filling quickly and a third, then — the fourth, and — the fifth. It was pleasant to the sitting duck how look after her. I as the waiter of a decent Armenian institution, he is affable served mother's girlfriend. Elina Viktorovna got drunk in stuff. — All! All - all-vse! I will go to a shower — Elina got up and rocking, went to side of the bathing room, wagging the back. How she was washed and I went to the hall, I went to be rinsed too. When I left, put on shorts a naked bum and knocked at her door. — Elina Viktorovna, I apologize, it is possible to ask? — Yes... Of course! — the voice was distributed. — Come! I entered. Elina lay under a blanket. It is so intimate when you are in one room with the woman! If is light, then she would see that I bulged shorts. I sat down on a chair and moved closer to a sofa. She included a night lamp. — Elina Viktorovna, you how the skilled woman, tell me? Only between us? We are friends? I can't discuss it with mother, but all o us know Vy-to! I trust you. If, we tell so, at the man, we will call it so, long it doesn't turn out to find the girl — what needs to be changed in itself? What to make? — I began the visiting plate. — Well, Sanek... would ask what polegche? I am directly... directly I don't know what and to advise you... — she took a word. — A of the h - what doesn't turn out-to? — Yes all! Will get acquainted — it doesn't turn out! A with those someone I know to get a relationship — it doesn't turn out!... Well an about sex... I apologize for details... So I in general am silent... — drearily I added. Elina Viktorovna raised a pillow and was displaced in polusidyashchee situation, pulling a blanket up to the neck. — Sex... it is a subject separate... — Elina Viktorovna, allow I will pass on "you"? A that I am confused somehow. — Yes... give on "you" — the woman agreed drunk vdrabadan. — Here you, t. e. you are clever beautiful! I gave rise and grew up such worthy daughter! — I began with the most powerful tool — flattery. — How did you manage all it?! — Oh, I told so much: clever... beautiful!... Pleasantly... A about the daughter... it you зaблуждaeш - highway - sya... Blood-sucker, a not the daughter... I pulled out all soul the claims! And so mother doesn't arrange and so! Already and... I can't sort where missed? Where didn't watch? — Chto-chto didn't sort? — I asked again, slowly sitting down by her, on edge of a sofa. She hardly moved language. —... A? Yes, I say that I don't know where missed?... With the daughter... — A what it wants-to? What am I dissatisfied with? The sitting duck slowly began the story o the problems with the daughter. —... Everything is so difficult... With them... Youth of this... — nearly filling up, she said to me. — Elina?... — I couldn't suffer already. The dick to pain stood, from thoughts that it is possible to touch this bitch. — Elina? —... A?... — slightly she recovered. I slowly put a hand under a blanket and slipped on her hot leg to panties. — With - with-sasha! You that?!... H - that... you d-delayesh?! — she started. — Тсс! Elina! I want you! — already fingers I picked up her panties. — Sa... sha! You... What? — she began to move legs. — I am not m - I can! — Only one time! Please! I want you! — having displaced panties, I touched by a palm her naked hairy pizda. — Elina! Ne resist! One time! Nobody learns! It will be our secret! You are madly beautiful woman! I can't resist! You just bring together me from mind! While we had a small fight, the blanket moved down and I understood that it is naked! "Precisely! A from where at her clothes? — suddenly dawned on me. — She didn't plan to spend the night in guests". The sitting duck continued to resist — moving with the dicks. No it was not the resistance, a skoree ineffective, chaotic movements hands and legs. From the fact that I will fuck Elina Viktorovna now at me "roof" went! — Elina! Quietly! — as far as the situation allowed, I kissed it on lips. I pushed language in a mouth and I concerned her language. Tension increased! Pulse scribbled as Kalashnikov automatic machine! I seized with the second hand Elina by a breast. Mmmm, such pliable, gentle! So, here nipple! We will take for a drive! Yes! Hardens! Well! So, we will rumple pizdenku! Fingers got between sexual lips and I felt hot soft flesh! Slightly we will move apart poshire! Panties published the torn sound! Aha, here so! Still we will rumple! Perfectly! The woman — is the woman! Between legs at her got wet. — No! S-sasha! No! — she asked. — YES! YES! Now she will give!! And then yet not time will give! Also will be silent! Pizda Elina Viktorovna began to flow as davleny a lemon. I pulled together her on the middle of a bed. Wearing out panties, I also tried to move apart legs. — Elina! Nobody learns! Ne break! Give potrakhayemsya?! — though it was already possible not to ask, it was already possible to rape this Sitting duck! — Well give! Only one just once! — I told for decency, throwing off shorts. She continued to do attempts of resistance, trying to push away me a leg in a breast. I continued to be enough her for a wet pizda. Because of our fight, my fingers carelessly slightly got it inside. She loudly sobbed: — Pozh-zhaluysta!! I began to play fingers, moving with them and driving a little there-syuda. Pizda it is plentiful zasochilas and it was slightly opened. I had no doubts any more that the mother's girlfriend, will be engaged so in me in sex now. Yes still what! — Well give! Elina, you are pleasant to me! I dream o to you long ago! After these words, she, unwillingly, but, all obeyed to my will. I weakened and reluctantly I moved apart legs. I got them for the back. I moved a big finger on a hairy pizde, and greedy I spread it on a dick. It is more than a half an hour, I is rigid manyachil her front. She didn't shout, an is a pity! It would add to charm to our secret. Elina very touchingly I breathed also for nervousness, I sweated. A boob which I periodically grabbed were damp, sticky. Only in the end when I already nearly terminated, it slightly took me legs, having clasped for a torso and, is slightly heard moaned. It after all got pleasure! I, holding her breasts, pomatrosil her body still is a little, satisfying the lust. After sex we lay till the morning. To fall asleep this night so and it wasn't possible. Towards the morning she just got up, wanted to dress panties, but defiantly examined them and rejected in the party. — I need new pants, these are torn — with reproach, she chilly said. — Perfectly to go nuts! Now your mother will kill me! — Elina, neither someone nor someone won't kill! A linen we will go now and we will buy - it is not a problem at all — I encouraged the woman. — You are wonderful! I never had such sex! — I embraced her and tried to kiss, but she slightly pushed away me. — I want home — she began to be capricious. — I will bring you. Now we will go to shop then in restaurant, a then home. — How now to me your mother to look in eyes? I will give myself! She will understand all at once! — How usually, will you think, the adult aunt sex worked what it-to? — I removed the arisen tension. She went to a shower. Then I put on tights, a short skirt, a brassiere and a blouse. I didn't force her to wait long, quickly put on and we went to MEGA. In shop she chose panties, suited ko to me and told: — Here these. I bought. Having left shop she went to a toilet. She long wasn't and began to seem to me that she ran away... No isn't present, Elina Viktorovna returned. Having suited ko to me it is proud, she resolutely blurted out: — I want a new dress! — Elina wanted to keep the person and I demanded a satisfaction. — Elina Viktorovna, we will buy many different dresses! What you want! Directly now! — and I took her for a hand. Elina was taken aback, she probably thought that she will be kakoe or discontent from my party. In her eyes I slipped the satisfied spark of simplification and we went for a dress. I thought that she will recoup on full. No, to my surprise, she chose rather modest dress and showed him to me. I agreed, but offered her, already from myself, to buy one more — on an exit. With a condition that she having tried on it, will seem to me. Elina, approvingly I nodded the head. I took absolutely immodest dress from a hanger and gave it to it. In a locker room, it already was joyful, having almost forgotten that else at night she rigidly peppered. She looked in a mirror and was happy. Playfully pokrutyas about me, she told: — It is pleasant to me! I bought it. So there passed Sunday. In the evening I brought her home with a huge bouquet of flowers. Saying goodbye, I drained in her in lips, having accurately stroked her for a bum. In a week we continued a store rendezvous where I Eline bought a couple of dresses for "special appointment". Bringing her home she suddenly asked: — A is the truth that you never had such sex? — Never! — tverdee firm I assured her and told her still a heap of o things, pleasant for a female ear, the fact that she the most abrupt, cool and that I in general go so a strut looking at her, etc. all in such spirit. * * * When I fucked her in the following time, she already held legs, having strong linked a foot behind my back. And, we did it already at the included light — I wanted to consider her properly. Elina Viktorovna not to be confused, closed eyes. Ne I will tell that she joyfully jumped to me on a dick. Skoree, Elina did it as a certain necessary duty as what-to work. Silently. No, thus, I managed to receive a high. When she cumed, clasped me with legs stronger and began is hardly heard to groan. I that somehow to set on her, said: — Well to you Elina Viktorovna?! — continuing to duplit a pizda stronger. — Tell? Well? Well admit! Confusedly it is also hardly heard, she answered: "Yes, it is good". As the rule, after sex, she nepodvizhno continued to lie until I go to a shower. I densely put the Sitting duck on "fish string". A sexual relationship developed very unnaturally. As the rule, I called her so words: "Give potrakhayemsya?! I to you leave!" When came, she silently put on and left. She went too silently. It was simpler to it to be silent in a rag, than to lift a revolt and what-to to begin to find out. A me very much made horney it: on the quiet to fuck the mother's girlfriend. There was a case when she arrived to my parents, an I again, being exhausted, couldn't wait for evening. But then, at once I carried her straight to myself — to fuck. I established tough rules dress-koda: it is a qualitative defiant make-up, surely shaven pizda, stockings and absence under a dress or a blouse — a brassiere. Very much I loved, already at myself houses, in a corridor, went popristavat to her — grabbing her through a dress soft boobs. And the brassiere, in this case, simply would disturb. considering her beautiful legs in a short skirt and the profile rising boobies, translucent from under blouses, under the falling beams of the sun, at me on all body goosebumps — defiant erotic imaginations walked. Parents knew that they I in Egypt, but didn't know that with Elinoy Viktorovnoy! There I revealed Elina for myself completely. Every day I essentially fucked her. In it I was available naivazhneyshy sense! Business is that for that sexually to subordinate the girl, it is necessary that she fucked even then when she doesn't want it! Can't, a doesn't want — not to confuse!! At the sea it is the simplest to A to make it since you brought it also it there, first: after all I understood where and why goes. A secondly: obviously to you though and it is a little — but it is obliged. At realization of such domination, this reflex is fixed in her behavior. A reflex — implicit submission! * * * Fucking every day, we reached till that day when Elina Viktorovna not very much wanted sex. The obvious reasons on that weren't therefore I decided to turn into approach. — Elina, I want you! — energetically I said. — I don't want A! — To argue it is useless! — I warned. — To I will give, I won't give! So at us what whether turns out, yes?! This such entertainment at you?! Do you go half-naked here, you shake boobs, a then type it is impossible?! Adult girl! Lay down and move apart legs! After short, reasoned from my party, a skirmish, she gave up. — Yes on! Fuck! — Elina broke and I threw off from myself pants. They fell from her legs to a floor, she stepped through them, approached a bed and laid down. I moved apart legs and sensitively I told: — Go! Fuck! Fuck the toy! I at you only for this purpose! I drops without avoiding, I climbed on the Sitting duck and I began to fuck. Elina, at each my push, I screwed up the face, all look showing that all it isn't pleasant to her. She lay with the moved apart legs, absolutely staying idle. I wanted passion — desire. — Clasp me! — I ordered. Elina waited minute, then I obeyed and having slowly raised legs, I twisted me with them, but not more that. — Undertake hands a back — I told. Elina having again sustained a pause, I pulled hands back and having groped a bed back, I grasped her. At her such situation, a breast rose and it is elastic got off closer to each other, than I was very much pleased. I pushed a hand under the head and took her for hair. Na to the second hand, slightly I rose over it. Wishing to punish it for disobedience, I is strong, so a slap of eggs, I set with it. Boobies it is elastic trekhanulis and at Elina breath got off. — I... don't want! — on breakthrough of an exhalation, she blurted out. Ne turning attention and having highly got the basin, I again strongly set with her. Elina slightly I screamed, boobies moved again. Holding the Sitting duck by hair and pressing the head in a pillow, I continued to fuck her rather long, before than Elina Viktorovna, in attacks of the ecstasy which overtook her began to throw the hot legs to me on a back even above. Indulging in carnal love, she strong clasped me with them, curving a body, and from all forces holding a back of our bed. Boobs balls played Ping-Pong, nipples stuck out again! After the act of violence I got up and went to a shower. She, on usage, remained to lie in a bed. Na the next day I repeated the method, only on this time ordered her to dress, the bought the day before, dissolute bathing suit and to get up dog-fashion. Having removed a finger the small rag closing her vulgarly sticking out shaven pizda I blew her again! It was magnificent time: at any moment, I had an opportunity to enjoy her strong body! Elina Viktorovna, finally broke. For greater conviction in her humility to me. Already in the end of our romantic holiday, I gave her the order to go on the beach in this bathing suit which we bought only for ebli. Elina hesitated for a time, but I dressed. Having uncertainly got up in the middle of the room, she was similar to the girl who was asked to make that-to very shameful from what became her not on itself. The not less, she went in such look. While we went to the beach, an occupied it minutes five since the hotel was on the first line, to Elin eyes "oblapali" — ALL! From teenagers to mature married men. Small pink treugolnichki hardly covered nipples, the thin strip lying along a shameless crack saved only that pizda it was shaven, a differently all would contemplate the hair which are sticking out on her sides. The general attention forced me to be fidgety too, so and protection could call, for such alarm on the quiet beach. Having retired under an umbrella on sun beds, we lay down to sunbathe. Na to the next stove bench what-to guys began to fuss and I was reached by a phrase scrap: "Look! Dick to what whore! I her... ". I think, Elina heard it too. Nobody someone wouldn't throw a view of her was the equal account, passing by, and still long I couldn't turn away back, so and continuing to go forward, unnaturally twisting the head in our party... — Did you bring me here only to fuck?! — suddenly she asked me in the evening, in number. She can and I wanted to ask that-to she another, but asked about it. — Honestly? Yes! — convincingly I answered. — Ne only to fuck, but still and to fuck! — went and not absolutely appropriate I joked. She sadly grinned. — Today you will be too? — dejectedly I specified Elina. — I will be! — nearly rubbing a hand, I lit up. — You are devilishly seductive! Elina got into a bed and I laid down. I noticed how it, having licked fingers, began to mass to itself between legs, preparing a pizda for the next debauchery. In a moment, I mercilessly frayed her hole the big dick. After all, having brought it to an orgasm, I with feeling of the executed debt, went to be washed. * * * Having returned home, we, more precisely I — continued by an a sexual relationship with the mother's girlfriend. Even when she didn't want to fuck, Elina Viktorovna all equally went so me, became cancer, lifted up a skirt and pulled together pants. Further, I set a scolding to her front and brought back home. After next such especially strong ebli, we went back. She looked very wearily though nipples continued to stick out even from residual excitement. She suddenly asked: — How long will it proceed? — Oh shit, only don't say that you don't want to be fucked?! All pizda wet when I take you between legs! — I muttered. — To that you do - it is violence! — So don't cum if it isn't pleasant! — I parried. More we didn't come back to this conversation... Now, I too sometimes take her to myself — to play pranks. She is still good: her body is strong, the buttocks are juicy, an of a breast are elastic. Elina itself doesn't know what wants from life. In the last time, before this New Year when I came for her, she again not especially wished. I had to rise to her. She was dressed: in a dress as it is also accepted — without bodice, o than told the big cut ready at my desire, to show me her naked breast; shoes on a high heel and, of course — in stockings. — I don't want... Chto-to today there is no mood at all — she said. — Well here, again! As however and always — I expressly allocated the word "always". — All right! I understood! Well! Only don't begin! — Elina began to undress directly in a corridor, nervously throwing off from itself in the different parties of a shoe, a dress, pants. The last, it having defiantly picked up a leg, I threw in me. — Na! Bury! I give! As however and always! — she too, especially allocated the last word. And in some stockings I proceeded to the bedroom. — Well go! Give! — already laying down in a bed, she called. — I forgot that I have to do?! Thanks that reminded! Na! I approached a bed. Elina Viktorovna so moved apart legs as if was going to embrace them me and roughly threw: — Give! Enjoy! — and even more widely I moved apart them. The attracting legs of sports addition, with especially allocated calves, yes in thin stockings, were vulgarly divorced. From so erotic picture — the head began to spin. I bent and licked her pizda. The spicy, saltish taste of this woman remained in language. I licked still, on this time deeply, how probably, having got language. I twisted of Elina strongly I seized me by hair. I continued to play from her pizdenkoy. Having clasped with lips a clitoris, I strongly began to rub his tip of language. — Still!... Still! — having changed tone, she began to ask. I trembled her magic cartilage. — Still! Quicker! — her body was hysterically clogged. Legs wandered hodunom — hands rummaged on my head, painfully clinging in hair. — Yes! Still! Elina began to accompany hips. The body began to twitch small ripples and the mother's girlfriend, again widely placing legs on a bed and raising a body, shamelessly exposing me the davalku, cried: — Give! Set to me already!... I hate! ... Getting huge pleasure, I put her from above. Horney, sometimes screaming, she became enraged I jumped on we wash a dick — twisting, rotating and moving to the different parties the basin. Boobs jumped up as if the invisible puppeteer, pulled them threads which were tied to her nipples. She can never resist — always gives! So and in this time — she again, allowed to tear up herself. Again I will bring her home soon — secretly to be fucked with the mother's girlfriend aisle dating app quora date me site mapMain Page